Last Day at School – Galang Farmasia Edition

How I enjoy being at school 🙂

Students have been my greatest joy since 2001, the year where I decided to become a full teacher…a decision that I will never regret for the rest of my life. Small salary but great memory that will last for a life time.

I have been abandoning my Teacher’s Note and All About School Categories for over a year…and this time I determine to live it up again 🙂

I have been having this discussion with myself about sharing things related to school in my other blog but taking care 2 blogs is already tiresome (this blog and my turtle’s blog) and to add more blog dedicated specially for teacher’s stuff just too difficult to do.

Just like the name of this blog, Polychrome Interest…I stuff all things in one blog 😉

Anyway…let’s get back to the main thing I want to share in this post. Previous Thurday was the last day of school for this semester, I am now heading to 3 week holiday…yeaaa \(^^)/

The last day was both fun and annoying. Let’s the annoying part first…but since this post is open for public, let’s just say that next year will be filled with someone who can’t stop bragging himself in front of other teachers. I better keep my distance from him.

Now…let’s just ignore him and talk about my kids 🙂

The last day was really fun. My kids were going to have a drama competition held by the next door school. They were all out and prepared to  fight the battle. We were trying to prove that as a new school we got what it takes to be noticed! Unfortunately, the teachers had to do an important meeting at the same time with their performance. I knew I couldn’t see the performance, but I still wanted to capture the moment. I came early and took a lot of photos of my kids 🙂

I always enjoy drama preparation. When I was still an English conversation teacher (I am a chemistry teacher now, my real major), I had drama on my curriculum and it was a blast seeing them prepared and acted well. Now, I didn’t participate much with their drama but I still support them 100%…we have to show them who we really are!

The students didn’t mind to dress as a woman/girl as they seemed to enjoy once in a lifetime experience dressing in skirt 😉

Here are the photos

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am happy to say that my students won Poem Appreciation contest, Indonesian and English Speech contest, and second and third place in drama contest. It’s not a big competition, only local competition amongst school under same Yayasan (company) but it’s a great time to prove their real ability and to stand out from other schools.

After the meeting was over and the students were ready to go home, I went to a mall with my three students (Dina, Lusy and Taraz)…we were just hanging out in the mall talking about a lot of things.

I love my students, I love interacting with them, I love teaching them I love annoying them with test…overall, I love teaching 🙂

I will share my last day at another school next week 🙂

10 thoughts on “Last Day at School – Galang Farmasia Edition

  1. pahlawan tanpa tanda jasa..smg kdpanx profesi guru lebih dihargai scr layak oleh pemerintah,salute mb nov!

  2. It’s so nice to hear somene who really likes his/her job. 🙂 I can’t really say I do. Some daays yes, mostly no. I have a feeling not all teachers love their jobs as much and I’m sure your students are really lucky to have you. Not many are as dedicated as you are.

    1. Maybe you should find a job you really like Caroline 😉
      Not everyday is a good day at school…but it is always memorable. Students are human and therefore there is always something new about them. I am working at another office as part time as I am only teaching at this school twice a week…and to be honest, the office bored me to dead, except when there are students there (It’s a science course but I come there not only when there is class to teach.)

      I know…I often meet such teachers. For them being a teacher is only a runaway ticket because they couldn’t find another job.

  3. Hi! Your love for being teacher and especially the love you have for your students is really admirable. These children are lucky 🙂 In high school I had an old math teacher. She was tired being a teacher I guess or we ‘students’ felt like it and it was bad. If I didn’t already loved math (and I could solve-understand the subjects from books with my friends) my exam life could be disaster. So teachers mood is really effective for children’s success and I think if some teacher loses his-her interest he-she should give a break teaching for students sake. Also we had enthusiastic teachers like you and they courage us for better always, not only for school lessons for life too. I’ll always be grateful for them…
    If it doesn’t be a hassle to you could you write a simple post about your educational system. I’m interested in different systems. Our system is -at least holiday program is- different from yours. For example my brother’s (goes high school) holiday started 8 June and it will take about 3 months. The new semester starts in mid September. This is the long summer holiday for students here…

    1. Thank you Sungin. I hope I won’t get tired of being teacher when I grow old. I consider my students as my friends, especially when we are out of the class but when we are in class, there are still boundaries where students have to listen to my instruction and I listen to them when I needed to be corrected.

      I never had teachers I could talk to when I was in high school…I guess that’s what made me the teacher I am now, I want to give them a moment where they can share anything with their teacher.

      It’s not a hassle at all…you have just gave me an idea for my July’s edition of Indonesia Banget 🙂

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