Congratulation (AGAIN) Mr. Murphy \(^_^)/

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Today, I have three news I want to share in this month’s Monthly Murphy

How I wish more people can see your talent like me, a new award to prove how wonderfully talented you are. But people who only watch blockbuster movies will never know your real talent and please don’t make too many mindless blockbuster movies…I will always admire your talent.

First of all…Congratulation for another award for your amazing performance on Misterman.

The 57th Drama Desk Award, which was held on June 3rd 2012, had awarded our beautiful talented actor, Cillian Murphy for category Outstanding Solo Performance.

The nominees were:

 I haven’t yet found bad review on his performance as Thomas McGill in Misterman…so it is only fair for him to keep winning theater award. He is one little man in a huge set trying to act as if the town are still alive with many people…I believe that need an amazing actor to pull it off.

I wanted so bad to see it but I know my limitation so well…for now, I am hoping that the play will be in DVD one of these days.

Dear Mr. Murphy…the world needs to know that you are one talented actor 🙂


Second, Cillian has signed on another movie with different character…yaiiiii \(^_^)/

He will play one of characters I want to see him playing, as a pop star. Cillian is a shy man who avoid being in spotlight, it would be fun to see him acted as someone who wants to be in the spotlight.

The movie is an adaptation from Stefan Zweig’s Letter From an Unknown Woman (Brief einer Unbekannten).

I did a little research on the book and found out that the story is going to be changed a bit. Here’s the book teaser from Wild Night In

‘To you who never knew me… my child died yesterday’.

On his birthday, a famous writer receives a letter from a woman he does not know but who has loved him since she was a girl. As her life ebbs away at each stroke of her pen, he learns about a love he never knew could exist.

You can read her full review here.

It seems that they will change the story a bit because Cillian is gong to play a pop star instead of a writer, probably to suit nowadays situation.

The book is not my kind of book but it has such high rating in Goodreads, I am sure it’s a great book…but romance is never my thing to read. Célia Loureiro from Goodreads made this beautiful short review:

I bought it yesterday and read it all in about two hours total. I was so moved, I understood so well this woman that loved in the shadows a man that honestly couldn’t love anyone… it was heartbreaking, but also representative of what the women I know, myself included, are capable of doing for a great love. And the silence that echoes on the other side… Men.

We must not forget that it was a man who wrote it, so he was both conscient of the enduring power of a woman’s affection, but also of of, not rarely, men despise it.

I can’t wait to see the movie. It will start filming soon and will be released in 2013.

Cillian will play with Mélanie Laurent

Looking forward to more new movies by you 🙂


Last, remember the book I told you about on my previous Monthly Murphy for his birthday?

Well, Myriam has met the man and gave him the book 🙂 You can read about her meeting at The Cillian Site. The is the part that I like the most, a reply email from his agent to Myriam:

He (and I) had a look through the big book and it looks incredibly detailed and thoughtful

I am grateful for Myriam’s idea to share wishes and messages to Cillian…at the same time I also envy her 😉

She saw Misterman at the same time with my other favorite actor Benedict Cumberbatch was seeing the play too…how cool is that? And then she got to meet Cillian! I wish I was her for one day…that day 😉

To see (doesn’t have to meet) both Cillian and Benedict would be an unforgettable moment.

Here is the photo when Myriam gave him the book

I am still waiting for Red Lights to hit Indonesian Theater or at least The DVD 🙂


  1. huwaaaaa!!!!! itu buku beneran dikasihin??
    aku lupa tau mbak!! inget2 udah tanggal 30 May, padahal sempet copas tulisan cillian site di notepad T______T

    aaahhh~ suka fotonya~ Om Cilli nya cakep, kalem.. 😉
    btw, si Mélanie Laurent agak2 mirip vokalisnya Paramore ;p

    Red Lights masuk Indo kpn, mbak?

    Makasih buat tulisannyaaaa~~ *peluk

    1. Iya 🙂
      Sayang banget dirimu ga jadi nulis buat dia. Di buku itu cuma ada 2 orang dari Indonesia.

      Dia mah SELALU cakep 🙂

      Ga tau juga kapan masuknya…malah mungkin ga masuk 😦 padahal pgn bgt liat dia di layar gede lagi…puas banget mantengin muka dia di layar segede itu daripada di TV. tapi kalopun ga masuk bioskop gw mau nyari DVD atau filenya sebisa mungkin…pokoknya HARUS nonton.

      Sama2 🙂

    1. As long as the blockbuster movies he play is not simply for fun and not challenging. So far, his blockbuster movies are character driven, Thank God for that. He played in Inception as a very rich man, a character he never played before. But inception is a smart blockbuster. In Time, on the other hand, is not that good…Cillian likes the character, Timekeeper Leon is fun character.

      I hope he will play something as challenging as Thomas McGill in a movie not only in theater.

    1. Me too!!! The story sound like my kind of story. I like supernatural thriller and the other two actors (apart from Cillian) are also my favorite, especially Sigourney.

  2. I like Stefan Zweig a lot….And Mélanie Laurent. That will be so great to see them in a movie together based on his story. I’m not so sure you would like his books. It’s more than just romance.

      1. More than just romance? Hmm…you got me thinking now! But the book is so unknown here 😦
        If you do have it, please read it and write a review about it, I’d loved to know your opinion and whether Cillian is perfect for the male character (although he is going to be changed from writer to pop-star )

  3. Euh, Mbak Nov, saya mau tanya nih, Prometheus bagus ya? 😀
    Adik saya udah nonton sih, dan katanya emang bagus. Kalo menurut Mbak gimana? 😀
    Promotheus ini juga sebenernya saya udah lama ngincer pengen nonton, belom kesampaian… >.<"
    Gimana gak keren, Ridley Scott sutradaranya, ada Fassbender dan Rapace. 😀
    Bener ya Mbak, katanya film ini adalah prequel Alien?

  4. I’ve never even heard of this award but CONGRATS Cillian! Wow, that’s cool that Miriam delivered THE BOOK in person!! And she got to meet Benedict too? Lucky girl!! I’m glad he’d finally read your note, Novia 😀

    1. It’s a theater award, so I guess it’s not as famous as movie award. He deserves awards for his dedication in MISTERMAN.

      NO, she didn’t meet Benny…she SAW Benny when he gave standing ovation in the end of Cillian performance. Jude Law was also there.

      Yeah…Me too, so happy he finally reads it and knows that he also has fans from a country far from Ireland 🙂

      1. Yes I realize that it’s a theater award and he certainly deserves it.

        Oh that’s what I meant, that she saw Benedict and Jude Law who were standing next to her or close to her, so not exactly *meeting* them but still, that is an awesome and unforgettable experience for sure!

        I read that post of her meeting Cillian, he looked so tired after the play but still so gracious. That is so great that he took the time and I’m sure he’d really appreciate that amazing gift you guys made.

  5. I really do wish Misterman can make it to dvd and reachable for this far far away country fans…
    We already see his rock star side at Watching the Detectives, and he’ll play a pop star in a new movie, yay, maybe he even get to sing! B-)

    1. AMIN!!!! well, even thought the dvd doesn’t reach here, we can always order it 😉

      I am planing to make paypal account soon, so that I can buy ALL his movies.

      owww I love his rock star style!!! very very droolable!! I envy Lucy Liu.
      I am expecting to see him dance while singing, you know like Japanese popstar 😉 that would be extremely fun

  6. I haven’t heard of this Award either
    but well done on receiving it Miss. Novia 🙂
    Hey I hope that you have had a very nice
    week so far and are looking forwards to a
    very sweet weekend also 🙂

    Have fun Miss. Novia 🙂

    Androgoth Xx

    1. Thank you Andro. as far I know, Cillian never plays just to get award. He loves the art of acting so much. We, the fans, are the ones who are always happy to see him gets the awards.

      Have a wonderful weekend to you too Andro 🙂

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