Monthly (Cillian) Murphy Special ~ Broken and Other News

May is proven to be the busiest of the year. I begin May with L’Arc~en~Ciel week, L’Arc~en~Ciel is my number one obsession (see my top 5 obsession here) and now in the middle of the month, I started Cillian Murphy Week and Cillian is my second obsession. Busiest month…indeed 😉

…however, May is also the happiest month. It began with seeing the band I am waiting for 11 years (L’Arc~en~Cie) and knowing they read my message to them and it will continue with Cillian Murphy reading my message to him personally  🙂 (I will talk about this message on May 25)

The reason for making L’Arc~en~Ciel week was because the band was performing on May 2nd in my city…and the reason for Cillian Murphy week is none other than his birthday on May 25 🙂

You can at least expect three more posts after this one, a short story I made based on Caroline’s idea, 13 favorite photos of him as part of Thursday Thirteen meme and of course a post on his birthday.

Now, let’s begin the first post on Cilian’s week


I have mentioned about this movie back in June 2011, here’s what I shared back then:

Screen Daily has reported that Cillian will be in a movie called Broken.

Theatre director Rufus Norris will make his feature debut with Broken, adapted by Mark O’Rowe from Daniel Clay’s novel. Cillian Murphy is attached to star in what is described as a modern-day To Kill a Mockingbird set in the North of England.

BBC Films Head Christine Langan tells Screen: “It’s about distrust and hatred in a small community. It’s very dark but with a note of redemption.” Dixie Linder, Nick Marston and Tally Garner will produce.

There is only one thing I should  do before the movie comes out (it is still in pre-production)…Find the book, buy and read it :)

The movie, although said to be released in 2014 (in both Imdb and wikipedia) but it had made its first appearance in Cannes 2012. I am a bit not sure about that 2014, it might be 2013. I am also not sure that the movie will be played in my country’s cinema. Once again I have to rely on torrentz. I really want to see his face again in big screen but he is been playing in non blockbuster movies recently and my country’s cinema seems to hate non blockbuster movies *sigh*

Nothing I can do there but to accept the fact that I love him for not doing too much blockbuster movies 😉

I really want to read the book before seeing the movie but I have asked around and the only way I can get it is by ordering it from Singapore and I can’t afford any imported stuffs for now ow…so I just have to be patience for a while. You can read the summary in

Take a look at Cillian as Mike. He is playing a teacher. He looks cute in eyeglasses 😉

…although he doesn’t look so good with that broken nose 😉

I can’t find any trailer but here is an extrait that featured Cillian with his girlfriend and her two children. The little girl is the center of the story, her character name is Skunk.

There are 4 extraits available in youtube, here are the rest: #2, #3, #4

For now, we can only wait for this movie to hits theater, along with his other independent movie with Robert DeNiro, Sigourney Weaver and Elizabeth Olsen in Red Light (it is scheduled to be released in US on July 13)

Cillian on The cover of CLASH

I love the article in this magazine and also the photos. Cillian looked so different in this magazine, he looks ‘bad‘. Click on the thumbnails to see it better 🙂

This is my favorite quote from the interview, it really shows his dedication as an actor

 “I’m probably fitter than I’ve ever been in my life as a result. It has that incredible concentration and immersion that I love in any form of acting,” he says, his almost boyish enthusiasm shining through. “With Misterman I’m generally so physically ruined at the end of it. I’m not complaining about that, I adore it but you do feel physically wrecked.” After a run of the play comes to an end, Murphy needs to adapt to life away from the character. “My wife is always like: ‘You’re in the decompressing stage.’ It’s a deeply subconscious thing, you’re not away of it. I rely on other people to tell me.”

You can read the full article here.

Another Nomination for Misterman

Cillian had won best actor for his one man show called Misterman in The Irish Times Irish Theatre Award and now he was also nominated for Outstanding Solo Performance at the 57th Drama Desk Award.

Here are the nominees:

Baba Brinkman, The Rap Guide to Evolution
Suli Holum, Chimera
Jeff Key, The Eyes of Babylon
Cillian Murphy, Misterman
Denis O’Hare, An Iliad
Stephen Spinella, An Iliad

I sure hope he will win this one again 🙂

Misterman is now playing in London till May 28 at National Theatre, Lyttelton,South Bank.  I am still wishing for miracle to take me to London 😉


That’s all the news I got for today. Next post will be a short I made of him 🙂

Thank you The Cillian Site for your amazing updates on Cillian Murphy.


  1. Those magazine photos are quite amazing. He really is good looking.
    I cannot imagine how that must be when you can’t get any book you want. Too bad really.

    1. Hear hear 🙂
      he is indeed. But even so he isn’t my most beautiful man on the planet.

      it fells terrible, remember Battle Royale?? I finally got it after I won $15 voucher

    1. Thank you so much for searching for me, Caroline…I really appreciate it.

      $15 is affordable on July, this month the band had sucked my saving account and they will do it again on June, I am going to buy some things related to them on June

    1. From all the sites I have read this is a cinema movie, not TV. It is already been played in Cannes Film Festival. But festival movie rarely made it here

  2. Glad to see some Cillian Murphy coverage around here. I was starting to wonder what happened to that ahah 😀 Hopefully, he will be cast in some new movies soon 😀 Haven’t seen him in a while!

    1. hahaha don’t worry Cas, he will be around for 1 whole week 😉

      Yeah I am also hoping he has more movies, he is currently busy with theatre

  3. Ahah, I think he still looks cute w/ a broken nose, hopefully nothing will EVER happen to those baby blues!! Wow Nov, I do hope one day he’d read your message to him personally 😀

    1. Well for me he is cute in any way 😉
      ah you should watch Peacock, he didn’t have his blue eyes…he had brown eyes.

      He WILL read my message Ruth … if nothing happen, he will receive it on May 28 🙂

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