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This is the second Cillian Murphy related post, despite the fact I have pledged to write only 1 post a month when I started Monthly Murphy…but sometimes I couldn’t help to publish more posts on this most gorgeous man on earth, especially around his belated birthday.

 One of my favorite sites, The Cillian Site, is hosting a very wonderful event to celebrate Cillian’s birthday this coming May 25.

Here’s a glimpse of the event:

As you probably know, Cillian will be turning the big 3-6 on 25 May. We would like to invite all of you to participate in creating a one-of-a-kind birthday gift that will (hopefully!) be presented to Cillian in London next month. What we need from you is an email to containing the following: your favorite photo of Cillian, your favorite Cillian quote, favorite role, and something about yourself, i.e. how you became a fan and why, your country of origin, a photo of yourself if you would like, etc. These pages will be printed and bound in a beautiful book. The more the better!

Read more about it here.

I guess you have pretty much guess that it’s impossible for someone like me not to participate

So…here is what I am going to send to the editors of The Cillian Site 🙂

My favorite photo of  Cillian

This is TOO difficult!!! Gyaaaaa how can I chose one out of all those amazing photos of him??? I finally choose these three:

My favorite Cillian quote

I have shared some of my favorite quotes by Cillian when I shared his interview in Dazed and Confused. Out of all, here is my favorite one:

It’s a variety of things but generally it’s the word on the page, the script has to be interesting and exciting and the part has to be something I haven’t done before. Those things are hard to find so you have to be patient. And that’s one thing you do learn as you get older, you learn patience.


Always hang up your costume. There was an actor I worked with in the theatre a long time ago who told me that. I was young and wanted to get to the bar after the performance. What it means is it’s not all about you. There’s the costumes, the make & mash up, the stagehands, the cameraman… You’re just one cog in the wheel, so always hang up your costume.

Favorite role

Most definitely Breakfast on Pluto!! It is my turning point of liking him as a cute guy into loving him as a whole package, a very talented actor with extremely gorgeous face. He was really awesome as Patricia “Kitten” Braden.

something about yourself, i.e. how you became a fan and why, your country of origin, a photo of yourself if you would like, etc

For this part, I am only going to re-post my letter to Cillian Murphy for his 35th birthday and change it into 36

Dear Mr. Murphy

First of all, I would like to say Happy 36th Birthday.

I know that this letter of mine most likely never going to be read by you, but I think writing a letter to you on your birthday is the best way to celebrate your birthday. It has been such great journey to have known you for several years.

In my eyes, you are the most gorgeous man on earth and one of the most (few) dedicated actors I have ever known.

I should thank Christopher Nolan for introducing you to me, he was the one who had eagerly cast you as Dr. Jonathan Crane despite the fact that he had already prepared that role for someone else. You are the most beautiful villain I ever laid my eyes on. However, a big hug should be given to Daniel Boyle as he was the one who gave you that role as Jim, a super cute zombie fighter.

I know that upon reading that, you will think that I love you for your physical appearance only. But…I can guarantee you that it’s not just your physical beauty that attracts me. I admit that you have the most gorgeous blue eyes I have ever seen, along with everything else on your face that supported the gorgeousness of your eyes. But…you physical beauty is not the one that made me adore you as an actor.

I’ve said thanks to Nolan and given a big hug to Boyle, now…I give lots of kisses to Ken Loach and Neil Jordan for they are the one who had shared your real talent to me. Your portrayal as Damian O’Donovan was amazing and you made Patricia ‘Kitten’ Braden so believable. You make a more beautiful woman than I could ever be 😉 .

Your Kitten had opened my eyes to your chameleonic talent (or polyhedral actor as Rodrigo Cortez said).

You make me adore you more when I read about your down to earth personality, you prefer to keep your family out of publicity. That was a very good call. The fact that you love finding interesting new character rather than finding the biggest payment of all also plays a big role for admiring you.

Thank you for making my movie viewing days brighter than before.

Although I admire you so much, but I can assure you that I do not live in fantasy world…you will remain as my gorgeous celebrity, one I will always drool on whenever I see you in TV or Cinema, but not the one I will love above everything else in my real life.

Once again, I wish you a happy day of birth, may you continue making great movies with outstanding performances and stay away from crappy movies in many years to come. And I hope your love for the art of acting will never be corrupted by big money.


I was considering whether to send my photo or not for quite some times…I finally reach to send this photo of me with my beloved Kame, the one I keep using as my avatar and has been in my ‘about me’ page for years 🙂


Well…that’s all. I do hope the book will get to his hand and I got to see how it turns out to be in The Cillian Site.

I better start thinking what I should do for his birthday in this blog of mine 😉


  1. oh, I thought he is younger than me 🙂
    You photo is better than those three of his 🙂
    When it comes to him, I prefer the ones which show his eyes.

    1. He does have such baby face 😉
      hahaha thank you Dezz 🙂
      I like him as a whole package not only the eyes and I think those photos represent it all. The first was all him, the second was the eyes and the third was his cute profile 😉

  2. That’s actually a nice idea of them, to do that for him. And of course you would participate.
    Nice choices. I like the first photo best. the letter is great. I hope he will get it and see what a great fan he has in you. 🙂

    1. Yes it is a brilliant idea, Myriam has made the same thing for Jude Law and he liked it, I hope this one will get to Cillian like the first one reached to Law.

      Glad to hear that, I also like that first one a lot, the composition is great.

      Unlike last year, this year he might read the letter 😉

    1. I didn’t know has he read it or not. He might have stumbled upon it one day but didn’t say anything but he might never seen it. I hope this time it will get to him 🙂

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