My Boss My Hero, One out of two back to back dorama by Tomoya Nagase

I can’t quite explain why…but ever since my Kame passed away, I seemed to have lost desire to watch movies or series from the western world. Maybe it is because Kame’s name came from Japanese and losing her makes me feel nostalgia with Japanese Dorama…maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with Kame at all…I really don’t know. One thing I know for sure, I don’t mind my blog being a little less crowded than before because I won’t be posting about English speaking movies for a little while, I am in the mood for Dorama right now. Will be back with English speaking movies in my own time…which I am not sure when.

It all started when my friend at work was talking about My Boss My Hero, a dorama by Nagase Tomoya  that I saw long time ago (Review dalam Bahasa Indonesia>> Disini). The next night, I had strong urge to watch that Dorama again and somehow I ended up watching another comedy Dorama by Tomoya Nagase, Mukodono. Both dorama are about a man who has two identities. In comparison, I like My Boss My Hero more than Mukodono because MBMH is much funnier and less schmaltzy compared to Mukodono.

I will review My Boss My Hero first and Mukodono SOON

My Boss My hero focuses on a man named Sakaki Makio (Nagase Tomoya), or famously known as ‘Tornado Makio’. He is a fearsome yakuza heir who is feared my others, however he is really stupid, he never graduated from junior high. Because of his inability to count, he blows up a 35 million deal with mafia from China. His father, the boss of Kantou Sharp Fang, threaten to disinherit him from being the next Boss if he doesn’t graduate from high school. Being a Yakuza Boss is his life dream, therefore a 27 year old Sakaki Makio goes back to high school as a 17 year old boy.

School life really gets on his first. He is acting all weird because he has to hide his true identity as a yakuza leader. Sakurakoji (Tegoshi Yuya), a weak and nice boy, soon becomes his friend. He starts calling Sakaki as Makky. Makio’s most loyal underling, Kazu (Tanaka Koki), is furious with Sakurakoji for calling his boss as Makky but he can’t do anything about it. When Makio’s homeroom teacher, Minami Yuriko (Yuu Kashii) asks for a student to become class leader, Makio straight away raises his hand. Being class leader teaches him so many things. School has made him learn about everything and changes his thoughtless violence into a more reasonable violence.

Although he loves playing with women (being a handsome yakuza and all) but he never falls in love before, he finds love in this school…not with teacher (as most movie about coming back to school) but with another student who is 10 years younger than him, she is Umemura Hikari (Aragaki Yui). He knows it will never work out. Complicated things starts to rise up in the last few episodes, Makio’s younger brother wants to be the next Boss too and their enemy wants to reveal his true identity.

I am going to stop here because I don’t want to spoil the fun. MBMH is a VERY FUNNY dorama, but it’s funny in Japanese way. If you are not used to Japanese style of humor, you might not think it is funny. Tomoya Nagase looks both cool and stupid. He has to keep changing from a cool yakuza leader to a silly high school student.

It’s so fun seeing how exaggerate the students are over the school’s limited pudding, how idiot Makio looks like from time to time and how silly his loyal underling who keeps trying to help him study. But…my favorite one is definitely the love story, it’s nice to see that he doesn’t falling love with a teacher (even though his homeroom teacher starts having feeling for him), you might think it’s a bit pervert for a 27 year old man to fall in love with 17 year old girl…but when you think about it carefully, Makio can have any woman he wants but he never tasted the real feeling of being in school, when he can finally loves his existence as a student it is only to be expected that he finally has a high school student spirit and heart…therefore it makes every sense for him to fall in love for the first time with his classmate. I would be extremely disappointed if he falls in love with a teacher. Umemura, after she finds out the truth, still expecting to have another chance with Makio once she fully grows up….how sweet is that!! I sort of hope they make a special edition where the two meets again.

One of my favorite scenes is when he rips off his shirt showing his tattoo…that scene is REALLY cool. Tomoya Nagase is actually a handsome man but he often acts un-handsome-ly 😉

Just like most Japanese Dorama…there is a good life value in the story. In My Boss My Hero, the value is that no matter how difficult school looks like, but strive for it because school life will give you the benefit of knowledge, friendship and love.

The member of Class 3-A, where Makio is, slowly changed by him and at the same time everyone in the school slowly changed him.

I know for sure that I will watch this dorama again in the future.

Here’s a video made by a fan

Dorama Details:

Title: マイ★ボス マイ★ヒーロー (My Boss, My Hero)
Genre: School drama, comedy
Episodes: 10
Viewership rating: 18.91
Broadcast period: 2006-Jul-08 to 2006-Sep-16
Staring: Nagase Tomoya,  Tegoshi Yuya, Tanaka Koki,  Aragaki Yui, Murakawa Eri, Yuu Kashii, Kikawada Masaya, Osugi Ren, Ichimura Masachika.
Screenwriter: Omori Mika
Producers: Kono Hidehiro, Yamamoto Yoshio, Yamauchi Akihiro , Sato Takeshi
Directors: Sato Toya, Sakuma Noriyoshi, Ishio Jun
IMDB link:


  1. I think I watched one episode of this and thought it was quite funny. Have you seen ‘Ikebukuro West Gate Park’? That drama also features Nagase Tomoya and is brilliant!

    1. Why only 1 episode?

      No, I haven’t seen Ikebukuro but I have heard many good things about it and I really want to see it. Someone even mentioned that she thought Nagase was at his best there. I am still looking for it.

        1. I also had period of not watching any dorama, but that was because I couldn’t find anything worth watching.

          No matter how many great movies or tvseries made by westerner out there, I could never stop watching dorama…they have something that other country’s tvseries don’t have.

  2. Tiap denger tentang My Boss My Hero entah kenapa selalu jadi keinget adegan ngerebutin pudding agnes di kantin sekolah. Salah satu adegan dalam dorama Jepang yg bakalan aku inget terus sepanjang masa 😀

    ngomong-ngomong soal Nagase Tomoya, udah pernah nonton Tiger and Dragon? Aku suka banget dorama itu. Lucu *meskipun lucunya agak beda sama lucunya MBMH*

    1. Hahaha iya itu adegan paling lebai yang pernah saya liat tapi tetap aja lucu banget…jadi pengen ngerasain seenak apatuh puding 😉

      Pernah denger sih,tapi belum pernah nonton 😦 …pengen nntn semua film/drama Tomoya Nagase.
      Sy baru aja dapat Unubore Deka, nanti ditonton setelah nntn Nishikido Ryo di Zenkai Girl.

      1. My first impression of My Boss My Hero was a little bit *ngg… whaaaat? Masak udah om2 gitu jadi anak SMU, wkwkwkwk. Komedinya dapet, dramanya juga daleeem. Tomoya Nagase emang gokil. Tapi karakter fav saya adalah Sakura Nantoka alias Sakurakoji. Habis, sangat2 setia jadi temennya Makky.
        Tiger and Dragon, hm… sy sukanya cuma pas Episode Specialnya (yang jadi prequel dramanya). Episode 1 dan 2 juga lumayan. Rakugounya bagus, tapi ga sabar ngeliat karakter Megumi (*emosi nontonnya). Hohoho OOT….
        Anyway, berhubung My Boss My Hero udah terbit resmi di Indonesia. Mari berburu!!! ^^

        1. Hahaha iya…pertama kali beli DVD…ehem bajakannya…sy juga mikir gitu…tapi karena om-omnya itu jadi yakin deh pasti lucu nih.

          Belum nntn Dragon and tiger 😦 ini baru punya dorama Nagase yang baru…ntar ditntn pas ada waktu 🙂
          Ayo kita berburu!! tapi setelah beli Sherlock ya 😉

  3. saya tuh paling terharu waktu dia nyuruh adiknya(pengikut setianya)sekolah juga..ah mb,mang bagus dueh dorama itu..prasaan dorama sekonyol apapun pasti ada momen yg bikin the way kalo ingat kame jd inget kazuya kamenashi ya?sm2 unyuu

    1. Hahaha iya bgt!!! semua dorama pasti ada bagian yang bikin terharunya.

      Dulu pernah ada yang nanaya loh, ngasih namaKame karena suka Kamenashi ya? hehehe emang sih sy suka liat dia tapi ga sampe sesuka itu untuk jadi nama peliharaan…drpd Kamenashi sy lebih suka Ryo-chan…dia unyuuuu banget deh

  4. I haven’t heard of this, but it sounds pretty humorous to me. Maybe after I get out of my Brit Com phase I’ll see if I can track it down. I hope all is well.

    1. I can’t guarantee you will like it as much as I do 😉
      …but my friend and I agree that the comedy in Japanese series is similar with Brit sitcom, it is just our opinion which hasn’t been proved by others yet.

  5. It would probabaly not be easy for me to track this down.
    We go through phases like this in which we are less atracted by thing we liked more before. No use to try to “watch for your visistors” , you need to watch waht you want to watch. 🙂

    1. It’s also not an easy thing to find dorama here in my country despite the fact that there are so many dorama fans here. The DVD supplier still trust American tvseries above all. I have to either buy pirate DVD or download it from internet.

      You are so right!! I used to love action and Hollywood blockbuster, but now I enjoy the Brit ones more. As for dorama, it is always one of my fav watch.

      Thank you for that nice words and for always reading what I wrote here Caroline ((hug)).
      I almost finish my third dorama and I haven’t publised Mukodono yet 😉 I am on fire with these dorama.

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