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Live Report: L’Arc~en~Ciel Live at Singapore (April 28, 2012) – a Guest Post

Did you know that I almost went to Singapore?

When I first heard that L’Arc~en~Ciel was going to play at Singapore, I couldn’t stay still and going. They are going to so close…and it’ll kill me if I don’t go…but then the wonderful news came out, they are also going to play in Jakarta…so the plan to go to Singapore never happened. However, I am now saving some money so that when they decide to do another world tour, I can go to countries near Indonesia so that I can see them more then once.

Let’s put my story aside for now 😉

A nice girl from Malaysia went to Singapore because L’Arc didn’t visit Malaysia. Her name is Ilina Syazwani Musa or known as tkbluestorm in this blog of mine. She is one of Laruku’s fans I met here in the internet world 🙂

She wrote great report in the comment form and I think it is far better to make that super long comment as a blog post. She kindly sent me her photos on the venue to support this post 🙂

I will let her do the talking now 😉


The Goodies Booth

We arrived in Singapore in the afternoon. Then, we went to stadium and met some our Malaysian friends around 5.00 pm. Initially, I only wanted to buy the premium package and lightstick, but when I saw my friends bought other merchandises, I also bought the things that I didn’t planned. But I never regretted it. In fact, I think I should bring more money because I never knew they would sell cd and dvd at the entrance of the arena. The concert merchandise you can buy them even you didn’t have the ticket from the booth which is located outside the stadium, but the cd and dvd, you only find them after you entered the stadium. I’m not sure about it in Jakarta. I hope they also sell the albums there.

Oh.. actually we were interviewed by the staff (video recording). We never expected the staff would approach and asked us about laruku. I think the staff only select certain fans to be interviewed, because we saw he asked the fans who cosplayed like laruku members, Indian fans and we, who were wearing hijab. He asked where we came from, we answered ‘Malaysia’. but he heard something else.. ‘Indonesia??’.. We said it again, ‘No.. MALAYSIA!’ lol.. Next time, I think we should bring Malaysia flags. Maybe the staff knows that laruku has a big fanbase of Indonesian fans, but not Malaysia. Never mind that. I hope we can see our faces in DVD tour.. hahaha..

the only poster we found.. lol

From your post, I could see the excitement from Indonesian fans. As far as I’m remembered, I couldn’t find any laruku billboards in Singapore streets. We planned to take picture with poster or laruku banner, but we couldn’t find it when we were at stadium area. After the concert ended, we found out the banners were prepared by Singaporean Street Team at the other side of the stadium. huhu..

In your previous post, you only listed 14 songs, but you forgot the 15th song, ‘Seventh Heaven’ as one of the songs that they sang in every concerts. The other songs they performed in Singapore were ‘Hitomi No Jyunin’ (my most favorite song!!!), ‘The 4th Avenue Cafe’, ‘Daybreak’s Bell’ and ‘Blurry Eyes’.. The other three songs are also my friends’ favorite (each song for each friend). We were so happy!

Ok, now the stories of the concert. We already read the projects planned by Singaporean Street Team in the fb. They also distributed a piece of paper to other fans before the concert started, so that everyone know what should we do during the concert. The Singaporean Street Team suggested ‘Pieces’ to sing along together during break before the band played Anata. But it didn’t work successfully, only the fans in front of stages sang it, some of us didn’t get the signal, and the other crowd shouted ‘encore’ loudly. I hope your plan to sing Bless after Niji will work perfectly tomorrow.

before concert

About Hyde………… Ya ALLAH~!! why he’s so beautifullll??? Especially when he sang ‘Forbidden Lover’ with hat, he really looked like a woman. We sat in the middle of arena, not so close but not far away from the stage. He’s really tiny, so sometimes, I lost him from my view.. hahaha.. I read a lot of reviews about Hyde, but now I really admitted what they said was true. HE’S REALLY SEXY IN HIS OWN WAY.. His hip movement was really alluring, made fans, especially fangirls screaming. Luckily, one of my friends didn’t bring her husband along to laruku concert. hahaha.. I swear, no man in their forties that could make the same effect to the other women like Hyde.

The other members, I’m sorry, I didn’t really pay attention to them. Tetsuya and Ken, playing their bass and guitar like you see them in dvd concert. Yukkie, I think he got thinner than he used to be. My friend commented that Hyde looked so young, we believed no botox as we can still see his wrinkles sometimes, but maybe he used some advanced facial treatment. Tetsuya, his eye bag was really obvious.

We were reminded by Singaporean Street Team to stay silent when the band performed the ballad songs. I thought we would follow the rules, like Japanese fans, but nah… everyone sang along together with the band. I believe it depends on the culture. In Malaysia, it is common for the audience to sing together if the song are really famous. Maybe the Singaporean also share the same culture. haha.. Anata is my second favorite song. I imagined that I would cry if I listened this song in the concert. Eventually, I just enjoyed sang along with other fans. Oh, Novroz, don’t forget to buy lightsticks. In Singapore concert, there are some fans who didn’t buy it, they just came and sit.. Personally, such people spoiled our fun, but cannot blame them at all. Believe me, if everyone give cooperation, the concert would be fantastic.

end of concert

Not much fanservice in this concert. Just winking and blowing kisses from Hyde. No kissing and no ‘masuk celah kangkang’ ( I don’t know how to translate it in english.. maybe, ‘go through under leg’.. lol..). When Ready Steady Go was going to play, Hyde asked the audience ‘are you freaking ready?’, instead of f-word like he usually used.. hahaha.. Ken also didn’t smoke during the live.

The concert was really amazing. When I saw Hyde dancing, automatically it also made me ‘goyang kiri kanan’ and jumping. But somehow, I remind myself to restrain myself. Well, other people would say, it is inappropriate for a Muslim woman to lost control in front of public, but my friend said ‘Who cares? Nobody knows us in Singapore!’ hahaha..

The last song they performed for the concert was Niji. Hyde’s really delivered it beautifully.. Finally, I shed tears after the song ended. Two hours concert was not really enough for us. We have been waiting for them for so long. Before this, I never imagined I could attend their concert. If they hold their concert again in Singapore, I would definitely come there again and chose the seat in front of stage. But if any Malaysian organizer can bring them here, it would be better. I miss them already~!!


Ilina…Thank you for that wonderful comment now turned into a guest post 🙂

here’s a photo of her with her friends and some cosplayers and her goodies

3 of us, me in pink

She also provided me with some links: To see more photos of the concert ( a day in the life of BE@RBRICK ) and to read another live report ( ameblo.jp )

I have to agree with you that Hyde is the prettiest man alive!! he is even prettier than any woman I have ever seen in real life.

and about this sentence:…but somehow, I remind myself to restrain myself. Well, other people would say, it is inappropriate for a Muslim woman to lost control in front of public” << Gyahahaha I totally lost control!!! When they were doing rehearsal, I even said “excuse me sir, but at this moment we are shameless Muslim women, so can you please move over! ” to some people whose place we borrowed to peek over. And have I told you I scream when Hyde’s chikubi was peeking through his clothes? hahaha I am totally shameless at that night 😉 (ps. to know what chikubi is, do find a Japanese dictionary, I fell safer using that word than the English one 😉 )

I miss them so much!!!

It’s been fun reading your report and hopefully others will like too 🙂


About Novroz

I actively maintained 2 blogs. My personal blog is about things that I love: Turtles, Books, Movies, Music, Larc en Ciel, Muse, Cillian Murphy, The Mighty Boosh and many more. I also help my 3 super cute turtles, Kroten, Papoe and Kurome, to maintain their own blog: http://kamekroten.wordpress.com

14 comments on “Live Report: L’Arc~en~Ciel Live at Singapore (April 28, 2012) – a Guest Post

  1. Caroline
    May 20, 2012

    Another really happy L’Arc-en-Ciel fan. …
    I’m glad she had a great time as well.

    • Novroz
      May 20, 2012

      it’s always nice to meet another satisfied fan 🙂

  2. tkbluestorm
    May 20, 2012

    I have to google ‘chikubi’ to find out its meaning and then I laughed.. Hahaha.. I think I would do the same like you.
    You know, when I told my other friends (who just listen to local music and western artists like adele, kelly clarkson etc…) that I went to a rock concert, they gave me a suspicious look, because my friends thought the rock concert is always related with people who has tattoos and piercings, just like most of western rock band. (hyde has tattoos, but it’s not necessary to tell everything to non-fans). So I told them, laruku are from Japan. My friends thought hyde’s fashion is weird . It’s too hard to explain to people who don’t understand Japanese culture.. *sigh* huhu..
    It’s ok. The most important thing is, we had fun. Can’t wait for the concert review in Osaka (this weekend) and National Stadium, Tokyo for the next weekend =)

    • Novroz
      May 21, 2012

      Hahahaha that’s why I prefer to use Japanese 😉
      That chikubi is the main topic between my friends and I for days. Seeing it in DVD is surely different with real LIVE 😉

      I know how you feel, I am surrounded by people who don’t know them. That’s why when I met someone who also likes them, we instantly click to each other. Just like in the concert, My friends and I got separated and everyone around me were new to me but we all clicked together and sang together as if we were all known each other for long.

      I have read the report from Osaka…so happy that Hyde mentioned Jakarta again 🙂

  3. Kathleen
    May 22, 2012

    Another happy fan- yay! L’Arc just love to make people happy!
    And honestly I’ve been crossing my fingers for an exclusive Asian tour this year or maybe next year (I hope this cross their minds 🙂 ). Hoping and wishing to be able to watch them live even at a nearby country… Hongkong Part 2 – maybe? I’m jealous of you guys enjoying and loving the sight of L’Arc live. Maybe I’ll just need more patience.. I heard it took like years for them to get in to Jakarta. And I’m not being hopeless for a Philippine visit.

    ~L’Ove forever…

    • Novroz
      May 23, 2012

      They will have a break after the world tour. They have their own solo project on their mind..unfortunately 😦
      But they promised to come back soon. Usually, they will announce how long they will have a break.

      Be patience Kath 😉
      It takes 11 years for me to finally see them but you are lucky because it might not be that long 😉

  4. Darc Moon
    May 28, 2012

    Hey, do you read the news about their next world tour. That means they will come back soon. I jump like crazy when I read this news but damn it i don’t understand japanese word

    • Novroz
      May 28, 2012

      yup…I know 🙂 I will write about it on June 1st.
      YOU can vote your own city to be visited on their next world tour. They haven’t told us when will the tour start but on June 1st, they will start the vote.
      We, Indonesian, are ready to bring them back to JAKARTA 🙂

  5. japanesenagi
    May 29, 2012

    Hi, I’m from the Philippines and I went to Singapore to watch L’arc En Ciel. It’s already 1 month after their concert but the memory’s still fresh on my mind. Yes, I agree with you that 2 hours was not enough. Here’s my blog entry: http://japanesenagi.blogspot.com/2012/05/im-so-happy.html

    • Novroz
      May 30, 2012

      Hi Japanesenagi 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting 🙂
      It’s already 1 months since Jakarta concert and yes it still feels like yesterday…I still feel like it was all just a dream…a very beautiful dream.

      I have read your report…I can see you are enjoying it too. I didn’t go to Singapore because I had them in my own country. Sorry I can’t leave comment at yours (yet) because you are using disqus, that form is troublesome for a slow internet connection like mine.

      • japanesenagi
        May 30, 2012

        Oh, I didn’t know disqus is troublesome for some. But I’m glad you replied here in your blog. ^_^
        You guys are lucky to have L’arc En Ciel in your country! My friends and I are hoping we can bring them too thru our votes on June 1.

        • Novroz
          May 30, 2012

          We are forever grateful to them for deciding to come to Jakarta…and I will never forget how close they were.

          Good luck with the vote…hope you can bring them to Philippine 🙂
          We are eager to bring them back to Jakarta, although most of us are sure they will come back again.

          • Darc Moon
            May 31, 2012

            Hey,though I’m really busy now but I always fill my thoughts with Larc en ciel. Help me, Novroz, i can’t get them out of my mind and every day I love blogging or googling to read what fan write about them (ur blog is an example). They are medicine, you know =.= Well, I never can bring them to Vietnam because the number of fan here is so small. I want to come to Indonesia with u if they have Asia Tour next time but the ticket from mine to your is rather expensive. It’s cheapest for me to go to Singapore but I know no one there and I don’t know I can buy ticket or not >.< Haizz, with me now larc like a distant star *sad*

          • Novroz
            May 31, 2012

            Don’t worry too much Darc 🙂
            We probably still have one or two year before they finally come here…use that time to save up as much as you can. I am planning to start saving up myself because I want to see them outside Jakarta too…probably Singapore or Bangkok. Just save up as much as you can … gambare \(^^)/

            …and you never know, maybe there are a lot of Vietnamese voter out there 😉

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