13 Best Stephen King’s Books I Owned & SK Project 2012

Do you know this man?

Well…he is Stephen King, the only author whom all books I want to read. As I have said many times, I know he is not the best writer in the world but he sure is one of the best story teller in the world. You can read my list of SK’s books I have read and to be read in Counting Down Stephen King’s Books.

No need to explain about him because he is already damn famous 😉

This post has 2 purposes for two different blog events.

The first purpose is my first participation in a meme called Thursday Thirteen. I first found this meme in Alice Audrey’s blog. The idea is just to share 13 things every Thursday, the thing can be ANYthing. I am not going to do it every Thursday, only occasionally 😉

My first is to share 13 books by Stephen King that I considered as his best in my collection. I have around 20 books by him with 2 books missing (someone borrowed them and never returned them, I am more careful in lending books that misfortune).

Those books are (in no particular order):

  1. Skeleton Crew
  2. Different Seasons
  3. The Stand
  4. Needful Things
  5. On Writing
  6. Dreamcatcher
  7. IT
  8. Full Dark No Stars
  9. Carrie
  10. The Shining
  11. Salem’s Lot
  12. Cell
  13. Under The Dome

For Stephen King, I read over 1000 pages with pleasure (I won’t touch that thick book if it isn’t his book)

Have ever read SK books before? Or you are one of the Haters?

Move on to the second purpose, my friend Caroline @ Beauty Is A Sleeping Cat told me about about The Stephen King Project 2012 hosted by Natalie @ Coffee and a Book Chick and Katleen @ Boarding in My Forties.

Here are the rules and other things related to the project (I copy-pasted it from the host’s post with a little editing)

The Stephen King Project Overview
  1. This will run from January through December 2012
  2. Anyone can join.
  3. The Project will be hosted at The Stephen King Project review site. Participants should link their reviews to the Linky there.
  4. Audiobooks and ebooks count.
What Are the Commitment Levels?
  • A King Novice: 1 book
  • A Lil Bit of King: 3 books
  • A King to Balance It All: 6 books
  • A King Legend: 9 books
  • A King for All Seasons: 12+ books
What About the Movies?
  • Hell. YEAH. Same rules from the above apply, except…
  • You can mix and match but you should have more books than films in your end-of-year total tally.
What Should You Do Now?
  1. Write an announcement post on your blog.
  2. You don’t have to put a list of books together in your announcement post.
  3. Use one of the blog buttons below in your announcement post.
  4. Enter the link to your announcement post at The Stephen King Project Announcement Post
  5. Every time you write a review, enter the link to it for the appropriate month at the review site.
  6. At the end of each month, one participant from that month will be selected via random.org and will win a book from either Kathleen or Natalie.
  7. At the end of the year, one participant from the year will win a $50 gift card!

The gift card is really tempting…but with or without it, I will still join in as you can easily guess that I am one of SK fans 😉

I knew this project much later than it should be, thank you Caroline for telling me or otherwise I will never find it. I will include SK’s book that I have read before this announcement post.

I hope I can join A King For All Seasons or at least A King to Balance It All but my speed of reading is not that fast…the most I can read was 5 books a year. I could read more than that but that means I can’t read other books and I don’t want it, as much as I love his works, I still want to discover another author. Therefore, I will settle for A Lil Bit Of King…for Now.

Here are the books I have read, currently reading and to be read:

I know I will read more than those three 😉


  1. Good luck with your project! I am not a big King fan but have read a number of his works. I recently finished On Writing.

  2. Oh great, I’m glad the project is something you are interested in. I thought it might be fun, i haven’t even looked if there ae a lot of people paritcipating.
    my biggest problem with him is the size of his books. They are soo long.
    I read an interesting article recently about vampire literature and Salem’s Lot is mentioned as one of the importnat books of the second or third wave. Then I chekced your review but it seems you didn’t like it so much. Is it because of the vampires? I think we have the movie.
    I always liked vampire stories but then with the Twilight hype I got a bit put off. I’m more interested again. I know it’s not your thing.

    1. Thank you for telling me about it Caroline 🙂 Last year I joined the same SK project at book chick city, I havent check her blog yet but then you show me this project and this sounds more fun.

      You know, not all of his books are very thick, although when he is in the mood the book expand to over 1000pages…but what I like about him is that he doesnt linger in useless detail like that detective book I read recently. If you are scared with the thickness, you can always try his novellas like Shawshank Redemption.

      Yeah…I am not really into vampires, I dont know why. If my Green Mile book hasn’t lost in the hand of unresponsible hand, I would have put that instead of Salem’s Lot.

  3. I admit, I am not a huge SK fan. The only thing I’ve read by him are Night Shift, a collection of short stories we read in 11th grade English class, and The Green Mile. I have seen the movie based on Firestarter, and The Shawshank Redemption (based on his writing) is one of my favorite movies. Thanks for visiting me this morning!

    1. Hi Heather thank you for visiting.

      Night Shift has several great shorts, I always enjoy his shorts collection. Ah Green Mile is one of my favorites, both book and movie.

      I have seen Firestarter too but I still want to read the book.

  4. My mom is a huge Stephen King fan but I haven’t explored his works yet. I’m thinking of reading some of his novels later this year. I’ll keep this challenge in mind. Good luck! I think you will enjoy this one.

    1. Your mom and me could get along well 😉 I don’t have many friends who love King too, it doesn’t have to be as much as I do but at least someone I can talk his works with.

      If you are not into horror try starting with either Green Mile or Different Seasons or maybe his latest 11/22/63, I haven’t read it yet but I am quite sure it’s not horor because it is about whether you want to prevent JFK being killed or not if you can return to that date.

      I am a sneaky reader, only choose challenges that are not challenging at all 😉

  5. I am so totally not a big fan of horror, but there is one book he wrote that I would love to get my hands on. On Writing. I’ve run across bits and pieces of it in various places, and it sounds like it’s packed with words of wisdom.

    1. There are a lot of his books that aren’t horror, they are more like human nature thing. The latest book I have just finished is about a kidnapper. I think people mark him TOO much on his monster and ghost stories whereas he actually has many good thriller books.
      On Writing is amazing!! I love that book a lot.

  6. Hey, my comment didn’t post 😦 What I said was that this is right up your alley ;D I have read a few Kings and enjoyed them very much, (Cojo, Night Shift, Misery) although i thought the movies paled in comparison, they were still enjoyable.

    1. Maybe you haven’t log in to your avatar account…WP is making things hard for commenter nowadays 😦

      Glad to know you enjoy his works too 🙂
      Some of his movies were good but mostly his books win it all. I really want to read Misery, I have watched the movie and really like it.

      Nice to see you back here again Kelly 🙂

  7. I don’t see any of the “Dark Tower” books on your list, so let me suggest that you begin reading this series. There are seven books (with an eighth hitting the bookstores tomorrow), plus a short story or two that exists in the continuity. This epic connects a lot of his books together, in particular “Salem’s Lot,” “The Talisman” and its sequel “Black House,” “It,” and “Hearts in Atlantis.” In fact, Stephen King himself shows up as a character! This series will definitely get you hooked.

    1. Hi Jamie.
      I have read The Gunslinger few years ago but I wasn’t as impressed as everybody else. Something about the book didn’t thrilled me that much. I am still going to read the series but not yet, maybe the second book will make me like it even more. I didn’t say the book is bad but for me it’s not as exciting as his other books.

      1. Yeah, “The Gunslinger” is a bit difficult to get through because it was originally written as five separate short stories that were later combined to be one volume. Due to that, it’s rather disjointed. Also, at times it’s a bit confusing, especially regarding the Man in Black. The story really takes off with the second book, with the third being truly amazing. The fourth book is mostly a prequel, though the framing sequences advance the story. The final three books zip by leading to the finale, which is controversial to say the least.

        1. Thank you for your explanation Jamie…I can see you like it a lot, I bet you are eager to read the eight book which is said to bf released soon.

          Now I know why gunslinger isn’t THAT good. I will read the second book for sure and I do hope it will hook me up like anyone else.

      1. Well Mike…you know me 😉 I am always enthusiastic toward things/people I like. I really do wish I am a fast reader so that I can read more of his books in one month…unfortunately 5 books seemed to be my best number.
        I envy you who have discovered him longer than me.

        Thank you for the link 🙂 I enjoy reading it.
        I have seen the book in my frequent bookstore but it is still the hardcover one…very expensive!! I am still waiting for the paperback to be released…waiting impatiently.

  8. So excited that you’re joining The Project!! I recently fell in love with his works, and I actually really enjoyed ‘Salem’s Lot, but my fangirl approach became solidified with 11/22/63. LOVED that book. Loved it! I recently listened to a short audiobook (just under 3 hours) called The Breathing Method and that was outstanding!

    I finished The Tommyknockers last week (review pending) and am listening to the audiobook for The Shining, which is excellently narrated by Campbell Scott. It’s a fun year so far (albeit a tad creepy at times!). 🙂

    I can’t wait to read your reviews!

    1. I am so happy to hear that SK is gaining new fans every day 🙂
      I haven’t read 11/22/63 yet because I am still waiting for the paperback edition to be released but I have heard so much good praises on that book…I can’t wait to start reading it.

      The Breathing Method is indeed a great story…I love how he portrayed a mother’s love the way he did in that book. It was from Different Seasons, that book has amazing 4 novellas, including Shawshank.

      You seem to enjoy audiobook, I am still into conventional book 😉

      thank you for stopping by Natalie 🙂

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