Dear Mama…Happy 57th Birthday

Happy 57th Birthday, Ma

I wish I can say that in front of you and kiss your hand like I always did.

It will take hundreds or even thousands of year for me to finally meet you again, I hope you have a nice and peaceful sleep till the day we meet again.

I miss you so much. I will never stop missing you.

Every places we have ever visited together always brings memory of you.

I am glad we had such good relationship as mother and daughter and as best friends.

Thank you for thinking of me before you go, what you said to Papa is right, I have lost one of my best friends, one I can share everything with, the day you left us.

I am happy you are no longer feeling pain from that awful disease…but part of me still wish that you are here with us.

I love you Mama…now and forever.

Happy 57th Birthday my Dear Mama,
I wish you a peaceful sleep till resurrection day comes.

I wish I can say more but tears stopping me from thinking straight. I love you and miss you so much.


    1. Thank you Caren (((hugs)))
      I didn’t you are the age as my mom, I thought you are younger.
      It hurts from time to time but I can accept what had happened and that made me stronger. Missing talking to her is the hardest.
      Thank you for everything Caren.

  1. What a lovely posting Miss. Novia 🙂 🙂
    Do have a very sweet weekend my friend…

    Androgoth XXx

  2. The one of the thing that I like in being Islam is that death is not an end. Actually it is a start. And death doesn’t set apart eternally it is just a little break before eternal eden with the beloved ones. Of course it is really sad but there is a “finish point” which that there we will join them too. So now, we can only pray for the first outgoing and wait. Today I’ll pray for your mom too 🙂 ” el Fatiha…”

    And I’m sure that your mom is resting in better place than this world…

    “I’ve never written something like this ever before in the English language so sorry for my language errors”

    1. Hi Sungin…that’s a very lovely thing you have said … and no errors there as far as I read 😉
      Yup, I know I will meet her again one day, the whole family will join again either in eternal Eden or at the field of Judgement day (I really don’t know how to say this in English but I am sure you know what I meant).
      Thank you for the “el Fatiha” … hope she receives it. I pray for her in my every Sholat.
      Thank you Sungin

  3. My Mom is already 58 right now. And I’ll know I’m going to miss her, and my father, too if they’re gone.
    I wish Allah will always hear your prayer, and I’m sure lots of your friends has the same wish. 🙂

    1. Thank you Dhitz :hug:
      Prayer is all I can give to her now as you know that my mom will receive my prayer as her deed after her passing from this world.

  4. My warmest and biggest **Hug** to you dear Novia…. I know your Mom would want you to have as many as you can on her Birthday, even if she’s not the one to give them.

    May her memories always be filled with warmth and joy for you…..

  5. That’s a beautiful letter to your mother, Novia. Sad that she left you so early but she lives on in the hearts of the people she loved.

  6. Oh your post makes me cry, Nov… what a lovely tribute. My mom would’ve been 68 years old this year. Even though she’s been gone for over 20 years, I still miss her dearly. She sounds like a wonderful mother, so treasure her in memory, Nov, I know my mother lives on forever in my heart. God bless you, my friend.

    1. Your mother died at younger age than mine? aw that must had been tough for you.
      I know, even more than 20 years I will still miss her. We are blessed with wonderful mothers Ruth…the kind of mother we will always miss. She lives on my heart forever and ever.
      God Bless you too Ruth :hug:

  7. Very beautiful tribute to your mother Novia, thanks for stopping by my place. Sorry for my absence in here and over at Kame, Kroten and Papoe. There have been some hectic months in my life to say the least.


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