Cillian Murphy’s Filmography + Red Lights Trailer

It’s 2012!!! That only means 1 thing; I am now entering my third year as Cillianiac. I bet you didn’t know that I started becoming his fan since 2010, which is only 2 years ago. Within 2 years, I have adored this man more than any actors alive or dead. He is not the best of all but he certainly is one of the best.

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Starting this month, January 2012, I am going to spend a bit more time for my Monthly Murphy post, which is for creating special banner like you see above. It’s going to be some kind of signature for this monthly post (apart from the button/icon).

Last year, I made a list of all books by Stephen King, who is my fourth obsession, and then I realized that I haven’t written the same list for my second obsession (I have written my top-5 obsession> here). I have made top-5 movies by Cillian Murphy (both in acting and movie’s storyline) but I do believe that I need to write this list of movies I have to watch, I am literally going to watch his ENTIRE movie even though he is only a cameo.

Shall we begin 😉

Red meanings I haven’t seen it.


  • The Tale of Sweety Barrett  (Pat the Barman)

I haven’t seen this and not sure if I ever going to find it 😦


  • Sunburn (Davin McDerby )

Review will be posted somewhere this year 🙂

  • The Trench (Rag Rockwood)

I haven’t seen this and not sure if I ever going to find it 😦


  • On the Edge (Jonathan Breech) Reviewed

I like the idea of this story but it isn’t my favorite, although Cillian looks at his best look.
Story   Acting

  • How Harry Became a Tree (Gus)

I have been trying to find it since 2 years ago and no luck 😦

  • Disco Pigs (Darren/”Pig” ) Reviewed

Cillian’s performance was amazing. His made-up accent was incomprehensible and yet interesting. It’s a bizarre love story.
Rating: Story:   Acting: 


  • 28 Days Later (Jim )

One of the best thriller movies I have ever seen. A non-typical zombie movie that never makes me tired of seeing it. I need to write my review one day 😉
Story:  Acting:


  • Zonad (Guy Hendrickson)

It was unreleased 😦

A fun and entertaining movie with great soundtracks.
Story:  Acting:

  • Girl with a Pearl Earring (Pieter) Reviewed

A story based on book but it was terribly boring!! I would have turned it off if Cillian was not in it, but I did do a lot of fast-forwarding 😉
Story:   Acting:

  • Cold Mountain (Bardolph)

I haven’t watched yet but will do, one day.


  • Batman Begins (Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow )

My Cillian first sight. I am not that keen to superheroes movies but for Batman I often make an exception…and Thank God for that, I discover Cillian.
Story:  Acting:

The story is actually really good but the ending blows it off the wall. Brilliant performances by both actors.
Story:  Acting:

  • Breakfast on Pluto  (Patrick “Kitten” Braden ) Reviewed

My most favorite movie by Cillian, it never makes me tired of seeing it. I have re-watched it so often, in fact too often. This movie is the one that converted me into Cillianiac. He mesmerized me like no actor ever has.
Story:  Acting:


  • The Wind That Shakes the Barley (Damien O’Donovan ) Reviewed

Another favorite of mine. A simple war story with lots of emotion involved and brilliant performance.
Story:  Acting:


Cillian Murphy as a smart man and a different ending compared to Hollywood save-the-earth movies, I don’t need to ask more.
Story:  Acting:

Too bad this one went straight to DVD. I quite like the story and Cillian is capable of being funny too
Story:  Acting:


  • The Dark Knight (Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow) Cameo

Not much to tell here. Cillian is only a cameo for less than 2 minutes

  • The Edge of Love (William Killick )

Not actually my kind of story…but Cillian is gorgeous in this movie. I will review it soon

  • Waveriders  (Narrator) Documentary

I would love to see this just to hear his sexy voice 😉


  • Perrier’s Bounty (Michael McCrea) Reviewed

At first, I though the movie was okay…but after second viewing I like it much better than the first viewing. It’s a fun Irish gangster movie.
Story:  Acting:


AMAZING performance by Cillian Murphy, one of my all time favorite. Being a shy guy and a woman at the same time sure isn’t easy. But the movie is too slow, I need second viewing to enjoy it more.
Story:  Acting:

  • Hippie Hippie Shake (Richard Neville)

Where can I find this???? Help anyone!!!

One of the best Sci-fi Movies I have ever seen and Cillian got to choose his character because Nolan asked him to choose whoever he wanted to be 🙂
I will do another review after I buy the DVD.
Story:  Acting:

  • Tron: Legacy (Edward Dillinger, Jr.)

It’s an okay movie. Cillian only appears around 2 minutes


An independent movie with unpredictable ending…I love it! Too bad Cillian’s character is not a strong character.
Story:  Acting

  • In Time  (Timekeeper Raymond Leon ) Reviewed

I knew I will not like the movie since the first time I read the synopsis…but Cillian is one sexy bad-ass.
Story:  Acting:

The Upcomings:


  • Red Lights as Tom Buckley
  • The Dark Knight Rises as  Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow
  • Wayfaring Strangers as Young John Lester


  • Broken

Red Lights latest trailer!

I REALLY REALLY want to see this!!!!

I didn’t expect to see his name ahead Sigourney and DeNiro…Horay Cillian!!


  1. You know, I’ve seen HOW HARRY BECAME A TREE a few days ago again on one of European film channels (TV 10000), and remembered you 🙂 As you know the film was directed by Serbia’s Goran Paskaljevic. Cillian was very young in it.

    1. Me too!!! I think it is one of the best saving the earth movies. Although the slasher thingy is a bit off but I still like it.

      Hahaha I recognize him anytime in any costume or make up or appearance 😉

      Thank you for stopping by James and Dennis :)s

  2. Woo hoo, 3rd year of your Cillianiac, congrats 😀 I should find a name for my GP obsession, but then again perhaps not, ahah. Nice banner Nov and I applaud you for your dedication to Cillian, I am planning to do the same w/ GP as his birthday is coming up in April.

    1. Hehehe that Cillianiac name was given by my students as I talked about Cillian too much. He (my student) should patent that nick name for me 😉

      I think you can be called as Peckian like Sherlockian 😉 (maksa banget ya?)
      Thank you Ruth…maybe one day Cillian can see these special dedications for him,all I want in return is for him to keep acting at his best and keep choosing non-crappy movies.

      Aha…I will see what you have in store for Peck.

  3. Out of what you haven’t seen, I’ve only seen Cold Mountain. And, as I told you before, it is a really great film.

    Love this tribute, nice work. And I can appreciate your dedication to the one and only CM, especially seeing as I love SJ! 🙂

    1. I know!!! I really want to see Cold Mountain…Not only because of Cillian but because I have heard nothing but good things about that movie,and also the book.

      Hahaha *high five*

  4. I actually have got The Trench but can hardly remember it. It’s available on amazon co uk very cheap.
    I think you have seen th ebest of his movies so far. I’m pretty sure those you haven’t seen are those in which he has just a very small role.

  5. Wow Novia, I was wondering why there was no update on your blog because the first post looked the same for the past two weeks!!!!!! Until I scrolled down… Ahahaah oups!

    Red Lights looks intriguing although those supernatural movies are always a crapshoot. Hope it’s good 😀

    1. Hahaha…I did write that post is a sticky, newer posts are below 😉
      Maybe I should use bigger font.

      Supernatural movies is like a gambling,it could be really good or really bad…I hope it would be really good…if not, at least I got to see Cillian 😉 good thing about having favorite actor is when the movie sucks.

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