5 Movies With Beautiful Human-Animal Relationship

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Last Monday, I posted my review of How To Train Your Dragon and We Bought A Zoo, those movies made me eager to write this top 5 post.

Animals are amazing creatures, they can be extremely wild but at the same time they can also be extremely gentle and loveable. I always love animals since I was a kid. I wanted to have a pet since then but the wish finally came true when I adopted my sweet baby turtle, Kame. I had a cat long time ago but he only stayed for 2 months and then we had to give him away. Kame was my first real pet.

I always know that animals, no matter how wild they are can show love toward their human.

Take a look at this video first. I saw the full documentary years ago. No matter how many times I see it, it always brings tears to my eyes…love between human and animals is so beautiful. Christian was bought by the two gentlemen. They raised him till he was too big for their apartment. For his own good, they returned Christian to Africa. A year later, they missed him and went to Africa…and Christian still recognized them.

I wish someone would make a movie out of this beautiful documentary one day.

As for my own experience, no one I know in real life ever believe me when I told them that my turtles can show me that they love me till I show them Kame’s and Kroten’s video. In their eyes, turtles are not smart enough to show compassion…well, think again guys!

Let’s move on to the top 5 movies that showed beautiful relationship between human and animals. This list is not made because of how good the movie is, it is  made because of how beautiful the relationship isthere are some spoilers here.

#5 Princess Mononoke

Not only the movie is amazing but it also shows beautiful human-animal relationship. San who was raised by the wolf spirit trusted animals more than people. People tend to destroy each other and the forest. San and her tribe were trying hard to protect the forest. The love that San has for her adopted mother is not an easy thing to forget.

I have reviewed this movie here.



#4 The Rise Of The Planet of The Apes

This quote says it all

Will: (translating Caesar’s signs) Is Caesar a pet?
Will: No. You’re not.
Will: (translating Caesar’s signs) What are you?
Will: I am your father

This is what I wrote in my review

What is amazing about the movie is how animals can show more humanity than human. People, humans, during the revolution of the apes wanted to kill the apes, and yet the apes had no desire to kill them unless they were in threatened position, they only wanted to reach their destination.

#3 Lilo and Stitch

I know that Stitch is not an animal…but Lilo thinks he is one 🙂

This movie is the first of all movies about difficult animal to tame that I have ever seen and somehow it leaves better impression that any. If I haven’t seen Lilo and Stitch, I’d probably choose How To Train Your Dragon to be in this spot…but Lilo and Stitch is more memorable for me. Their bond is beautiful. It shows that no matter how wild your pet is, it is still your pet and you can still make it loves you back.

#2 I am Legend

I have been in this man’s situation before. When my parent went to Padang to cure my mom, I was left alone with my two turtles…and I didn’t feel so lonely because I had them. Robert Neville was lucky to have such loyal dog to be by his side when there is no else around. The saddest part of this movie is when he had to kill his dog, Samantha. I couldn’t stop crying at that scene. The memory of his family doesn’t even make me sad.

This is a lovely video made by SamGirl71914

#1 Hachiko

No other movie deserve to be on this spot but HACHIKO… a dog who was patiently waiting for his human to come home even after 9 years of his human’s death. 

Based on true story of love and loyalty. Anyone who has pets will relate to this movie and will be touched by it. When the professor died, I didn’t cry at all, but when Hachi died I couldn’t hold my tears.

I saw the Hollywood version even though I actually  want to see the Japanese one…but it is too difficult to find. I am glad that The Hollywood version played by Richard Gere is good and stay true to the real legend.

Here is a clip from the Japanese Movie

and here is the saddest part in the US movie (SPOILER)

Note: Each year on April 8, Hachikō’s devotion is honored with a solemn ceremony of remembrance at Tokyo’s Shibuya railroad station. Hundreds of dog lovers often turn out to honor his memory and loyalty. (Read more about Hachiko in Wikipedia)


That is my list of 5 movies with beautiful human-animal relationship. If I miss another movie with this kind of relationship…please share it with me 🙂

…and maybe you can share your own list here 🙂

25 thoughts on “5 Movies With Beautiful Human-Animal Relationship

  1. What a great idea for a list. Well ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ is one that comes to mind as I just read your post, and there’s War Horse which depicts a wonderful friendship between a boy and his beloved horse.

    1. unfortunately, for me How to train’s human-animal relationship is same with Lilo and Stitch, and I prefer to chose the first one that came out to public.

      Ah!! I haven’t watched War Horse yet…I want to but haven’t yet…need to find the movie soon. Thank you Ruth

  2. I’m with you, Novia…. Animal films are sooooo nice!!

    Another one you should watch is the 1969 British film, “Ring of Bright Water” about the bond between a man and an otter named Mij…. a very good movie with lots of heart, but a bittersweet ending.

  3. I have three animal movies I haven’t watched yet because I’m afraid they would be too sad. Hatchiko is one, the other one is about a girl and a fox and the third about a little Camel.
    I should watch them.
    Gorillas in the Mist is amazing and heartbreaking. But so is I am Legend.
    I love that documentary with Christian the lion.

    1. Do watch Hachiko…pet love based on true story is always beautiful even though it is also very sad.
      Christian the Lion is an amazing story…I never get tired of seeing it

  4. I think all living creatures can show love. I’m amazed all of the time by simple gestures made my animals. I usually don’t watch too many animal movies though since I’m afraid they will make me cry.

    1. Most animal movies made me cry…but I enjoy it nevertheless because it always shows how great animals can be.
      I totally agree with you. There are comments in that video of Christian saying that Lion can’t show love like that and the video is just a fake…it’s sad reading those kind of comment because those comments surely came from people who knows nothing about animal’s heart.

  5. Wow you picked Hachiko as #1, totally well deserving. I was crying my eyes out when I saw it (Richard Gere version), but haven’t watch the Japanese one. It’s nice that you saw We Bought A Zoo, what do you think about it? Christian The Lion is a pretty moving story, got teary eyes too when I saw it.

    1. I have reviewed it here> Movies Related to Animals. I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. The essential of the movie is not really about human-animal relationship and something in the end disappoint me.

      Amazing isn’t it? how a wild animal can still remember the ones who loved him 🙂

  6. Actually I don’t like watching movies with human-animal relationships because couldn’t feel the actual sensation in most of them. (not animes or animations, they can give the feeling) but even so when I think about it I remember 3 films. One of them is hachiko but not this version, the old japan version and the other two is Jean-Jacques Annaud’s two film > Deux frères and L’ours. If you have time watch them, maybe you like them too 🙂

    1. Thank you for the recommendation Sungin 🙂
      My problem is not the time but finding it. It’s so difficult to find movies from countries beside US 😦
      Lucky you, I really want to see the Japanese version of Hachiko but couldn’t find it.

      1. Actually I used torrent 🙂 for download these films. Japanese films aren’t popular here too ( I can find european or ‘west’ films but there isn’t any ‘east’ films in stores). For japanese,korean and chinese films asiatorrents.me is the best…. for the others I use isohunt.com but there is also kat.ph …

  7. Marley and Me might be one of human-animal relationship movies that I’ve watched recently (other than The Zoo – 2011 com-rom flick which I don’t recommend). It’s funny that even though I hate that naughty dog, and kept telling myself that this is just a movie, I cried ^^. Haha, maybe I should reset my standard of sadness, or maybe it IS a touching movie, well I don’t know. ^^

    1. I know The Zoo and I have no intention to ever watch it 😉
      Marley and Me was a good animal-human movie. I really like seeing how patience the couple are…although I am not sure I would 😉
      Don’t worry Dhitz…I also cried when seeing movie about Human and animals 😉

  8. marley and me jg bgus mb..kalo hachiko jgn ditanya,nonton 10 kali adanya jg nangis terus..bkin mood sharian sedih..kpan y film indonesia bs bkin yg kyk gni:-(

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