WCS #4: A Look Into Ireland (Then and Now) Through Cillian’s movies

World Cinema Series is a movie challenge hosted by Caroline of Beauty is a Sleeping Cat.

The idea is to watch as many movies by countries across the world, not only Hollywood (but I will also include one Hollywood movie that I found very interesting).

My first country was Sweden, my second was Japan and my third was England.

You can read more reviews in Carolines’s Page.

Fourth Country: Ireland

When it comes to Ireland, it’s quite impossible to choose a movie not by my number one favorite actor, Mr. Cillian Murphy…Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

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At first, I wanted to share about Sunburn, a movie by Cillian that I have seen but haven’t reviewed yet…but instead of re-watching Sunburn, I ended up doing a back to back movie viewing of his other movies, The Wind That Shakes The Barley and Perrier’s Bounty. Seeing the two movies one after another made me want to write this post. This will represent both my World Cinema Series and Monthly Murphy.

Last week, I was craving for any Cillian Murphy’s movie to watch. Cillian Murphy has turned into my second addiction. My first addiction is L’Arc~en~Ciel, it’s impossible to go through more than 2 months without seeing their Live DVD, and now it is also impossible to go through more than 2 months without seeing Cillian’s movie…yes, I am that kind of addicted person!! Last week I decided to rewatch The Wind That Shakes The Barley. I didn’t plan to watch 2 movies but for no reason at all I played Perrier’s Bounty after The Barley…and I saw how different Ireland then and now.

I know movies DO NOT represent the real country 100%, however they still show us a glimpse of what reality look like in that country…just a glimpse but enough to write this comparison.

In The Wind That Shakes The Barley, Cillian played as Damien O’Donovan, a young doctor who had a changed of heart when seeing how British Army treating his fellow Irishmen. He changed his destiny from being a doctor in England to be a member of IRA. Damien gave everything to free Ireland from Britain, which included killing a boy he knew so well because the boy had told their position to British army. But what he fought for soon turned to a condition where he had to be on the other side of his brother, Ireland was divided into two groups.

Full review of The Wind That Shakes The Barley can be found here

In Perrier’s Bounty, Cillian played as Michael McCrea, a man who had no clear job and debt that was almost overdue. He had to pay the debt in anyway possible and spent time with his father who believed that he was dying because an angel of death told him so.

Full review of Perrier’s Bounty can be found here

Damien and Michael

Through Damien and Michael’s characters, we can see that the young men of 1920 and 2010 are so different. Damien fought for his country, and I believe so did most of young men who lived at that time, while Michael only fought for his own safety, and I am sure that not all young men in Ireland are doing so. But…if Damien could see what Michael did, I bet Damien would feel sad that the country he had fought for is wasted to a man like Michael.

In The Barley, the Irish were shooting the Brits as a way to free their country so that the people can be freed of colonialism while in Perrier’s Bounty the Irish were shooting another Irish because of money, silly revenge and their own personal interest. Isn’t it Ironic?

In The Barley, the young people showed respect toward the elder but in Perrier’s respect had lost its meaning.

I know that Perrier’s Bounty DO NOT represent all around nowadays Ireland but it might represent a small group of Irish and if such small group exist, I feel sorry for the men who had given up their life for Ireland like the men in The Barley. The feeling is alike to what I feel when seeing corrupt politician and wasted young people in my country, have they no respect toward the heroes who had fought the Dutch?

Cillian and Padreic

Cinematically, The Barley, although only an Independent movie, is far more superior to Perrier’s Bounty. The Barley could win anyone’s heart in just one viewing, the story and the characters were flawless while Perrier’s is nothing but a fun gangster movie that has no originality. Although some of the actors are same but The barley made them performed their best act. The same actors are Cillian Murphy, Liam Cunningham and Padraic Delaney.

Between these two movies…watch the Wind That Shakes The Barley, it worth every second of your time. Watch Perrier’s only if you are a fan of Cillian or gangster movie 😉

My Introduction post and Movies I will watch and had watched can be found here.


Although this is my World Cinema Series post but it is also my Monthly Murphy post, therefore I have to share bits of news on this super gorgeous Irishman. There isn’t much news on Cillian lately.

First News:

Red Lights, his movie with DeNiro, Weaver and Olsen had been showed in Sundance Film Festival. The movie was dubbed into Spanish….gyaaaaa that is terrible, how could they Cillian without his sexy voice?
I am dying to see it but not sure when it will get here.

Second News:
Congratulation Mr. Murphy \(^^)/

Irish Times Theatre Awards has nominated for the best actor in theatrical performance for his play as Thomas Magill in Misterman. It was a one man show. I would love to see it. He was praise for his amazing performance, I made a special post (here) about it last year. I hope you win it Cillian 🙂

Misterman is nominated for these categories:

  • Best Production
    Misterman Written and directed by Enda Walsh, produced by Landmark Productions and Galway Arts Festival
  • Best Actor
    Cillian Murphy As Thomas Magill in Misterman , written and directed by Enda Walsh, produced by Landmark Productions and Galway Arts Festival
  • Best Designer: Set
    Jamie Vartan For Misterman , written and directed by Enda Walsh, produced by Landmark and Galway Arts Festival

36 Comments Add yours

  1. Castor says:

    I have yet to see The Wind that Shakes the Barley even though I’ve had it for a couple years now lol. Congrats to Cillian for his Best Actor nomination at the Irish Times Theatre Awards.

    1. Novroz says:

      You should watch it Cas 😉
      It is one of the best movies by Cillian. Solid performance and great story. You will not see extraordinary effect of war but the feeling is very deep.

  2. DEZMOND says:

    BARLEY was an amazing film, it won the main award at the film festival in my city too!

    1. Novroz says:

      Yup…it is amazing!! One of my favorite war movies.

  3. Caroline says:

    I haven’t seen Perrier’s Bounty but I think you know what I think of The Wind that Shakes the Barley. It’s an absolutely outstanding movie. It’s been a yera since I’ve seen it, maybe even more but I still remember it as if it hasn’t been yesterday. I can’t sa how much Perrier’s Bounty says about today’s Ireland. But I’m sure it has changed a lot. It’s been a long time since I was in Irealnd.

    1. Novroz says:

      I know how much you like The Barley…It is everything you have just said.
      It’s a war movie with no brutality and a lot of heart.

      Perrier’s Bounty is fun but you’re not missing much if you still haven’t seen it yet.

      You’ve been to Ireland? Which County?

      1. Caroline says:

        I was very briefly in Belfast, a few days in Dublin and a bit over a week in Limerick. I wanted to go to Cork and Kerri but we ran out of time.

        1. Novroz says:

          you should go to Cork the next time you go to Ireland and report it to me 😉
          Maybe you’ll meet Cillian there while he is visiting his parents.

  4. rtm says:

    I still haven’t seen these two films but thanks for the reminder, Nov. Woo hoo, congrats Cillian for winning the Irish Times Theater Award, I’m sure it was well-deserved!

    Btw, look for my review of In Time tomorrow which obviously mentions your beloved Cillian 🙂

    1. Novroz says:

      You have to see The Barley Ruth…it’s really really good!! It reminds us of Gerilya war.

      He hasn’t win it yet, he was nominated. I don’t know when the winners will be announced. Misterman will soon be played in London, I wish I could go there.

      Ah…In Time, a movie I don’t like but Cilli looks soooo hot. I have downloaded the movie and will all the scenes into Only Cillian 😉
      Looking forward to reading your review, Ruth.

  5. Scott Lawlor says:

    I really enjoyed Perrier’s Bounty. An enjoyable film indeed.

    I love that you have tied in two running features together Novia. Very clever!!


    1. Novroz says:

      I agree…it’s fun to see Perrier’s. Not the best movie but still fun.

      Thank you Scott. I am going to do another pairing next month 🙂

  6. TBM says:

    I haven’t seen either but The Wind That Shakes The Barley sounds fantastic. I’ll have to check it out!

    1. Novroz says:

      ow yes…The Barley is fantastic. It’s an independent movie but very well done.
      I don’t think anyone who have seen it would say it’s a bad movie.

  7. I haven’t seen Perrier’s Bounty so I don’t know whether it’s a true reflection of Ireland or not. Having said that, as it’s about a guy who owes money, unfortunately I think most of Ireland can identify with that as a lot of us are in debt! Ireland has changed a lot over the last 20 years in particular, I guess like a lot of places…

    1. Novroz says:

      Thank you for sharing your thought Olive 🙂

      You are right, my country also have a lot of changes these past 20 years…just like Ireland. And to compare it with the war era is like miles apart.

    2. Ronan says:

      Not so much the Celtic Tiger as the Celtic kitten.

      1. Novroz says:

        Celtic Tiger and Kitten?

      1. sundryandco says:

        Oh dear, I pressed “post comment” by mistake! Stupid iPod!

        Ireland has certainly changed a lot, even over the past twenty years. The Celtic Tiger came and went, and in the context of the past century, the Tiger was like a little blip of economic improvement, before a return to…shall we say…..a less healthy economy!

        Socially, culturally and politically there have been a lot of changes too. Even the landscape change in the late 90s and earlier 2000s – houses were being built everywhere! Now there are are a lot of what we call Ghost Estates.

        As for the last couple of years? A positive change is that we have returned to a slower and more sensible pace of life in one sense.

        1. Novroz says:

          Thank you so much for sharing this info, Roisin… I really appreciate it.

          Does Ghost Estates mean houses with no tennant?

          1. sundryandco says:

            That’s exactly what it means 🙂

  8. Dan says:

    I recently saw The Guard – one of the best Irish films I’ve ever seen!

    1. Ronan says:

      Haven’t seen the Guard, everyone keeps raving about it. Then again, everyone raved about In Bruges and I wasn’t crazy about that.

    2. sundryandco says:

      The Guard is hilarious…and a fairly accurate depiction! Can’t wait to see Gleeson’s “sequel”, which I read about recently.

      1. Novroz says:

        Hilarious? I really should find the movie then!

        The last Irish movie (non-Cillian) that I have seen was Ondine and it wasn’t that good

        1. sundryandco says:

          I didn’t watch Ondine because it looked terrible. I couldn’t listen to his version of the Cork accent. I think he watched Darby O’Gill one too many times!

          I can’t guarantee that you will find The Guard funny, as I’m not sure that the humour travels well outside of Ireland. Actually, that would be a cool experiment – if we swapped recommendations of funny films, particularly ones from our countries, to see if the taste in comedy overlaps somewhat!

          1. Novroz says:

            I find Intermission funny, so I might think the same toward The guard 😉

            Too bad I can’t recommend you any Indonesian movies because I am not sure you can find it in your country…plus the English translation might not lift up to the real sentence.

          2. sundryandco says:

            If you liked Intermission, then I think you would enjoy parts of The Guard. Gleeson is such a superb actor.

    3. Novroz says:

      I haven’t seen The Guard yet, will do if I can find it. So far the best Irish movie for me is Breakfast on Pluto.

  9. Ronan says:

    I was trying to be clever. Didn’t work 🙂 Here’s the link http://filmplicity.com/2011/03/his-and-hers-friday-11th-march/

    1. Novroz says:

      I remember reading the first review and wanting to see it, but it is very difficult to find.

      I was hoping you could share a bit about Ireland in war era and nowadays Ireland just like these 2 movies 😉

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