I Got The TIcket and Otanjoubi Haido-Sama

~(*.*~) (~*.*)~ ~(*.*~) (~*.*)~

I have posted about the upcoming concert of my most favorite band in the whole wide world few days ago, but that post was merely a shout out. Now, I want to share the story when I heard about it and when I finally got the ticket.

I like to call this as the beginning of a series of diaries in which I will share about waiting for the concert to start 🙂

In January 26, 2012, I was not working on Thursday and I dedicated that day to do house chores. I started my day with shopping for that day’s meal. And then I began ironing a mountain of clothes. I finished ironing around 10. Lunch time was drawing nigh so I had to start cooking or my father and I won’t have anything to eat. I cooked my first meal and getting ready to cook the second meal when my friend, Ajeng, texted me saying that ‘it’s official!!

I knew exactly what she was referring to!

After that text, I couldn’t concentrate with my cooking anymore. I shed tears of happiness, my hand was trembling and I walked around the house without knowing what to do. It was like living in a dream. My friend was also crying and she was in public transportation hoping that people wouldn’t notice her.

I used to say ‘why the hell did they cry seeing Michael Jackson Live?’ I understand their feeling after I love this band….and only by knowing they will perform, the news had made me cry. You can bet all your money that I will cry in the concert…no question about it. The 10 years waiting is about to pay off 🙂

The ticket was going to be on sale in January 28, 2012 … announced Marygops Studio

This is me and Nina>>

Nina is my best friend and my ‘partner in crime’. She had been a fan as long as I am, in fact, we know each other because we are from a fan forum (but we don’t go to that forum anymore). You can say that she is my soul mate in loving L’Arc~en~Ciel. She is married with a child, but she still went to the Live Viewing few months ago and will go to the concert too. I know I can count on her.

Her internet provider is way faster than mine (plus my computer is currently enjoying itself to suddenly turn off…and buying new computer is totally out the question right now as all my saving had been sucked by this band). Because of that fact, I straight away asked her to stand by and buy the ticket online. I totally relied on her.

We both wanted the VIP ones because it would give us an early entry which means we would be so close to the stage. …but VIP was less than 1000.

I couldn’t keep my hand away from my mobile-phone, keep checking the Marygops Studio’s twitter and L’Arc~en~Ciel Indonesia (LI) group in facebook. I wanted to know everything as soon as possible; I didn’t want to miss anything.

Somewhere at night, Nina texted me that there were rumours of presale in January 27, 2012. What the hell??

I was about to sleep at that time and straight away checked LI Facebook group. The rumours were true!! Everyone who had registered in L’Arc~en~Ciel Official site received an email saying that there will be a presale starting at 8 AM. They gave us link to buy the ticket…..gyaaaaaa how can you expect me to sleep soundly?? My mind kept drifting to those tickets….ahhhhh!!!

L’Arc~en~Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012 Jakarta Ticket Info  Announcement!

Thanks very much for registering for Special Ticket Information about the L’Arc-en-Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012.

We’d like to send information about Jakarta ticket presale to everyone who registered.
It’s been 20 years since the band formed, and now the legend is taking a new stage!
Tickets are definitely going to be hard to come by, so please check the presales out.

*Tickets are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Presale tickets will go quickly – thanks for your understanding!

[Ticket Presale Schedule]




Presale Start From

Ticket Link

May 2nd,
2012 (Wed)

Lapangan D Senayan

Jakarta, Indonesia

Fri – Jan 27, 2012
10:00AM WIT


*We’ll provide information about tickets to other shows as inf ormation becomes available.

The next morning, January 27, 2012, I had to go to work….but my mind and heart were totally off that place, they were with Nina. Hoping so bad she would get the ticket. My other friend, who is also my co-work, asked for one ticket for her. Nina must buy 3 tickets in total.

I arrived at my office before9 and called Nina straight away …she said it wasn’t opened yet.  They were late.

At 9, my boss came and started talking about something I had to do (on Thursday, I worked in a non-formal school with a Japanese owner), but honestly I couldn’t connect to her 100%. Then Ajeng came and sit next to me.

She was still explaining when a text came from Nina saying that we had booked 3 tickets for VIP.

I was Speechless!!!

I showed the text to Ajeng with a trembling hand and she immediately ran out of the office. I couldn’t control myself, I was smiling and half shedding a tear. My boss asked me what’s going on, I asked her with delight ‘We got the ticket!!! We got the ticket to see Laruku an Shieru!!!’ big smile on my face

My boss ‘eh? Where?

Here!! Here in Jakarta on May!!!’ and I jumped and shouted YAAAIIII in front of her. And of course with tears in my eyes and hands unable to stop trembling.

My boss knew how much I love the band and she gave me a moment to celebrate.

I went outside and hugged Ajeng. We were like 2 crazy women smiling and hugging outside the office. The other co-works were saying congratulation.

All through that day, Ajeng and I smiled happily…nothing could ruin our happiness that day. We hugged each other again every time we looked at each other…our eyes seemed to speak ‘we’re going to see them live!!!


We feel sorry to many Cielers who still haven’t got the ticket.

The presale VIP ticket was sold out in less than an hour and the premium was sold out in a day.

Public sale started yesterday morning. For online purchase, both VIP and premium were sold out less than 5 minutes, but the offline ones were still available.

My other friends came to Raja Karcis office to buy it offline, they wanted the VIP ones. They arrived at the RK office around 7 AM and they already got number 63. Some people had queued up since dawn. Fortunately, they got the VIP ticket 🙂

My other friends were so lucky, they got premium and regular tickets….but at least they still got it as the ticket becomes harder and harder to get.

For others….good luck minna-san \(^.^)/

Let’s have unforgettable time Minna-san \(^.^)/ and Let’s dance together with stars on our eyes
~(*.*~) (~*.*)~ ~(*.*~) (~*.*)~ ~(*.*~) (~*.*)~ ~(*.*~) (~*.*)~

Special for Hyde:



To: Peter Harjani and Marygops Studio

Thank you for bringing them here, thank you for doing everything so quick and lessen the chance for non-fan to buy the ticket (lately, some Indonesian people like to attend ANY concert just because they want to). We are also hoping you will help making the best concert to remember the rest of our life 🙂


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  2. I love this story, Novia… you are so full of joy!! You make the experience come alive for me and I swear that I can almost see you in my mind’s eye so clearly… jumping about so crazy with excitement!!

    It is soooo good that you have a close friend like Nina to share this with who is also such a fan… that makes sharing the experience even more special. Only truly “obsessed” people would really understand… and I most certainly do. You both will float on the breeze with happiness till the concert finally comes… I just know it!! 😉

    • Float on the breeze of happiness << what a beautiful choice of words, Miyuki 🙂

      Yes I am lucky to have such friend and even luckier when she married someone who understand her love toward the band…that makes her still able to fangirling with me 🙂

      I am glad you can understand how I feel…being obsessed can make people do crazy things 😉
      Now, I am praying nothing bad will happen in between and the concert will run smoothly.

  3. Aku terharu bgt pas voucher tix VIP ada d tangan setelah menunggu panggilan bbrp jam beserta hosip2 yg beredar biqin sport jantung…pas absen no 62 d panggil gw lgsg siap2 n langsg gemeteran gt ahahahahahaa…. Perjuang menunggu ntu lbh dasyat ternyata. Selamat buat kita yg udah dpt tix…n gudluck buat temen2 yg blom dapet kabar…smoga smuanya dapet tix….. N gw sebel bgt ma calo yg lgsg on air terang2an kemrn stlh dpt kbr tix abis d RK dgn memasang harga tinggi vip 2jt premium 1,5jt reguler 700rb… Kasian fans yg laen yg ga dpt tix…tegaaaa >,< ga halal bgt tuh duitnya…*curhat*

    • Hehehe gw paham bgt prasaan lo!! gw jg sampe gemetaran pas di sms kalo gw dah resmi dpt tiket VIP. Ga nyangka mimpi akhirnya bs jd kenyataan. Semoga smua berjalan lancar mengingat promotor msh hijau bgt. Tp gw dah bersyukur mrk mau bantu dtgin Larc.

      Ah jgn ingatkan soal calo…bkin BT!! menikmati kesusahan para fans setia. Smoga calo2 itu pd rugi hehe.

  4. Congratulations, Miss! I can’t imagine how happy you are (saya harus nungguin John Mayer / Coldplay kesini dulu hehe) you’ve been writing about them since forever!! And I know for certain you are one of the band’s BIGGEST fans, so happy for you!

    • Thank you Fariz 🙂
      Yeah Laruku is my fav band of all the bands ever existed in this whole wide world. I love everything about them since 11 years ago.
      I hope you get to see John Meyer, I know you like him so much. I didn’t know you like Cold Play equally the same.

  5. Today is HYDE’s birthday! That oji-san is getting older.. hehe. He’s still handsome.

    “I used to say ‘why the hell did they cry seeing Michael Jackson Live?’ ” –> lol.. but it’s true. At that time, I also didn’t understand their feeling and now, recently I keep dreaming about laruku, especially hyde in my sleep.. hohoho.. I really hope I can see them in front of my eyes.

    Thank you for the info. I’ve already registered 2 emails in the website, one for Malaysia and another email for Singapore. In the official Singapore’s stadium website, laruku concert is not in the schedule yet =(..

    • whuahaha that Ojisan is getting older but his face is still the same. He is ageless 😉

      Me too!!! I once said that if a Genie offers me a freepass to all the concerts of every bands that come to Indonesia and a one ticket to see Larc….I will choose that one ticket without even thinking about it. I really really want to see them live in front of me.

      Good luck with your ticket hunting…I hope you’ll get ticket too 🙂

    • Thank you Caroline 🙂
      I hope so too…ow how I hope so too. The tickets were sold in incredible speed. I am fighting an urge to write more about this upcoming concert.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m so happy for u!! I really like this story u posted.. I even cried when u said u got the tickets. I learned a lot about LARUKU from u and I’m determined to fall in love deeper with them. Thank YOU so much for the infos u posted up here. I hope u keep posting about LARUKU. btw, ur’s so lucky to get d VIP ticket. but i’m also happy. because I got the Premium one. I just hope my friend is lucky enough to win the ticket to LARUKU if there is a quiz. I really want my first concert to be very memorable!! That’s why I’ll do anything to watch this concert!! Hope we’ll have a GREAT time at the concert.

  7. Hi Sheila…my fellow cieler 🙂
    Glad to hear you have the premium ticket, some of my friends only got regular.
    Hontou ni domou arigatou for reading my posts and please let me know if I have some missing information in my posts. I will be posting another laruku related post tomorrow…and don’t worry, I will always write about them. They were the reason I started this blog and you can see the tagline that I AM A LARC-ADDICT 😉

    lets have one of the best times of our life on May 2nd \(^^)/

    • Yes, I’m really happy that I still got the chance of getting Premiums. Doitashimashite. I really enjoy reading it. Even thought I’ve read almost the same infos on other website, I never did get tired of reading anything about LARUKU. Escpecially about YUKKIE!!! I’ll be waiting for your new post tomorrow. I’ll make sure to check on it.

      Yes, let’s!! I’m sure the concert will give us a mind-blowing experience. Really can’t wait!!!!

      • Eh??? you like Yuki too??
        He is my favorite member…I like Hyde’s face, but Yuki is the one that I really like in the band. His charisma and his skill are amazing. I hope I can stand right in middle so that I can see Yuki clearly in the concert.

        Hahaha…I have been counting the days down every morning. This blog’s countdown is a bit behind because I can’t edited the blog everyday.I count it down through twitter,it’s 78 days to the concert now 😉

        • YUP!! I LOVE YUKKIE VERY MUCH!! At first glance I thought I was going to like Tetsuya..but since I dig more infos about them and know more about Yukkie. I immediately fell in love with him. And I really love the sound of his drumming!! It’s FANTASTIC!! I can see that he worked real hard while playing from the expressions he displayed every time. I really like the quote from him which was posted on Fb. Aww..I envy you. hixxx. But I’m also happy, coz I know how hard it is to get d VIPs.(too bad I got the news late since I never did follow anything about concert even for LARUKU*feels ashamed*)

          How do u countdown from twitter???do u tweet yourselves or there’s actually an application for it?? Sorry, but I’m still new to twitter, probably 2 weeks old..hahahaa…

          • Tetsuya is actually my least fav one although I admire him a lot for his leadeship.

            You know, I am so happy they kicked Sakura because larc has more colors in their songs after Yuki becomes part of Laruku.

            I hope you can sell your premium tikets and keep the vip you bought yesterday.

            Hehe…yes I twitted it every morning. This morning is 76 days to #LarukuJKT #Larcenciel

  8. Well for me, I don’t have any least favorite coz I love them all. But I favor Yukkie more! He’s too cute for me!! And not to mention cool.

    Hmm..about the changing of drummers, I can’t really say much, coz the first time I heard of Laruku is when I almost finished my elementary school or during junior high. And I’m 19 now, so I missed a lot of Laruku since they already debut(1991 is it?) before I was born(please correct me if I’m wrong).

    I didn’t manage to sell them. But I’m still thinking of the positive outcome. At least I got premiums, coz there’s still lots of people who want to go and they either can’t get premium or can’t afford it, like a few of my friend’s friend.

    Hoo..I’m only counting in my head. And hope that I didn’t missed it. Coz I’m a complete forgetful person. aaaaa. btw, do u have a devianArt account?? coz I think I saw it yesterday.. LOL.

    And thx for reading my concern and confusion I post yesterday. Sorry to have bother u.

  9. Well…when I said least favorite meaning that if I put them in order, Tetchan will be the last. First Yuki, second Hyde, third Ken and fourth is the leader. I doesn’t mean I don’t like him 🙂

    Ah I see. I know then in 2001, at that time the drummer is already Yuki-nichan, but I keep up with all their previous albums and when Yuki came their music became more upbeat or rock.

    whuahahaha I am all around, I have DA but a bit forgotten, 2 very active blogs, 1 tumblr account called L’Arc-Addict, Cillianiac and Cumberbitch, and of course Twitter and FB 😉

  10. Hahaha.. At first I myself would put them in order too. But since I really LOVE LARUKU so much. I can never bring myself to to put them in order(don’t know why). I will feel sad if I have a least person of the band(is it strange?). I think the reason is because they are the members of LARUKU, the one inner core of LARUKU and let us enjoy all their songs.

    I wish I can start collecting all their album, but first I need to save up. All my money has been used to buy premiums, coz I have to pay for my big sis just so I have some1 to accompany me. BUT I don’t mind at all, coz I’ll do anything to watch them!!! =D

    I also have dA..but never used it. I even forgot why I made it in the first place. Blog hah. I have never been interested in blog, but ur’s is the first one which really attracts my attention (mayb coz of all d LARUKU infos). U really are everywhere.

    THX so much. I’m glad I found ur blog so I can have someone whom I can talk about LARUKU with. =D

    nee, do u like TRUST? I don’t know why but I love it. It is one of my favorite. And Yukkie’s drum is great here. It’s really fast in some part. That’s what I think. I just started DL-ing their songs a week ago and still hunting for more.

  11. ow no…no one is allowed to leave Larc, it wont be larc without Yuki or Hyde or Ken or Tetsu. They should stay together and hold their 40th L’Anniversary 😉

    Hehe my salary always goes to laruku, I pirated other music but Not larc. I only download their stuffs when it is impossible for me to buy it.

    Doite shimashita 🙂
    it’s always fun to talk about the best band on the planet, Laruku An Shieru.

    Blogging is really fun, you should try it. It makes me meet a lot of wonderful people across the world. Thank you for reading my blog, Sheila 🙂

    Trust is one of my favs too. I often sing it out of reflect.

  12. Yup!! And when they have their 25th, 30th, 35th n 40th, they should come here again and again!!

    Well, I do have allowance every month, but sometimes I lend it to my parents when needed. And this is the first time I ever spend so much money for something I really like , so I didn’t even have a single trace of regret. In fact I feel proud and even shocked my family by treating my sis a ticket.

    I just hope in the near future, I can buy all their Lives first Coz I really love watching them Live.

    Yup, I couldn’t agree more. I just feel pity that my now-Korean freak friends are the victims of my LARUKU’s fangirling. And also my sister. =D

    L’Arc-en-Ciel fans for ETERNITY!!!

    • Amin to that 🙂

      I understand your situation, it is hard to collect anything when we are still relying on our parents money. I hope you can find a good job as soon as you graduated so that you can buy all things larukuish 😉

      Whuahaha good for you, turn all those Korean lovers into larc lover!!

      • AMEN!!

        Yea, that’s why I always try to minimize what I want and only spend on thing which I love. Such as LARUKU!! I’m happy that I have enough allowance by the time I know Laruku’s coming. Later in the future, I promised I’m so gonna collect all sorts of Laruku.

        Hahahaa, well, I’m going to try my best in turning them. One of my friend used to like Laruku, and now she missed them again when I rambled all sort of Laruku to her. But because she already spend all her money Suju’s concert in Spore, she can’t afford Laruku’s ticket even when she wants to. 😦

  13. Hi, Novia..so glad to meet you. can I have your phone number or email address? thank u very much

  14. I’ve been waiting for more than 10 years to watch them live, so ashamed that i couldn’t be there in 2012 concert. I just want some suggests from you how to get the VIP tickets for their next concert since I live in Bontang-Kaltim. From your story, I really believe that they will come back to Jakarta again.. and I have to be there..!!!

    • They will…we all believe they will come back as Hyde with his vamps group has returned twice to Jakarta. We impressed them so much…as they have impressed us the same.

      Well VIP ticket was like a battle royale, you have to be as quick as possible. You never know whether you will get it or not

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