Doctor Who (2005)

I am getting more and more into British series now 🙂

When Sherlock suddenly grabbed people’s attention toward British series, I noticed another series that have been talked by many people…the series is called Doctor Who.

My friend downloaded the movie (horay…because I can’t download such big files. Yes, I watched it illegally because Indonesia Movie distributor only cares with US series) and gave me the file. I was surprised when seeing the actor was not the only I have been seeing in Tumblr lately. Then I saw the year of its released, it was 2005. I browsed the internet and found out that Dr. Who is the longest sci-fi TV series ever made. It started in 1963 and the doctor has been changed for 11 times.

This 2005 version of Doctor Who is the ninth doctor played by Christopher Eccleston.

The Tardis

I was hooked from the moment I saw the first episode! I know nothing of Doctor Who except the name when I saw it, it really gave good impression. I wasn’t going to name it the best series I have ever seen…but it sure is a fun and addicted sci-fi series.

A little information for those who never saw Doctor Who. Doctor Who is a movie about the last Time Lord, a kind of alien who has the ability to travel through time and space. The Doctor has incredible knowledge of all creatures in universe. He always shows up in time of need and danger seems to be his ecstasy. The Doctor travels around in his spaceship called Tardis, it takes the shape of a Police Box (a small police station which existed in 1963) Doctor Who sometimes travels with a companion, sometimes more than one companion. In this 2005 series, his companion is Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), there are also 2 men that appear in some episodes.

Doctor Who 2005 started airing in 26 March till 18 June 2005.

The first episode of this 2005 series was called Rose, it was the day the Doctor meets his new companion. London was suddenly being attack by mannequins which were controlled by some kind of plastic alien…I couldn’t stop laughing hearing such cheesy alien ever been made. At the time I thought “wow…what kind of series is this? Lame alien!” but the more I see it the more it draws me in. The Doctor asked Rose to travel with him.

The Doctor took Rose to see the end of earth for her first trip with Tardis. They went back to the past and met Charles Dickens. At that time, they have to fight a blue light alien who wanted to invade the earth by using dead bodies.

Aliens of London and World War Three introduced us to a kind of alien that looked kinda cute and chubby. Really!! The alien is just ridiculous 😉 . The doctor took Rose back to her neighborhood to meet her mother. In her world, Rose had been missing for 12 months. Her mother finally knew what happened to Rose and Rose had to leave her again because she became more attached with the Doctor.

The Doctor and Rose went to the future and met their other companion named Adam Mitchell (Bruno Langley) but he wasn’t fit to be their companion and was sent back home. The guest star in the 7th episode was my favorite comedian, Simon Pegg. So happy to see him there 🙂

Rose got a chance to meet his father who dies when she was baby but the meeting caused glitch in time paradox. The 9th and 10th episode are definitely my favorite of all, the writer was Steven Moffat (whom I admired for his Sherlock script). The Empty Child showed the condition of World War II where the Nazi started attacking England. A time con named Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) became their allied because he was the one who caused the mess. People becoming dead in unnatural way with gas mass as their face. The Doctor finally figured out what was wrong and tried to fix it. These two episodes had a kind of creepiness like twilight zone…I really like it and the cause was something I can’t guess, it  made me like it even more. For the rest 3 episodes, jack became their companion.

The 13th episode was the last episode and here we got to see how the Doctor changed. As I have told you before, the 2005 doctor who is the ninth doctor. He is actually the same Doctor from the first time the story begins, but the producer had created a way to keep the characters alive with different actors to play it. When the Doctor is in great danger, he needs to stay alive and to do that he has to regenerate to another look…and that’s how the series can stay running since 1963.

Images from the series

On the the 13th episode, Christopher Eccleston was transformed into David Tenant…and to be honest I like David Tenant more!! His personality as the Doctor is interesting and less serious.

Tenant as the tenth Doctor started in Christmas special episode. He is so cute!! I can’t wait to see the 2006 series with him as the Doctor!!

Overall, the stories are interesting and I like the characters. Can’t believe I miss this fun series all these years.

Series Detail:

Title: Doctor Who – 2005
Genre: Sci-fi Drama
Episodes: 13
Broadcast period: 26 March till 18 June 2005 (plus Christmas edition)
Staring: Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper, John Barrowman, David Tennant
Screenwriters: Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat, Paul Cornell, Robert Shearman, Mark Gatiss

The Ninth Doctor and Rose
The tenth Doctor and Rose

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  1. I still haven’t seen this series but so many people have suggested it for me. I hope to get to it…just need to find more time in each day.

    • If sci-fi is your thing, you might like it as much as I do 😉

      I like alien story, as long as it’s not a too serious conspiracy alien cover up kind of story…and from this 1st series, none of that exist

  2. Ooooh!! I watch this series too here on BBC America… it really is very good and I know you will be happy with David Tennant. He stays with the role for a longer time than Chris Eccleston and there are some really good stories during his time as the Doctor.

    He was my favorite of the new actors, but his replacement, Matt Smith is winning me over too… he’s strange and goofy and just so much fun that it’s hard not to enjoy him. I can’t wait till the new season starts up this fall…. lucky for us we see these at the same time as they are shown in the UK now.

    • Oh lucky you!! I don’t have cable and localTV rarely show
      British series…even the famous Sherlock don’t make it here let along dr.who.

      I WANT TO SEE DAVID TENANT AS THE DOCTOR!!! but I have to wait for that time to come 😦
      Not that I don’t like Chris, he was a good doctor with charming personality but I think David is cuter and has fun personality even though I have only seen Christmas special

  3. Oh I’ve been wanting to get into Dr Who but not sure if I’ll ever get to it. They have the same writers as Sherlock, man that Stephen Moffat & co. are brilliant. I think David Tenant is pretty cute, what is it w/ Scottish men? 😉

    • Well…I am a sucker for Sci-fi movies or series. Dr. Who easily enchanted me 😉
      Which set of what? Set of doctor and companions? I haven’t seen all and not sure I want to join the argument tho.

  4. Oh well, you’ve got a lot of programmes to watch if you’ve only just got into Dr Who! It started in 1963 and I saw the very first episode. I’ve only missed a few since then! 🙂

    Quite a lot are out on DVD. There are also a lot of fan sites that probably have clips you can watch.

    • Oh…Lucky you!!
      I just caught up with the 2005 series, it would be a bit difficult to track back till ’63…my plan now is just to watch the series one year at the time…if all the new series are already been watched, I might try to find the old ones.

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