Sherlock – A Scandal in Belgravia

I don’t know how to write this review without spoiling the fun…I honestly don’t know!!

But I can say that Steven Moffat didn’t let us, fans of Sherlock Holmes, feels disappointed on how he portrayed the relationship between Sherlock and The Woman, Irene Adler.

On the last episode, The Great Game, we were left with a tight condition between Sherlock, John and Jim Moriarty. The matter was solved. I don’t want to say how, I will try hard not to give any major spoiler here.

I think anyone who had read A Scandal in Bohemia knew how the story goes. Sherlock met his match and it was a woman named Irene Adler. The only woman he referred to as ‘the woman’. The first half of the story was quite the same with the book but the other half was different. Moffat was trying to fit the situation with our modern life. Irene was more seductive than the Irene in the 19th century. Lara Pulver is not a very beautiful woman but she manages to deliver a smart and seductive woman very well.

After escaping Moriarty’s threat, John continued his blog about Sherlock’s cases (You can read his blog here but read it after you see the series). Somehow his blog became a hit and everyone knew who Sherlock was. We got to see how Sherlock suddenly had many clients…tho he tended to reject all the boring cases. John always reported Sherlock’s cases in his blog, the success ones and the failed ones. I really love his blog….very hilarious, especially the comments 😉

I should praise Moffat as a genius in making hilarious jokes without forcing it too much. A Scandal in Belgravia is a serious case but the humour made me laugh so loud. When Sherlock was about to receive the case that involved Irene Adler and one of the royal member, He came to Buckingham Palace in the most extraordinary way that made my stomach hurt because I couldn’t stop laughing. He was so annoying when it came to anything related to his brother, Mycroft.

He was asked to recover a certain photo from Irene that showed intimacy between Irene and his secretive client. What Sherlock found was an amazing woman who could make Sherlock’s heart trembled…a bit. She tricked Sherlock. And this is where I stopped telling the story. If I go any further, I will totally ruin the fun.

Sherlock: If I wanted to see naked woman, I’ll borrow John’s laptop

I wish all TV series are like this…no need to show full nudity to be sexy!!

The friendship between Sherlock and John was much stronger now than previous season. We could see how the two of them enjoyed laughing together. Both Irene and John’s girl friend (he no longer dated Sarah) were a bit jealous of how close they were.  At the same time, we could also see how great the chemistry between Sherlock and Irene. They both were meant to be together, 2 smart people. However, never expected Sherlock to do stupid and silly things for Irene…because that was so not Sherlock. The three of them were amazing to see.

Irene: Are you Jealous?
John: We’re not a couple!
Irene: Yes you are.
John: Who knows who the hell knows about Sherlock Holmes, but for the record, anyone out there still cares, I’m not actually gay.

I love the ending!!! Not the final ending, but the conclusion of the case. It was so great to see how things finally unsolved. The feeling between the two was transparently seen. I just love the ending!! Moffat stayed true to Sherlock’s attitude. He never overdid his action.

How about the actors?

Well…Benedict was as amazing as always. His face expression and his ability to speak really fast were really fun to watch. Martin was also great, his awkwardness was still visible and adorable to watch. As for Lara Pulver, at first I thought she was less pretty compared to Irene in the book but then she pulled it off really well with 21st century’s Irene personality.

This might sound crazy…but I re-watched this episode the moment I finished it. I wanted to see it all over again. Ow how I love this miniseries. I wish there are more than 3 episodes.

I will review The Hounds of Baskerville soon 🙂

Miniseries details:

Title: A Scandal in Belgravia (#2.1)
Staring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Una Stubbs, Lara Pulver, Mark Gatiss, Rupert Graves
Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: Paul McGuigan
Air Date: January 1, 2012

I always assume that love is a dangerous disadvantage. Thank you for the final proof.

Sherlock Holmes

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See more Screenshots on page 2 (Be Aware!!! Contain Spoilers!!)


  1. Great trailer! Wow Nov, that one REALLY makes me want to rent this right away! I know I would love this w/ Benedict as Sherlock. It’ll certainly blow Robert Downey’s performance from the movie version. I could even tell than he and Martin Freeman are sooo much better and witter than Jude and RDJ, too, that ending part in the trailer had me in stitches. I also love Benedict’s voice, now I can see why you’re in love w/ him 😉

    1. The trailer is really an annoying teaser…in the sense that it made me wanted to watch it so bad. I couldn’t wait for the DVD to come out (I want to buy the original later), I asked a friend to download it for me. I was anxious to meet her but it took 5 days to finally met her.

      ow I love every minute of this movie (let’s just call it movie as it runs 90minutes), it’s witty and hilarious at the same time.
      You know I never watch Downey’s version of Sherlock, the moment I saw the trailer where he was tied naked on the bed put me off. The real Sherlock would rather die than being in that humiliating condition.

      hahahaha now you know why I fell for him 😉
      He is smart and annoying and charismatic. Honestly, I wouldn’t fall for him if I saw his realself before his character as Sherlock. His realself is not as attractive as Sherlock. Only great actors can be extremely charming when acting 😉

      1. Ahah, yeah that scene of RDJ tied naked on the bed is quite preposterous. It’s a very loose interpretation of Sherlock Holmes.

        Yep, I think look wise Benedict is not my type, but he sure has charms.

  2. NOviiii… aku sudah dengar kabar sherlock series ini. sedang menunggu waktu untuk merampok donlotan ke temen gw. Lo cepet juga ya dapetnya. huhuhu… aku pun sudah tak sabaaarrrr…
    mudah2an minggu depan bisa ketemu temen gw itu…

    1. Kalo mau minta DLan tgg setelah tggl 15 Yan…hehe episode trakhir tayang tggl sgitu.

      Gw kan sukaaaa bgt, lebih dr dirimu jd ja slalu memantau perkembangannya 😉
      Begitu tayang tggl 1 dan 8, gw lgsg minta tmn untuk DLin. Nnt tggl 16 minta tolong lg. Sumpah ga sabar nunggunya.

      A Scandal ini keren bgt dan sumpah bkin ngakak. Sjauh ini yg kurang bgs msh The Blind Banker.

    1. karena miniseries ini KEREN abis dan dah dinanti2.

      Ah kalo dirimu punya 3episodes brarti itu series 1, skr br mulai lg series 2. Episode 3 br tayang nanti tggl 15 Januari…aduh ga sbar nunggu tggl sgitu. Pgn cpt2 nntn episode 3 dr seri kdua film ttg Sherlock terkeren yg prnh gw liat 🙂

  3. I haven’t watched it yet but will do so very soon. I enjoyed the first series a lot. Never reviewed it although I wanted. Life’s too fast occasionally and one month later it becomes difficult.
    I’m looking forward to watch this.

    1. I understand how you feel, that’s why I always review all my favorites straight away eventhough I don’t pusblish it right away.

      Delighted to hear that you like the series too Caroline 🙂
      Isn’t Benedict incredible? Moffat and Gartiss are great writers. I am begining to admire Moffat and love to watch all movies he wrote.
      This second series is as great as the first…well so far.
      I am now watching The Hounds of Baskerville and eagerly waiting for The Fall next Sunday (I’ll be watching it on Tuesday)

  4. I loved this episode too. I haven’t watched the next two yet, but we have them recorded. I just am saving it up!!

    This episode caused lots of scandal over here… with the nudity

    1. I like this one better than the second episode, I haven’t seen the Fall yet. I have actually reviewed the hounds but it is still on scheduled. This episode really involved a lot of emotion…I love it.

      Eh?? really?? I think the nudity is just fine.I can accept that kind of nudity. What I can’t accept is the frontal nudity like in The Game of Throne (that’s why I don’t think I will watch its second season)

  5. I have just finished watching this episode and, as promised, I am here to share some opinions about it.

    Scratch that last sentence. I am here basically to geek about it !!! I mean, OH MY GOD!!! What a way to start a season, eh?? Moffat and Gatiss didn’t give a cliffhanger on Season 1 for nothing! They clearly didn’t want to disappoint Sherlock’s obsessive fans by writing an episode like this! pure geniuses!!!

    Okay, where should I start?

    1. The humor. Moffat should get some kind of Pulitzer prize for being able to combine suspense and humor with such perfect timing! I mean, those clever wits, endless throws and punches that made my stomach hurts! Oh God, it hurts.

    2. The brilliant duo that is Cumberbatch and Freeman. I’m sure I don’t need to say this again, but I just have to: Benedict Cumberbatch is THE perfect Sherlock! Not just the way he delivered those complicated lines, but also the way he expressed himself as Sherlock! He was simply perfection! From a simple facial expression to the all-round arrogant air about him, everything was spot on! A brilliant actor is needed to keep up with such performance, and Martin Freeman was just that and more. Bloody hell, I love this duo!

    3. Irene Adler. Now, this! THIS, ladies and gentlemen, IS a femme fatale! And I just LOVE the way this character is portrayed. A bloody Dominatrix, of all occupations one can have! That’s just badass (pardon my French), which is a perfect way to sum up the modern Irene Adler. Kudos to Lara Pulver for a wonderful job!

    4. The storyline. Dear God, the storyline! I’m telling you, I’ve never been so dumbfounded after watching a serial TV episode quite like this! So many twists and surprises, with a quick pace too! But golly, wasn’t it amazing?? And that scene near the end, involving both Holmes brothers and Irene: GOOSEBUMPS !!!! My mouth conjured so many curses and cusses throughout this particular scene because I was *that* amazed !!! I can’t write anything here without giving away some spoilers, so we MUST meet to discuss this. We just must!

    Last but not least, I HAVE to mention Sherlock and Adler’s chemistry! I just have to! It was so beautiful to watch! He has met his match, indeed. Again, Pulver did a marvelous job, but Cumberbatch….God, Cumberbatch! The way he portrayed Sherlock’s controlled emotions every time he was with Irene was just pure genius! And his performance in that scene with the camera phone’s password?! I can just die !!!! Cumberbatch, I grovel at your feet!

    Again, we must meet to discuss this, Miss! We just must! or maybe chat via YM? 😉

    1. Whahahaha!!! I know you would be amazed!!! Can you believe that I watch this episode again the moment I finish it? I was soooooooo thrilled by this episode, it was like viewing it just once was not enough…not enough at all!!! It was THAT good.

      The humor is crazy…hilarious at perfect timing…don’t you just love that Buckingham Palace scene 😉

      I don’t need to tell you again how I agree I am to that statement…BENEDICT is THE MOST PERFECT SHERLOCK I HAVE EVER SEEN!! It’s gonna be hard for other actors to fill in the shoes from now on.

      For the first time in My life, I have to say that Irene Adler is much better in this series than the book!! Ha! It’s a bid compliment from someone who mentioned that no movie is greater than the book, but THIS Irene Adler is way more interesting than Irene Adler in Doyle’s book.

      Ah…no need to mention how brilliant the storyline is 😉
      Out of 3 episodes, I like this one the most….but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the rest 😉

      Can you blame me for turning into one of the Cumberbitches? He is genius!!!

      I haven’t install my YM yet 😉
      Let’s chat through FB.

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