Good Bye Kame…We Will Miss You With All Our Heart

Life can sometimes be unfair…but all living things must eventually died.

For years I couldn’t bear the thought of losing my loved ones…but I kept losing one after another in such close period. First my mom, now my baby turtle, Kame, that I love so very much…even more than Kroten. I wished I know what had happened but there was no clear signs.

Today, I found my sweet sweet Kamechan lying unmoving on the bottom of her tank. As always, I came to their tank the minute I arrived at home.I found Kroten welcoming me but Kame still laid in the tank. I took both out and Kame was not moving at all.

I couldn’t contain my tears…why? why? I asked everyone and no one seemed to have  the answer.

I love her too much like my own child. Ow God, why did you take her away from me so soon? She was supposed to live for 30 years.

She wasn’t as cheerful as her usual  self ever since we moved to our new house…but she still ate a lot. So…what went wrong?

I just hope whatever the cause was will not affect my other turtle, Kroten. I can’t bear losing them both.

All that is left now is to let her go with open heart. Thank you my sweet Kamechan for this wonderful and unforgettable 5 year.You have been the light of my life.

I will remember you and  love you….always!!!!! I hug you for the last time and will never see your adorable face again starting tomorrow.

Sayounara Kamechan

Kroten’s post and more photo is here.

I am a bad mommy as I realized what had happened.


  1. Oh no…I am so sorry!!! I know your heart is broken and I wish I was there in person to give you a hug. Please feel the love coming across the miles. I am so very sorry for your loss.

    1. Thank you Beth.
      I would have prepared my heart better if I knew she was sick…but it came so suddenly…that is the thing that hurts the most. My heart was not ready.


    I am so deeply sorry 😦

    I don’t even have the words to tell you how sorry that I am. I first got to know you through Kame and my heart is breaking for you. Kame helped me to learn about and love turtles. I know how much you loved Kame and my heart is breaking for you. If there is any way that I can help, please email me cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

    1. Yes it is Gnoe…I am still trying to hang on with the loss of my mom and now Kame had to go too 😦

      No, the one with the fungi is Kroten. Kame is the sweetest out of two.

      Thank you Gnoe.

  3. First your dear mother and now Kame…. it’s not fair that you should have to bear so much grief, Novia. 😦

    I can only imagine how much it must hurt at this moment. When my lil’ kitty Goober died, I felt like someone ripped my heart right out of my chest. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t stop crying, and I was so angry at everything and everybody for days. Please don’t let that happen to you…. and I hope Kroten will be Ok too. Crossing my fingers that she doesn’t have something that will make her sick too.

    Know only that I wish I was there with you to give you a big hug and somehow make it better, dear friend.

    1. Thank you Miyuki. It is the saddest thing to bury 2 of my love ones within 3months. I know that She is just a turtle but the pain of lossing her is same when I loss my mom.

      I am still crying now. I have just buried her on the small land next to my house. I am not going to be angry at anyone…but how did you finally get over the grief Miyuki?

      1. I am glad she has a resting place so close to you so you can still visit her now and then. It is nice to be able to do that. I plan to visit my kitty Goober again once the snow melts away here and maybe plant some catnip near his grave.

        The pain for this kind of loss never quite goes away but as time passes you remember only the good times and not the sadness so much. I like to think that now your Mother will have Kame to keep her company with her cute antics until the three of you are together again.

        1. Did you get Ting Ting right after Gobber died?
          I am not sure how much it will help, but I am planning to get another turtle to at least lessen the pain. I know the one won’t be the second Kame but maybe he/she can fill the hole in my heart a bit.

          I also think the same Miyuki 🙂 My mom and Kame are together now. Mama was the one who always took good care of Kame when I wasn’t around.

          1. No, actually Carolyn got Ting-Ting for us for my birthday months later. I had been feeling really miserable about losing Goober and hadn’t planned on ever getting another cat especially after the way my lil’ Goober died, but Carolyn thought I needed another kitty to help me move on.

            It didn’t make the hurt stop…. but I’ve come to love Ting-Ting too as her own self, she’s different from Goober and definitely her own cat personality wise. Carolyn was right that I’ve too much love for pets not to have one to share that love with. I suspect that your heart is also too filled with love too not to have another pet to give it to.

            I know you will come to love a new turtle because you are a special person so full of gentle love for them…. but you will always remember the wonderful years you had with Kame.

          2. How did Gobber die??

            I have shared my guess of why Kame died…I know I have to learn to forgive myself for what had happened…but it’s hard thing to learn.

            You are so right, which also mean Carolyn was right, your heart and mine are same…we have so much love for pets. I have just got a new turtle yesterday (I will introduce him soon), he helps a little to lighten the weight of my pain but he is not Kame and Kame will always have special place in my heart forever and ever.

            Thank you for taking your time to be here with me, Miyuki. It means a lot to me *big hug*

        1. No need Dezz. When I finally got my head cleared, I figured out what had happened. It was my fault. My stupidity killed my baby. After my heart becomes stronger than now, I will write it up 😦

  4. I hope she’ll be ok up there..where so many turtles await for her. smile, my teacher. Its ok to let her go. besides, Kroten doesnt want to see you crying a lot..

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how much you loved Kame and it must be very difficult for you right now. After losing someone so important to you, probably the only thing that will lessen your grief is the passage of time.

    1. Thank you Peter.
      Losing two most important loved ones really hurt. You are right, only time can heal it. It’s the 2nd day after she died, I feel a bit better tho my heart still ache.

  6. Novia, I’m actually crying. I am so shocked. I can not even imagine what it must feel like for you. This is incredibly sad and I’m sorry I didn’t see it yesterday. You have to be very strong. Oh this is so sad. What happened?

    1. Thank you for feeling sad about Kame, Caroline.
      I feel terrible. Yesterday, I went to work and everytime I was alone, tears start falling down. Only when students were around I could forget the pain.

      Typing this makes me shed tears again. And I think it was my fault that killed her…and that makes me sadder…I am a bad mommy and I hate myself right now.

      1. I understand how you could feel like that but its not true and I’m sure Kame knows that too. By the way I’m sure she lies in your mothers lap right now.

        Hope you are coping alright and that Kroten isn’t showing any similar symptoms.

        1. No…Joel, it was my fault completely. I will share it soon…my stupidity…I should have known.

          I am trying to cope with it…I know all I can do now is letting go and let my mom taking care of her now, like you said, she is on my mom’s lap now

      2. I’m very sorry to hear you think you caused her death. That must be very hard to live with, if it’s the case. But you know, there is only so much we can do, we make mistakes, it’s only human. We always blame ourselves when something happens to an animal or a child who is in our care. Don’t be too hard on yourself, please. You love them so much, you only ever wanted the best. Whatever it was, I’m sure it wasn’t really your fault.

        1. I know you have read what had happened. I am trying to forgive my self little by little.

          Thank you for all the comforting words, Caroline. You guys really give me strength and I really need it. I can endure all kind of pain except this kind of pain, the pain of losing the ones I love *hug*

  7. mbak ikut sedih banget..padahal di foto terakhir gak terlihat sakit..yang tabah mb nov..selama hdupnya kame dah hidup dlm cinta yg diberikan mb nov,pastinya itu memberinya prjalanan yg strong mb sure she is happy and grateful to have you..

  8. Turut berduka cita,nov. Q jg bru sj khlgn,msh srg nangis. N q ikt nangis bca ttg kame. Q jg dh jth cnta ma kame n krten. Yg sbr y nov…

  9. Oh my gosh Novroz, hugs.
    I really have no words. With you and your blogs, I feel like I have known Kame too. She was such a darling, always up to something. I cannot tell you the feeling I got when I saw the post in my inbox.
    Novroz, I know there is nothing that can make up for this loss. But take care of yourself… and of Kroten. Her memories will always be by your side darling.

    1. Thank you Debo.
      I am so happy I made that blog. Knowing Kame was loved by many really brigthen my heart.

      I still need to control myself to stop crying when I am alone…but I am sure time will change that. I am going to buy another turtle but I know for sure there will be no other turtle like her in this world.

  10. So sorry to hear this 😦 i found your blog because i started to had a RES few weeks ago. Just few month before i lost my cat because two dogs literally chew him to death.

    Its unbearable, because everyone love my cat even neighbor that he visit a lot. He never steal, just very happy chubby cat that could feel anyone sadness or grief. He follow me everywhere i go, then i move to Jakarta and few weeks later it happens…. i can not forgive my self for not being there…

    I cried for you and my our pets… its not easy to loose a pet because they’re in our heart and its just hard to let them go 😦

    I pick turtle because at least i could made sure no dogs will chew it as its on their tank!

    1. Hi Fika…thank you for sharing your story with me. What happened to your cat was really sad, I can imagine how terrible you must feel.

      This is my first time losing a pet and God knows how it hurts. I wish I can get over it soon but we will never know how long it will heal.

      Hope your turtle live longer than my Kame.

  11. I’m so sorry Novia! I was just on Kame & Kroten’s blog a few days ago reassuring Kame that he would soon settle into his new home and get a tank to his own very soon 😦

    I know you loved him so very much and through your blog, I came to look forward to reading about his and Kroten’s adventures. I wish you the best Novia and my thoughts are with you.

    1. Thank you Castor.
      Yes I do love her so much, my pets are a part of me more than anyone can imagine. Losing one of them is like losing a part of my heart. Kame brought a piece of my heart with her…a piece that can never be replaced by any pets I will have in the future.

      Thank you for thinking of her Cas…that really means a lot.

  12. Very very sorry to hear about Kamechan Nov. My wife and I have two dogs and could not bare the though of being without them. I feel for your situation and your loss. I hope you feel better but at the very least you had 5 great years. All the best, and give Kroten a huge hug:)

    1. Thank you for your comforting words, Marc.
      I hope you and your wife will never experience what had happened to me. Having a sudden death like what happened to Kame was so painful, my heart wasn’t ready yet.

      I will hug Kroten for you *hug*

    1. Thank you Andina *hug*
      I have written what I think had happened in their blog because I am not strong enough to repeat the story all over again.

  13. Oh my goodness!! I’m so sorry to hear this, Nov, please accept my belated condolences. Losing a pet is no small matter so I feel for you. Must be hard to say good bye. When I lost my pet dog Floppy when I was a young girl, I was in mourning for weeks! I hope Kroten will live a long, happy lives. My heart goes out to you, my friend.

    1. Thank you Ruth…it had been a rough and sad weekend for me. I love my turtles a lot and losing them,eve just one of them, is like losing a child. the pain is too hard to bare…but I have get over the grieve and now holding on to my faith. I still have Kroten to love and a new turtle I adopted to fill the hole in my heart that Kame created when she left.

      You comforting words means a lot Ruth, thank you *hug*

  14. Novia, I relayed my condolences to you earlier, but as I read through all of these comments, 2 emotions come to heart: sadness over your loss and joy over the outpouring love showered upon you by so many readers, friends, and followers.

    you truly are special and so is Kame and Kroton! Hugs*

    1. Thank you for saying that T *HUG*

      I am blessed with so many great friends. Eventhough we never actually met face to face, but they all concern about my loss. I could get over my grieve because of them. I blamed myself for her death but everyone cheered me and asked me to stop doing that.

      You are also one of my great friends, T. thank you.

  15. OMG, I am so very sorry and heartbroken. I cannot stop crying. I know how much Kame meant to you and she was such a special girl. All my deepest sympathies to you, Novia. Kame was indeed lucky to have you.

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