Live Report From L’Arc~en~Ciel Concert in Jakarta (English Version)

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I often said that I like Muse but then I love Muse after I saw their concert…but L’Arc~en~Ciel is the band I have already loved with all my heart even before I saw the concert…and now that I have seen their concert…I LOVE THEM BEYOND WORDS!!

They will always be the best band in the whole wide world for me 🙂

Ow…I don’t know where to begin, I still feel like I am in a dream…a dream that I wish never to stop…the concert was SUPER AMAZING!!!  And to top it all…I GOT WHAT I WANT!!! I WAS THERE RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STAGE, CLINGING TO THE BARRIER…. GYAAAAAAAAAAA… they were so f*ckin close!!!

Hyde – Credit: Lionindra Harviana (click on the pic)

I stand about 2 meters from Hyde!!! Gyaaaaa, it was unbelievable!! He is even more beautiful in real life…ow my God, how could You create the prettiest man alive to have such beautiful voice? He is prettier than most woman I have seen!! And right behind Hyde is Yuki….aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! Yuki is incredibly handsome, and those biceps…oh my God, I am speechless! Ken is enjoying the concert despite of the heat. Ken is always Ken! Techan also often stood so close to me, ow he is sooooo cute!!! But…my attention was mostly toward Yuki and Hyde 😉

Because I have been waiting for them for 11 years, I don’t feel like taking any photo and video of their live, I want to enjoy every minute second of the concert with my own eyes and ears, I didn’t want to be distract by taking my mobile and shot the concert. They won’t allow camera but even if there was no such rule, I still had no intention to take pictures…therefore I am relying on the internet to provide me with photos 😉

Yuki (Credit:

Just like in other countries, their set list was identical. It started with video showing the name of each city they are visiting during their World Tour 2012…and then they showed up and started singing Ibara No Namida…I couldn’t contain my tears anymore…I kept saying “Ow my God, this is really happening!! Ow my God I can’t believe this is happening”…same sentence over and over again. Hyde hadn’t realized how crazy Indonesian fans are till he heard everyone singing Chase with him. Everyone was shouting the refrain at him “I am chasing you…I am chasing you…get away

They continued it straight away with Good Luck My Way…owww I started jumping up and down even though I had very small space to move. Then Hyde took his guitar and started speaking in Bahasa Indonesia 😉 His pronunciation was quite good till he said “Selamat Menikmati”. He said “Halo Jakarta (he send kisses to us). Kami L’Arc en Ciel. Kalian senang bertemu aku? Aku?… Aku juga.. Aku juga.. Jakarta selamat menikmati ” it was the opening of Honey. Drink It Down followed afterward. When REVELATION started…it was just as I imagine it to be with extra reality. We were all shouting “hey…hey…hey” with all the passion we have inside. Hyde looked so happy with our excitement. Revelation was breathtaking 🙂

Tetsuya (Credit: Fajar Rizki)

They went inside for a while and then everyone came out and sat near Yuki’s drum…they sang Hitomi no Juunin…and ow my dear Lord, I cried all through the song!! It was so beautiful…writing this made me want to cry again…cry of happiness. I shouted “arigatou” over and over again at them, one of the camera men even recorded me saying Arigatou…they might see the video 🙂

They sang XXX-English version after HNJ, I was lost for words because I only knew the Japanese version. However, the girl next to me, Mae,  and I were actively doing the cross with our light stick and singing the refrain passionately. Fate followed afterward…and we all sang along with him. Forbidden Lover was the next song and ow dear..ow dear…Hyde shed a tear…gyaaa I shouted at top of my lung “Nakanaide!!!!” (don’t cry!)

Ken and Yuki were left alone on the stage, I took that moment to shout at their names over and over again. Ken played the intro to My Heart Draws a Dream and we all started singing “yume o egaku yo” following Ken’s solo. MHDAD is the kind of song where Hyde always let audience to sing “yume o egaku yo” and he will sing the other line of the song. I do believe Hyde let us sing “yume o egaku yo” longer than most concert in DVD I have seen. Hyde was so pleased with Indonesian Fans…well at least that’s what I saw on his face.

Ken -Credit:

It was time for Ken’s MC…and as always ken liked to talk about girls … girls with Bikini ;). Ken kept saying mantap (great) and then cut the word into man and let the audience to finish it with tap. Ken gave a gift to Hyde (he has been giving gifts to different Laruku member in each concert.) the gifts were wayang, gamelan and suling….gyaaa Hyde couldn’t paly the suling and he seemed to enjoy playing with the wayang ;). Seventh Heaven came next and I was at my craziest moment …I jumped and sang and danced all through the song…everyone else seemed to be doing the same thing as I was. Techan and Hyde looked so pleased at us, Indonesian Le Ciel or Cielers.

Driver’s High once again made audience Jumped and Shouted. We did something different to other country, we keep shouting “oi…oi…oi” when the song had just started.Hyde let us sing a part of the song and he looked so delighted at us:

mou kazoeru kurai de bokura wa kieusete makkura no asa ga kurune
o ki ni iri fuku ni saa kigaeta nara kakedashite!

I could be wrong because I can’t remember all, but I think this is the first time he gave the audience his mic to sing this part.

And then…Aaaaa…Tetchan took his famous banana and used it to play bass and then threw it to the audience…the benefit of seeing them so close is a disadvantage when Tetchan started throwing his banana. Stay Away was next…again, we were all singing the song with all the passion we had. I was having problem to clap hand at specific time in the song due to the light stick…but I managed 😉


Hyde started shouting “Are You Fuckin Ready??” and Ready Steady Go started…gyaaaa I enjoyed this moment of singing and jumping together soooo much. RSG became the last song before their break. Yuki did his solo here…and we did something no audience ever did in a concert…we were shouting Yuki…Yuki…Yuki following his drum beat.

While waiting, we tried to make a human wave while I was busy tying by banner to the barrier, I thought it was the perfect time to let them see and read it. Once I finished tying it, their crew took a shot of it (I just remember I haven’t taken picture with my banner). This is the banner I have made for them 🙂

Translation: I have been waiting for 11 years, Thank you so much for coming to Jakarta.

We, then, sang the refrain of Anata and rain started falling down. Fortunately they continued the concert and sang Anata. Singing anata made me cried all over again, it was worst than during HNJ…I was crying all through the songs. Hyde let the audience to sing during the last refrain of the song. It was the most romantic moment in the concert, anata with rain falling down…ow sooo amazing.

…and…Hyde read my banner!!!!! Gyaaaaa I felt like flying to the 9th cloud…he actually READ it!!! I could see his eyes following the words…And when anata was over and the light turned dark, I shouted the words at them and they heard it…I know they heard it…God I am soooooo freaking happy!!!. Their camera man also shot at my banner….huaaaaa I am glad I made it 🙂

Something amazing happened when Hyde sang Fourth Avenue Café, because we all sang along with him…he let the audience sang the last refrain before he closed it by himself…I haven’t seen such action before in any DVD I have….it was so awesome! The part he asked us to sing is this part:

kisetsu wa odayaka ni owari o tsugeta ne
irodorareta kioku ni yosete
sayonara ai o kureta ano hito wa
kono hitomi ni yurameiteita

Link came afterward…whuaaaa loving it soooo much!! Jumping is a must in this song. Tetchan used Link to throw more bananas and lollypop to the audience. We was saying an absurd sentence than made all the girls think dirty, “apakah lo mau pisang gua?” dan “apakah lo mau jilat lollypop gua?” (do you want my banana and do you want to lick my lollypop?). Once Link was done. We were all shouting Blurry Eyes over and over again, Hyde was a bit surprise by that…too bad he didn’t sing it.

They closed the concert with Niji. We sang all through the song and I think no one wanted it to end…we all want more, it felt so fast…and then … we sang our Bless Project!!!! And they heard it!!!! At least Hyde heard it and I could see his face, he was touched by it!! He was touched by our way of showing gratitude by singing their song Bless over and over again

君へと夢は今 目の前で煌めいてる

(The dream for you is now sparkling before your eyes
It’s blessed by snow falling like petals)

Hyde’s expression was unforgettable!!!

They promised to come back again to Indonesia \(^_^)/…and I will be there again!!!

One thing I can assure you, they had great time in Indonesia…not only us. We can all see it clearly on Hyde and Tetchan’s face, they were happy with the audience. I hope I can find article of them saying their opinion on the concert. I LOVE EVERY MOMENT OF THIS CONCERT, I WILL TREASURE IT MY WHOLE LIFE 🙂

In the end of it all…I throw my banner to the stage and the staff took it and out it on Tetchan’s banana’s basket 🙂

My banner on Tetchan’s basket 🙂

Important: Someone apparently threw something during the concert, I need to clarify that my banner was thrown AFTER the concert when there was no member of Laruku. It was actually the diehard fan’s idea. I was folding the banner to take it back home and then she asked do I want to give it to the staff, I said yes…but after several times calling the crews and everyone was busy, she said just throw it the staff will pick it up. I hesitated and asked her ‘ii desuka? daijoubu?’ she convinced me that it’s alright. She even threw it for me because I wasn’t sure I could throw it that far.

If she didn’t tell it was alright, I wouldn’t do it. I trusted her because she had followed Larc everywhere.

Thank you L’Arc~en~Ciel…you have given me such great happiness after all the pains I had before…you truly are THE BEST!!

Credit: Oishi Masahiro


    1. Thank you Michael 🙂
      I was ecstatic … it felt like a dream…I can’t believe it was really happening…seeing them LIVE is always my dream since I fell in love with them *I want to cry again*

  1. Thanks so much for your live report!!! If I were in your place I would NOT be able to sleep tonight,. WHAT A BUZZ! I’m so happy for you 🙂 Almost as happy as if I were there too. You deserved to be there right at the front because you are the most devoted Larc fan I know :)))

    And Hyde READ YOUR BANNER! *screamssilently* What a high! Wish I could have been there to listen to him sing ‘Anata’… such a beautiful man, such beautiful voice! Sweet dreams Novroz, I know you will cherish the memory for the rest of your life.

    1. Ow Zee….reading your comment made me want to cry again…I felt like all those years of waiting is finally paid off. I am sooooo happy that he read it, I know Hyde and Tetchan read it, I can see it in their eyes when they read it….and then Hyde looked at us again when we all sing BLESS to them…amazing really amazing.

      They are all beautiful!! I love seeing them so close to me!!! You are 100% right…I will cherish it forever 🙂

  2. its crazy!! 14 years of waiting finally come true. I still couldnt believe it. my voice is sore my body still feels like a crumbling paper this morning, and my wallet makes mee feels like I gotta have a strict diet till the end of the month, but my heart, my soul and my mind feels like I’m at peace now, I’m dancing and moving passing my stamina limit and crying like a baby especially when Forbidden lover and Anata. and everytime Hyde looks at me when he walk around and sings in front of me (well, it seems like he’s looking at me shouting and crying like crazy)

    And Bless project was freaking awesome! good job cielers!

    and thanks for bu novi, temen seperjuanganku sebagai cielers dari jaman dahoeloe, yang udah ngantrein beli merchendise, walopun pas nonton akhirnya kepisah gara2 saya masuk belakangan T_T, untung masih bisa di row ke 2 di depan Tetsu xD

    overall, if they ever coming back like they said they will, i’ll be sure to watch them again!!!

    1. Whuaaaaa My dear friend Archiel!!! Can you believe last night was really happening?? I am still in the state of disbelieve!! We have been 2 crazy fans all these years…and then we finally saw then so close…and ow the hype…ow I can’t say anything. words have lost their meaning…it was just WOW!!

      Yeaaa…BLESS project is a big success!! Can you see Hyde’s face? he was so touched by it. He smiled in a sort of happy surprise way….that look was priceless!!

      Hahaha sama2 , gw sekarang dah lebih hitam dr sebelumnya gara2 ngantri 😉

      MOST DEFINITELY!!! We will be there again when they came back!!

  3. I saw it from much further distance. But I still can enjoyed that beautiful night. This is the night I couldn’t forget. And indeed the sing along on Fourth Avenue Cafe was super fantastic that he let us sing. I used all my energy left to sang that song too!! ^^

    1. It was truly a dream comes true, isn’t it Nada? 🙂
      That fourth avenue part was unbelievable, I was really surprise when he stopped singing and let us sing…It made me sing louder than ever!! Haido was really happy with us, THAT I can guarantee

  4. Gw puas…gw puas bgt semalem…posisi d depan tetsu…..n bs liat hyde dgn jelas…astaga…cantik skaliiii….n spt biasa gw bengong….duh hyde ga brubah y ttp lincah sprt dl waktu muda….>,>,<< n skrg gw blank~ lagiiii…

    1. Gyahahaha memang luar biasa cantiknya itu om…edan!! bisa secantik itu tanpa make up ala ce!!
      Gw dah ga tau mau ngapain lagi nih…otak ke konser semalem aja nih. Seharian ini download foto2 dan video…keren2 bgt. Man man man…Tap tap tap 😉

  5. merinding mbak bacanya!!
    astagah! bediri di depan dan bahkan banner di baca itu di bener2~ aaaahhhh~!!!!!
    selamat ya, mbak!!!!! XD

    1. Iya…aaaaaaa banget!!! Gw sampe gemetar pas liat mata Hyde yang ngikutin tulisan itu. Sengaja pake Nihongo supaya dia bisa langsung baca tanpa mikirin artinya.
      Dan setelah itu Tetchan juga baca….aaaa hati berbunga2.

    1. yesssss!!!! I did have fun!!! It was a blast…Don’t know when I will step down from the cloud of happiness back to earth 😉

  6. I’m glad it lived up to your expectations 🙂 Now what are you going to look forward to though? 😉

    1. Thank you Tony…it exceeds my expectation 😉
      What I am looking forward now is their 25th L’anniversary in Jakarta …. hahaha now that I have seen them, I want to see them again and again and again

    1. Thank you TBM 🙂
      I hope so too…maybe they will come back for their 25th anniversary…I can see their face and they looked so happy with our enthusiasm…and the promoter said that Jakarta will be in their World Tour DVD, it will guarantee their coming back 🙂

  7. Thank you!Thank You!Thank You Novroz! for writing this! Last night is so magical and the intense love from the fans is in the air. None of the media writings could capture that moment like yours! (but then again, the media must remain objectives while us fans could go gaga expressing our feelings). So glad that many of us feels the same! I’m so glad they took your banner. So desperate waiting for any news about Laruku said about this whole world tour and especially about Jakarta. I really hope our feelings reached Laruku.
    Let me tell you what i experienced: At first i thought my life’s over and cry because they say the tix’s are all sold.
    Then my boyfriend found who sell regular tix online for the real price and we got it (me, boyfriend & bestfriend who introduced me to L’Arc en Ciel 5-6 yrs ago). When we get the physical tix H-1, someone offer my boyfriend to change our regular tix with their premium tix with the 350 price. It was destined (we burn holes in our pocket that night and couldn’t buy any merchandise then).
    So.. The day, We stand there before the gate was open at 1 o’clock holding the premium tickets (gonna laminate that) because when i googled the layout of the concert and found this tweet from @L’ArcINA for Cielers to meet at2pm! and we can’t afford to lose more space between us and Laruku! Burned skin, cramped feet, dehydration and low blood pressures (because we literally standing for 9 hours that day except for about two random hours at the second gate and premium gate), and there we were: a bit to the leftside of the stage right at the premium barrier. The show is like what we expect and so much more!
    I’ll skip to “anata” moments because you already wrote about it beautifully. Some media writes that there was piano playing anata tunes from stage then we fans sings the refrain then the backdrop shows the lyrics. While where I’m standing, we heard Anata reffs sang from the left side and like a wave, all around me sings too, then its drizzling feels like the sky is crying, then we heard the piano (even one of the police officer at the barrier who I could bet, never heard of Laruku before sing along after the lyrics shows up. We’re so contagious), at that point my boyfriend cried (and I thought he just want to accompany me to this concert! He too has converted to a diehard fans too), then I cried to (is it just me or I saw a glimpse of tear on Hyde’s left eye?).
    Three people passed out due to lack of oxygen not long after that (it’s a bit sad, because all of them don’t want to miss a thing too and front rows of premium out of focus many times because we helped escorting people who feels about to faint to be moved within the barrier (safety first. So proud of cielers and securities who cooperate and did not do rash actions like pushing despite all of the jumping and dancing).
    When it’s over, none of use wants to leave the barrier. I’m really sorry about the bless project because i don’t have twitter before this concert and don’t know about it. If we do, we’d be singing even without any whistle signs T_T.. All of us
    Sorry for superlong comment

    1. Hi Irene…sooooooo happy to read you long comment 🙂

      It’s always a BLESS to read someone else’s comment that’s as exciting as me!! Last night was AWESOME, wasn’t it? I think part of me is still lingering there in Senayan because right now, I still can’t keep my head of off the concert. I spent the whole day browsing for their photos and videos. And now I relive the concert and it makes me want to cry…I want to see their Live performance again…call me greedy call me what you like…I am more addicted now that I have seen them.

      Laruku is the best band EVER!!!

      Ow the security of this concert are the best!! they are soooo nice. When I went there to check the venue, they let us in and when during the concert they helped my friend who was in wheel chair and very very nice and kind…I love those security men…so nice!!

      As for Bless project…at least Hyde heard us 🙂 maybe it wasn’;t as we planned it to be…you know, coordinating thousands of people to sing is really difficult…but at least people on VIP row sang it so loud and Hyde heard it.

      By the way…are you Indonesian? If so…do read the Indonesian version of this post…I report it differently, I wrote the Indonesian one more into the enthusiasm of the audience.

      Thank you for sharing your excitement with me 🙂

      1. Thanx for reading it 😉
        Yes, i’m Indonesian and i have read Your Indonesian version right after i post my comment XD

        The security helped me catching the confetti (plastic ribbon with L’Arc en Ciel anniversary world tour; L20; etc written on it),and actually wants to give me his nametag to commemorate the concert, but his friend tell him they may still need it afterwards. They’re just so nice. XD

  8. I’m sooooo happy that it was all that you’ve been dreaming about Novia. 🙂

    It will be a memory you will be able to cherish and carry with you forever…. even if you see them again and again, this one will always be your “first time” and will always be special. Always.

    1. I know!!! Just reading your comment makes me want to cry again…because I so wanted to go back to that day…I can easily said last night was the best night I have so far!!

      I will remember it forever. The concert has made me more addicted to their music.

  9. You made so envy! >___<, I'm unfortunately in such critical condition so I'm forced to sell the ticket i've bought. Damn!
    But if it's true they're gonna come to Indonesia again, I don't wanna missed that moment twice.

    1. ah too bad…I hope everything is alright with you tho. The concert itself is a once in a lifetime moment that I dont want to miss for anything. Hope you can see them next time 🙂

      1. Yah, I hope so.

        And I’m very glad you wrote this post. Feels like I watched them myself (though that’s only my imagination T_T)

  10. I’m so glad this concert lived up to your expectations and more, Nov! I’m so happy for you! That is cool to hear foreign musicians speaking our native language during the show, that’s very cool!

    1. Thank you Ruth 🙂
      I know from the beginning that it would be beyond imagination…and they had proven it.

      ah you should read my Indonesian version Ruth, they used slang Indonesian, not formal one. I share more about their Indonesian speaking moment and the enthusiasm of the crowd in that post. According to the promoter, they love Indonesian fans 🙂

  11. Wooowww… It’s only one word for last night, AWESOME and TOTALLY INCREDIBLE AND BEYOND EXPECTATION (maybe more words.. 😛 ) Only one regret for it, I was on premium side… Next, I’ll definitely be on VIP!! After effect is I got insomnia (can’t sleep) and now alredy on my desk (office) to start work while listening their songs (songs on last night concert) with max volume. Hohohoho…

    Uwaa… TETSU (love u so much for your freaking crazy in playing your bass) is so kawai! Hyde is totally kirei for both his face and appearance (and it’s hurt my woman side.. Oh gosh, his a man!). Ken with his cigarrete is totemo hentai and easily lost with the song (cause of the concert atmoshpere). Yuki is kakoi, playing his bass drum to hear our shout “Yuki” every sound of “duk.. duk..” (and no words came from his mouth during last night concert, only smile). They played all songs energically.. can’t say that they ‘r beyond 40ish..

    Thank you for providing the live report (and I knew it that you’d definitely be the first to update the live report).. I was curious with the song that made Hyde cried (that time, I only thought, “oh, come on, the concert had just begun, don’t let me cry too early..) and the rest of them lost with the song. Wow, this report will be on my bookmark so I can read it all the time to remember the moment.

    P.S: I also can’t wait to know their thought bout us, Jakarta. Can’t wait also to have the concert dvd which included Jakarta.. (this is the 7th try in posting to your blog.. bad connection… First try was at 7am, 3 May 2012)

    1. Hi Winnie…so sorry to hear about your trouble with posting your lovely long comment…I even get your comment twice 😉
      since they were both same comment, I deleted the other one…so sorry for your trouble…but I am so happy knowing your effort to share your feeling here.

      whuaaaa I really love that drum solo moment, Yuki became more excited hearing our cheer…I wish that moment will appear in DVD, I have been searching for it in youtube but couldn’t find it yet…I do hope someone will upload it later.

      Huahaha they looked like 20something rather than 40something!!! They are freakin awesome!!!

      If they come back again…I will fight hard to get VIP again 😉
      Seeing them sooo close made me still in hangover after effect for days. Today I went to the office but my heart and mind were still in Senayan. Love them so damn much!!!

      1. Uwaaaaa, then we will “fight” for the VIP!!! Hahaha, I got so many video in youtube and did download it. If u want, just let me know and i’ll send it to u. Huaaaa… It will be a never-ending story for me ’til I meet them again in JKT.. Did they really look pleasant with every response we gave them? Oh gosh, how I wish their concert not only for one night, phew.. Hope that the whole concert is provided by Sony in different dvd.. How I proud with #larukujkt (us) to make them love us. ( every single time other ask me bout the concert, I did scream and couldn’t stop talking… I got infected and can’t get out of my head from the “virus” called L’arc en ciel)
        love ur post and will read it again next time after (again) watching the video. MAN..MAN..TAP..TAP!

        1. Huahahaha….fight for VIP will be extra hard next time 😉
          For this concert, it was quite easy for me to get it.

          I am downloading all the good one, the videos with bad resolution are left behind. Still downloading till this day 🙂 I know it will be a DVD one day but we are still not sure how many songs they will show it in their DVD…I hope the full concert…but we will never know till they released it.

          Thank you 🙂 Mantap!! huahaha even Japanese now knows mantap 😉

  12. uuuuh damn, i envy u so bad T__________T
    had bought the vip ticket, really wish i could be near em >.___<

    but, i think u shouldnt have throw that banner to the stage… i know what it means to u, and maybe everyone want to throw their "gift". Im just worried your good intention could turn into bad thing if they/the staffs/the security considered it as threat to the safety of the artist 😦

    1. Hi Fauzul…you were in VIP too?

      About the banner, it was actually the diehard fan’s idea, I think her name is Mitsuko but I am not really sure. I was folding the banner to take it back home and then she asked do I want to give it to the staff, I said yes…but after several times calling the crews and everyone was busy, she said just throw it the staff will pick it up. I hesitated and asked her ‘ii desuka? daijoubu?’ she convinced me that it’s alright. She even threw it for me because I wasn’t sure I could throw it that far.

      If she didn’t tell it was alright, I wouldn’t do it. I trusted her because she had followed Larc everywhere. She even asked me back if it’s alright for me to give it away because it looked expensive…tho it’s not expensive at all 😉

      1. ew, sorry for lack of information
        i got the vip ticket, but sold it bcoz my kind boss didnt allow me to take one day off
        always curse the fact that that May 2nd is National Education Day and it’s not red in the calendar

        oh well, it’s no problem then (about the throwing stuffs issue)

        Next Year!!! Ore-sama~ Ikimasu~
        ZETTAI NI >____<

        1. Whuaaa that is so sad. Lucky I have 2 jobs, if my boss didn’t allow me, I was ready to quit but fortunately she understood that I have been waiting for them for 11 years and she let me take a day off.
          Are you working in educational department?
          I am a teacher but I managed to switch my day with other teacher so that I can have day off from Tuesday to Thursday.

          1. -Replying after it got too old already- XD

            Nope, I’m not working in educational department, letting the others have the honor to :3
            I wonder how a pupil would end up if I was the one teaching, a perv criminal? lol

            Currently all my job is all about dealing with piles of paper with random number in it, you can say… accountant 😉

          2. Glad you finally reply this 🙂

            Huahaha…what do you think my friends think of me when I become a teacher? Even till this day, I am not like any other teachers.

   accountant? isn’t that easy to get away with for a day off to see Larc?

  13. I’m so glad this was as good as you expected. I was afraid for you, often when I look forward to something so much then it’s not as good in the end.
    You sure captured the excitement and the atmosphere so well in your post.

    1. No Caroline…it was BETTER than what I have expected!! The crowd was crazy and it made them performed at their best…I have never seen them smile and looked so happy like two nights ago. I know I have only seen them in DVD but … Honestly, they never looks like that. They truly enjoyed the atmosphere of Indonesian fans and that made them more enthusiastic to play.

      When it comes to Laruku…I KNOW they won’t disappoint me, I know from the beginning that I will have the best day of my life that night 🙂

  14. Great post. It made me feel I was there with you.^^ and I think I can feel your happiness. Waiting for so long and now your dream come true and it beyond your expectation. And now Hyde can know your love to them. It’s wonderful. Next time, when they come to Indonesia, I will definitely be there!

    1. If you come here to see their next concert (amien…please God let it happen) I will be your guide and we can go crazy together 😉

      Thank you for the compliment, I keep updating this post whenever new memory comes up…there are so many to share but all jumble into unorganized memory. One thing for sure it was the best night of my life 😀

    2. nah, nah, now we’ll have more competition in getting the VIP Ticket 😀
      that’s why next event should be in GBK >.<

      hope we dont need to wait 5 years for it 😦
      im afraid they will get older (yaiyalah!!!)

      1. But in the interview in London..they will have another break after world tour. Hyde will be busy with Vamps again (I hope Vamps will come to Jakarta…not a fan of Vamps but I want to see the prettiest man alive again). They usually have 3 years break.

        1. I don’t want to see Hyde with Vamps and K.A.Z. With me, Hyde belongs to Larc. He is the best when he stand in the stage with Yukki, Tetchan and Ken >.< And I'm afraid that I also have to wait so long like you to see them live cause the world tour is big event itself. They will need more time for another tour like that 😦

          1. SAME HERE Darc!!! I don’t know any VAMPS songs…I like him better as a soloist than this new group of his. I can still accept Roentgen and 666 but not when he teams up with another musician like in VAMPS…but if vamps do come, like I said I will be at the concert just to look at that pretty face again 😉 …God, he is so pretty and I miss him already.

            …but still, like you have said, he is at his best with Yuki, Kenchan and Tetchan 🙂

            Even though not world tour, I hope they will do at least Asian Tour 🙂

          1. Ha ha, I tried to listen to some Vamps song and it’s quite good (maybe it’s good because it’s Hyde’s song^^) but I listen and watch them only because Hyde said that it’s his dream to sing heavy rock! Those song doesn’t bring me great feeling like L’arc music 🙂

      1. After discovering them… NO BAND IS BETTER THAN THEM- EVER! I had a break from the scorpions’ music.. Mom is even surprise I no longer play my scorpions cd’s, instead I do maximize the volume with L’Arc’s.

        1. I so agree with that sentence!!

          NO BAND IS BETTER THAN THEM- EVER! << I have been in that state for 11 years. I hear their music EVERYDAY. I still listen to other bands in between their music but the only band I literally hear everyday, even only 1 song, is Laruku. I also use their songs as my mobile ringtone since the beginning of my mobile days started.

    1. I don’t think so…unless they share it in their World Tour DVD….not sure if I want to see it either because I must look really bad with puffy read eyes after crying during the song 😉

    1. No Peter…I didn’t have good time…I had AMAZING time!!
      The after effect is scary….right now, even after 4 days, I still feel like the concert is still playing in front of my eyes. I am like a girl who finally met her long lost boyfriend but the meeting was only 2 hours and now he left her again…the longing to see them again is painful…can’t wait to see them again here 🙂

        1. Ow Peter…after that much excitement, do you really think I am going to miss it for the world? 😉

          The second time will be better…that’s what people say, right? 😉

  15. Wow I’m so happy that you had the time of your life Novia. It’s always a bit scary to go into something when you have such high expectations and it looks like it was even better than you could imagine it. Glad you got to see your idols live!

    1. Thank you sooo much Cas 🙂
      I know people might think it was scary…but I have high trust on them, I know from the beginning that they will not disappointed me…I know they will deliver their performance in a great way…what I never expected that it turned our to be not only great but Amazing. The crowd help it became amazing.

  16. Hi Novia, I’m a fellow fan of L’Arc~en~Ciel from Singapore and I found your blog while searching for more info on them. It was a dream that came true for me as well when they came to Singapore after waiting for so long. I have to say that the crowd here was abit disappointing coz not many of them had the “X” sign during XXX and coz I was only in the Premium two seats, when we shout seventh heaven after being prompted by Ken, dont think he heard us~ I am still thinking about the live and can’t wait till they come back again (or maybe I should save more money and follow them around on their next tour, heh) Dreams came true for all fans and I’m happy for you that your banner was collected by the staff, well done!

    1. Hi Pei Goh…
      So happy to have you stopping by here…it is always a treat to meet fans across the world (that’s why I like writing about Laruku in English). I am so happy that you also had your dream come true. Well if you feel a bit disappointed with your crowd…do come to Indonesia next time 😉
      …but you will hear us sing more than Hyde. It was a singalong concert in Jakarta 😉

      Thank you…I know the banner might turned out to be another junk for them…but at least the staff didn’t just left it there and I know they read it 😀

      1. Hi Novia, I had thought about going to Indonesia for the concert but the tickets were all sold out! T^T
        I still think that it’s great that you managed to get so close to them and they had the chance to read your banner.

        1. aw…too bad, you should have checked Raja Karcis…there were plenty of tickets for premium and regular. Larc site said sold out because at first they only expected 7.000people…but many still eager to see the concert, the promoter then added the ticket up to 10.000. It was outdoor, therefore it was easier to add more space.

          Yeah I am so glad I made the banner and came very early. I was full of determination to be right there in the front and Thank God I made, at least they knew we have been waiting for them for years 🙂

          1. oh rats, wished i had found your blog earlier and could ask you about it. argh….. i actually had the urge to fly to hawaii for their final concert when i saw that the tickets were sold out at Jakarta. Unfortunately, wasn’t able to get my leave approved… i guess i will just have to wait for the dvd of the world tour and wait for their next tour! heh

          2. I am also doing the same as you 😉
            waiting for the DVD and the next concert.

            People here are trying to get VAMPS to come now. I am not a fan but I will watch VAMPS if they come just to see Hyde again 😉

            I also hope they will do another Live Viewing…it was a fun activity, almost like a real concert.

          3. I agree with you, although I am not a fan of Vamps as well, I would still go to the concert just to see hyde too! He is forever at his best condition when they are performing together! Watching their 20th live DVD makes me jealous, I wanna be there! Two full days of L’Arc~en~Ciel… T^T

          4. Hear hear…they are still good separatedly but far better when the 4 of them are together 🙂

            ah that Ajinomoto concert is the best…2days with different set-list. I’d loved to hear Yuki played their old songs more.

  17. So blessed of you guys watching and meeting them! I’m still crossing my fingers for their future plans… I know.. one day.. one day…

    1. Don’t worry Kathleen…you will see them one day. It took me 11 years to finally see them but the waiting is well paid 🙂

      Nice to meet another fans from Philippine…hope to see you more in my L’arc~Post 🙂

      1. Yes Kathleen, I do believe that your wish would come true in the future. Most bands by pass Singapore during their world tours and I nearly died from happiness when it was annouced that Singapore would be part of Laraku’s tour. We are all waiting for their plans and saving up money till we meet them again!

        1. You know, I had decided to go to Singapore because I won’t miss them when they were so close…and I didn’t (and still don’t) have passport, so I planned to make one when the news finally hit me that they ARE coming to Jakarta!! I was crying when I heard the news…It was tears of happiness.

          Maybe next time I could go to both Singapore and Thailand…better save some money from now and make passport 😉

          1. yup novia, do make your passport and on their next tour we could go to other countries to chase after them together! heh~

    2. Hi Kathleen, I’m also waiting to see Larc like you. Hope that one day we can ^^ Now the only thing I can do is saving saving and waiting for them to come back!

      1. Hi Darc Moon! Oh well yes. I guess that’s the best thing that we could do… Just be patient and save more so that if our day comes we’d be able not to just have fun but L’ove the boys even more. As the saying goes.. True Love waits. 🙂 I’ve checked your blog and it was awesome… Do you have a wordpress blog so we can follow you and your L’Arc journey?

        1. I agree with Kath, you should use wordpess too, Darc 😉

          Maybe when they come back to South East Asia, we can all watch them together 🙂

          1. Hey, I will try word press to keep in touch with you guys. I want to write about them so much ^^!
            Yes. TRUE LOVE can wait and I know that time only make us love them more ^^!

          2. Hi Kath 🙂
            I have read one of her posts…I will read her other posts soon
            Thank you for sharing the rest with me

  18. Hi there, I’m so happy to find your blog. A Laruku fan here, been a fan since Samurai X :). I was there on May 02, I came all the way from Manado, haha.

    I almost didn’t make it because my friend backed down on me (I still call him traitor until now :-). Because at that point, it looks like that I will be traveling alone, I tried to get VIP and Premium but I didn’t make it!! All VIP and premium were all sold out quickly online. I was so disappointed and gave up, kept saying to myself that it’s not meant to be :-(. on April 30 (Monday), I checked on twitter and saw that someone sold her ticket (it’s premium but ok for me) and I contacted her, somehow on April 30 night, all of a sudden I already paid 50% of the ticket, haha..

    On May 01 I bought my plane tickets, asking (or rather telling) my parents that I’m going to Jakarta. went to Jakarta on May 02 morning, and back to Manado on May 04. I also suffered from food poisoning on Monday night, and already had fever on Tuesday night but I had to hide my condition otherwise my parents would have cancelled their already reluctant permission XD. Arriving in Jakarta on Wednesday morning, I went to my friend’s house and I threw up like a pregnant woman and had high fever :-).

    Still sick, I arrived at Senayan at 15.00, looked for my (new) friend who sold me the ticket, and completely forgot about my sickness!! yeah, that’s the power of Laruku xD. Finished the concert I couldn’t sleep at all, that’s crazy. I was so excited I only had 3 hours sleeping from April 30-May 03 (from excitement and after concert effect) 😀 :D.

    Anyway, sorry for my long post, I just wanted to share my experience, hope you don’t mind. I hope Laruku does come back to Jakarta and I promise myself that I have to get VIP!!!! 😀 😀


    1. Hi Fenny 🙂
      So…I have moved your comment here so that it can be IN topic 😉

      Wow…you are from manado and what a struggle. I am glad you did everything to get here. If I was in your position I would do everything to see them too. I have been waiting for so long and it was impossible not to see them for any reason. Having friend or not was secondary…the most important thing was to see them. I was in fact separated from my friends during the concert and met again after the concert.

      Good luck getting the VIP the next time they come again 🙂
      I will fight for the VIP too.


  19. sorry for commenting here again, suddenly this morning I got a sudden acute Larc attack xD and miss them so much, so there’s nowhere better to read about their Jakarta concert other than your blog since we know each other and I know how crazy we are about Larc hahaha.

    I guess I’m gonna suffer this “kangen” attack throughout this day at the office…ahh ~_~

    1. No apology needed 🙂
      I know for sure that it won’t be easy for you to move on from their live…as it is for me 😉
      Every time I heard their songs or seen their live footage, I always get this longing nostalgia of May 2nd. Our heart and mind are totally left behind on lapangan D 😉

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