Happy 4th Gotcha Day Kroten

Today, 4 years ago, she looked at me and I fell in love with her. She taught me that turtles have different personalities. My dear Kroten taught me to love something unconditionally.

Dear Kroten,
Thank you for looking at me right in the eyes four years ago
You have made me fell in love with you

But…Dear Kroten,
You were so distant back there
Sorry for not loving you enough

Dear Kroten,
I have learned to love you despite of your distrust
After all you are who you are

Dear Kroten,
Thank you for finally trusting me
Thank you for loving me in your own way

Dear Kroten,
You have been with me for four years now
Please stay for many years to come
Never leave me so suddenly!!
Promise me!!

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You can see her own post to celebrate her 4th Gotcha Day in Kame & Kroten’s Blog (I will soon change the name)

As celebration for Kroten’s 4th Gotcha Day, I looked through all her photos and came up with this top 5 Kroten’s expression over the year (excluding cute expression πŸ˜‰ )

#5 Being Curious

Kroten saw a dot on the wall and she was looking at in intensely wondering whether it was edible or not. I love seeing her curious face over something edible or not.

#4 Being Shy

From time to time, Kroten still shows her shyness and distrust over human. This photo was one of those times.

#3 Being Melancholy

She does this so often. I couldn’t help thinking that she was thinking about something dilemma-tic.

#2 Being Annoyed

This β€˜Don’t take my picture anymore’ expression of hers cracks me every time I see this photo.

#1 Being Innocent

This is what she does best!! Looking as if she doesn’t do anything wrong. I asked her what she was doing on my keyboard and she gave me that β€˜I didn’t do anything’ expression.

As you all know, I lost my other turtle last week…It was such a hard time for me. I am grateful nothing happened to Kroten. I love my pets too much. Thank you for staying, Kroten πŸ™‚

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