Carrie and The Woman in Black – Horrific Ladies From Book to Movie

It’s been a while since I wrote movie review…I don’t know why I suddenly lost interest in writing movie review…but fortunately I gained it back today 🙂

After my baby turtle Kame-chan passed away I had no desire to see English speaking movies, I watched Japanese dorama one after another (I haven’t reviewed the other 2 I have watched…soon)…but, the spell finally broke when my friend (@wdachi) asked me to watch The Woman in Black. I am not Daniel Radcliffe fan but I long for a good horror movie. Although I still haven’t watched other English speaking movie again (except for ones by Cillian and Benedict) but the dorama phase has finally broken. I will soon watch and review another English speaking movie while still keeping track with my collection of Dorama 🙂

Today I want to share 2 movies I have watched recently…both have something in common that is both are about frightening female and both are originally from a book.

Let’s just get on to it…shall we 😉

Carrie (1976)

I wasn’t even born yet 😉

I have seen this movie ages ago but hardly remember anything about it anymore. I finally read the book on February and I really like it. Reading that book made me wanted to see the movie again. Old movies aren’t easy to come by here so I downloaded the movie (sorry) and watched it somewhere in the middle of February. I was busy and never got time to write the review but I still remember it clearly till today.

Carrie started with her being laughed as she had her first period in the school’s shower room. Their P.E teacher stopped it and helped Carrie. She was sent to her home only to be scolded by her mother. Her religion fanatic mother blamed Carrie for her period, she told her it was a sin…first the blood then the lust.

The P.E teacher threatened the girls who were laughing at Carrie with suspension. Chris, one of the girls, hated Carrie so much and swore to get her back. Meanwhile, Sue, also laughing at Carrie, felt deep regret and wanted to make up for what she had done. She asked her boyfriend to take Carrie to the prom.

I am sure you can guess what happened next. Chris and her boyfriend did their mischief while Sue and her boyfriend tried to make Carrie happy…both intertwined in a bad way and Carrie let her power loose and created hell.

I did mention that I have read the book and therefore a comparison is hard to avoid. Compared to The Shining, I like Carrie adaptation much better…it still stayed true to the book. The movie erased some amazing details from the book but it was pretty understandable considering the year it was made. The movie only showed how Carrie destroyed the school where as the book showed her destroying the whole town. I was a bit disappointed with the lack of action in the movie but then I realized how it was difficult to do back then. I heard rumour of remaking this movie…I hope the new one can create the same hell as the book.

The action might not be equal to the book but Sissy Spacek was freaking amazing!! She was awesome as Carrie. She was Carrie!! I like how she portrayed Carrie’s innocent and shy personality. And then she turned evil just by staying stiff and look at people with her big eyes…she was scary just by looking at people. Honestly, I am not sure anyone can replace Spacek as Carrie. I wonder who will become the next Carrie, whoever she is it’s going to be tough to defeat Spacek’s image as Carrie. Unfortunately for Travolta, he didn’t do well as Billy Nolan.

Director: Brian De Palma
Based on:Carrie” by Stephen King
Starring: Sissy Spacek, John Travolta, Piper Laurie
Release date: November 3, 1976

Carrie’s trailer is full of spoiler 😦

The Woman in Black (2011)

I didn’t know it’s from a book when I went to see it. I knew it after I searched it in Wikipedia, I then remembered reading a book review about it but I couldn’t remember on which blog was it. (New Update: Caroline reminds me that I read the review in her blog 😉 … go and check her review in Beauty Is A Sleeping cat)

The story is bout Arthur Kipps who went to a small village to sort out the selling of Eel Marsh House. The locals were unwelcoming but he befriended with the wealthiest man in the village. Despite the way he was treated there, Kipps continued his business because he had financial problem. He went to the house which had been abandoned and looked incredibly dirty. In that big house, he saw a silhouette of a woman wearing all black but he couldn’t find the woman anywhere.

When he returned to the village, a little girl died. The locals blamed him for her death because the people believed when someone saw the woman in black a child near that area would die afterward. Kipps was intrigued by it and tried to find out what had really happened. He stayed one night at the house and found out who the woman in black was and why she caused the death of so many children in the village.

I like the story a lot, after seeing it I wanted to find the book (it was written by Susan Hill) and feel the thrill through my own imagination…trust me, reading a horror book is much scarier than seeing it because our brain can create a far better imagination than the seeing image on the screen. The story kinda reminds me of The Ring by Suzuki Koji. They are not the same but the way the curse keeps circling is similar.

The scary atmosphere was delivered really well, I especially like the opening where the three girls walked through the window…the back sound was perfect and it gave me a chill. There were also scenes that made people gasp, the scene with the rocking chair was the best gasp of all…loving it very much. On the actor aspect…hmmm sorry to say I am still not impressed with Daniel’s acting. He is better than the first time I saw him in Harry Potter but he still hasn’t awed me yet. Maybe one day he could be great but at this time not yet.

I should tell you that western movies rarely scared me as they like to use monsters and they don’t frighten me at all. The Woman in Black came so close to scare me like Asian Horror did. Ghost is still the one that scares me more than anything in horror movies. I am now looking for the book and ready to be frightened by it 😉

Director: James Watkins
Based on: The Woman in Black by Susan Hill
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Ciarán Hinds, Janet McTeer, Sophie Stuckey, Liz White
Release date(s): 3 February 2012 (United States), 10 February 2012 (United Kingdom), March 2012 (Indonesia)

Better not watch the trailer fully because it gives all the good part away. I always avoid horror trailer till I saw the real movie.

So…have you seen these movies or read the book? Please share your thoughts about the movie/the book with me.

35 thoughts on “Carrie and The Woman in Black – Horrific Ladies From Book to Movie

  1. I know where you could have read the review. 🙂
    I reviewed The Woman in Black and The Little Hand (also by Susan Hill) and liked both but they are not as scary as that. With the exception of one scene. Maybe you can have a look at my reviews.
    I haven’t seen the movie yet but now I would like to. Carrie as well.

    1. Ah!!! thank you for reminding me…silly me, I visited your review again and I even mentioned I like The Woman more than The Little Hand judging from your review. I will change my review and put the link to your review in it.

      I haven’t visited my frequent bookstore yet but once a movie has been made and played here, the book will follow soon afterward…it would probably already available…I am so excited but I can’t buy it yet now because I am keeping my money to buy some goods from L’Arc~en~Ciel’s concert, I will definitely buy the book later.

      Thank you again for reminding me Caroline 🙂

  2. Good to see you back at reviews again…. 😉 Hopefully I’ll soon be able to rouse my lazy butt and get back to doing a few more too…)

    I liked the original “Carrie” when I first saw it and I agree that Sissy Spacek was amazing in it, she really captured the character of Carrie very well. I really remember how the dream sequence at the very end where Carrie reaches up out of the ground to grab her friend scared me silly!!

    I haven’t seen “The Woman In Black” yet, as we missed getting the chance to catch it at the theater but I’m hoping to see it next month for certain once it is released on DVD. It has a very “gothic” look in the trailers and I like those old fashioned period ghost stories so I’ll probably like it a lot I’m thinking.

    1. Yes…you should do that Miyuki 😉 your last review was weeks ago…I miss your unusual choice of movies 😉

      She was amazing, it is really to imagine anyone else as Carrie…but I remember the girl who played in Hanna, I forgot her name…she is Irish if I am not mistaken, I think she could be Carrie, I can’t think of anyone else but her. That part was not in the book but it was a good addition.

      Hope you do like it Miyuki…it does has gothic feeling to it. I love how simple the ghost is. Have you seen The Ring US version? They did too much visual effect on the little girl that ended up not scary at all, and also in Thirteen Ghosts…too much visual effect ruins a good ghost story. The Woman in Black was simple but very effective. Do review it if you have watched it 🙂

  3. Ah you and your horror flicks! As you know I don’t have the nerves for them. I mean, seeing the trailer for “The Woman In Black” alone scares me! I don’t think I could handle reading horror novels as your imagination is scarier than whatever you see on film.

    1. Ow…come on Ruth!! Horror is fun!! Being scared by ghost has an amazing sensation of fright. You should try it once in a while, Good horror movies often have great story apart from scaring people.

      You remind me that I have forgotten to put the trailer here. I shall do it now. I like The Woman in Black trailer, so dark and intriguing.

      1. Oh I have tried seeing some horror movies, I just don’t enjoy being scared, ahah. I enjoy more psychological horror that isn’t about some scary-looking demon or anything gory, so more in the vein of Sixth Sense is still ok but those don’t come by very often.

    1. My though on the movie will not be anytime soon T…imported books don’t come cheap 😉

      I want to watch the TV Movie but it is hard to find TV movie unless I download it, for now I am more interested in reading the book than watching the first adaptation. For now, I am not too eager for the sequel because it most likely be sucks, just like the amazing Ringu which followed by Ringu 2.

  4. I have never read or watched the movie Carrie. I think I should read the book first. I’m not a huge horror fan, but I am trying to broaden my horizons and maybe a scary book and movie will be perfect come this October. Thanks for the reviews.

    1. Carrie is not horror at all even though people keep saying it’s horror…it’s a thriller, a good thriller I might add. Carrie has a good writing concept where SK put insert of newspaper and interviews in between the story.

  5. Two very good movies there Novroz, I have yet to see ‘Woman in Black’ but have heard great things about it. But now I’ve discovered it’s a book I’m gonna read it first. Carrie is also a favourite of mine.

    My condolences for the loss of Kame 😦

    1. Ha!! we book lovers are the same 😉
      Once we know the book is out there we prefer to read it first before seeing it. Hope you can find it Zee.

      Thank you…it was a very tough time but I nget over it somehow.

  6. Any book by Stephen King captures my interest. I have found that as the years go by, his writing and stories have improved. I am saving his latest to read during the summer when I have the time to immerse myself in his words.

    1. Glad to meet another SK Fans 🙂
      I think so too, although I read his books not in order of their publishing time, but I can see that he writes better…tho the story tends to go up and dow, no one can be great all the time 😉

    1. It didn’t get through and it wasn’t in the spam too.
      Have you log in to your accout before you commented? WordPress new not efficient rule is forcing anyone who has a wp account to log in first.

      1. Yeah, I’ve been running into all kinds of problems with it, too, as I used to be on but now I’m on self-hosted wordpress. If you see a comment from me with a pink girl, it means I got the log in messed up again. It’s driving me nuts.

        1. I hate the new rule…it makes me difficult to switch comment from my avatar to my turtle’s avatar. I hope they change the rule soon…like you, it’s driving me nuts.

  7. Well, it looks like it’s working right now, so I’ll go ahead and say I like Carrie. I watched it for the first time many years ago, and occationally catch it on TV. The Woman in Black looks like the kind I generally avoid, and regret when I don’t. I’d say the difference has to do with the emphasis, but as I haven’t actually seen The Woman in Black, I maybe wrong.

    1. Ah…I can see you don’t like ghost 😉
      The story of both movies are totally different, one is a girl who has power while the other is a woman who hated someone so bad that she couldn’t die peacefully. I like both equally and really want to read The Woman in Black

  8. Great, insightful reviews Novia. Haven’t weither movies or read either books but I’m definitely interested now. Glad you liked both 😀

  9. I plan to watch Woman In Black, but…haven’t get around to it yet. I think I’ll wait to watch it with a group of people, so we’ll scream together 🙂 Nice that you’ve been impressed by these two horror movies. I didn’t know that both of them are from a novel. But thanks for sharing your views.

    1. Whuahaha I always laugh when hearing people scream at the cinema…fortunately no one screamed when I watched The Woman in Black 😉
      Personally, I don’t think Carrie is a horror movie, more like thrillre…but the Woman is indeed horror, I bet it is much scarier to see it at night in DVD…maybe I will do that when the DVD is already been released.

  10. Thanks for being part of The Stephen King Project! I read Carrie and saw the movie and while I thought the book was superior to the movie, I thought the movie stayed pretty true to the book. I agree that Sissy Spacek did a great job as Carrie. She was frighteningly good in the role!

    1. I agree with you Katleen…the book is superior than the movie but Spacek was awesome. The problem with the movie is the effect is not as great as how the book describe it.

      Thank you for hosting this event Katleen 🙂

  11. I’m a huge fan of Carrie – both in its book and film form. Piper Lorrie is astonishingly frightening in the film while Sissy Spacek is brilliant. I also enjoyed Woman In Black but was disappointed with the ending.

    1. Piper Lorry? from which adaptation is she?
      I have seen this one and the new one called Rage.

      ah…we have different opinion Dan 😉
      I like the woman in black’s ending…I never like happy ending in horror or thriller

    1. Hi HMM 🙂
      Thank you for the compliment. Since I have read the book…the rampage scene for me was quite okay, the book has more spectacular scenes. I could understand why the movie couldn’t make it like the book…considering it’s an old movie.

      I will take a look at your review now 😉

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