The Naked Traveler 3

Finally…after all the craziness over Sherlock that took all the time I have for that amazing miniseries from BBC…I finally have time to write other things 😉

Let’s start with a book review 🙂

I read so little Indonesian Book last year…well less than little, it was only one thin book. As an Indonesian, I should be ashamed of myself. Therefore, I started this year with an Indonesian Book.

This is the third book by Trinity, a female backpacker form Indonesia. She had been travelling around the world most of her life and this is her third book. She shared all her experience in her blog and then her posts are turned into book. I never read her book because I prefer reading it in a form of book.

In this third book, we could see more about Indonesia and other Asian countries. This book revealed, mostly, about the difficulty of being a traveler who is getting older, the uncomfortable journey in a group tour with other Indonesian people and the bad side of countries she had visited.

She said that the more she visited other countries the more she loved her country, Indonesia. She said that there are a lot of beautiful islands and cities in Indonesia but the problem is the government don’t pay full attention in making those places into tourism place…it is always Bali, and Bali. She wondered why? Most rich Indonesian people also believe that visiting other countries will make them look cooler than just visiting places in their own country…and that is one of the reasons why Indonesian tourism is not as good as Thailand.

Try to love your country is her number one message here. If you live in Jakarta, you often complain about the traffic (I know I am one of the complainer), but try living in Delhi…the traffic is hellish. If we complain about some restrooms that are dirty, try living in mainland China where most people seemed to forget how to use flush. Indonesian isn’t that bad.

She mentioned a lot of beautiful places in Indonesia. I would love to visit those places but since I have other hobbies (I am not an addict traveler), I have to divide the money well 😉

I can’t write all about her adventure is, but I can easily said this third book is as fun as her other previous books.

Book Details:

Title: The Naked Traveler
Author: Trinity
Language: Indonesia
Pages: 324 pages
Publisher: Penerbit b-first

21 thoughts on “The Naked Traveler 3

  1. I agree. The more I travel, the more I appreciate where I came from. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to travel since I love it, but it opens my eyes and shows me how so many other people in this world live.

        1. You can start like her, writing the event on her blog. You have been sharing the photo,maybe you can add some unique stories behind it.
          She didn’t start with book, a publishing company noticed her blog and decided to publish it.

          1. That is a really good idea…I’ll have to seriously consider sharing more stories. I have a few. Maybe I should read her book as well as a starting point.

          2. Unfortunately,the book hasn’t been translated yet…but here is her blog, also in Indonesian, but the translation by google wasn’t that bad>

            Looking forward to read you stories 😉

  2. I read this book last year. Her casual, everyday language is cool. A lot of knowledge from other countries is great to read. I find her tips on spending time waiting for delay hours in airport is useful. But some funny stories in it weren’t too funny for me. Nice review, Novroz! She’s something, isn’t she?

    1. one of many things that I like from her book is eventhough she speaks casually but she never used gue. I speak using gue everyday but I dont like reading it in a book. It doesn’t sound literally to me.

      yup, she is something!!! I wish I can follow her footsteps

  3. This sounds interesting. Thanks for adding the blog link as well, like TBM, I’m curious. I used to travel a lot but because of my cats it’s difficult. I need someone to look after them and that’s always so complicated.

    1. Thank you Caroline and you’re welcome 🙂
      i hope the translated version didn’t make you hard to understand…well, we know how google translate ability in translating 😉
      I completely understand your feeling…pets are our joy but sometimes they can also put us in difficult position.

  4. I suspect a lot of people don’t appreciate their own country – and they don’t think to look around it for its beauty. Myself I like places here where I live (in Wales, UK) and while I know there is beauty in other parts of our planet, I’ve not yet exhausted what’s here. (And I like to be places where there is nature without too many humans!) 🙂

    I don’t know if you got my email but I deleted Absurd Old Bird blog and now use my art blog instead (the one linked to my name). Haven’t seen you in a while – hope you’re well.

    1. Hi val…long time no see. I am fine, thank you for asking but a lot has been going on. I love your art blog,they are very beautiful.

      I suspect the same too, beside that some people think that able to travel abroad give them a sense of wealthy therefore they chose to go abroad than exploring their own country.

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