Books I Have Read in 2011

I am currently re-reading one of the best Japanese literature I have ever read, Battle Royale by Koushun  Takami. I should have finished it last week but something happened that made me unable to read anything for a whole week. I will finish this book in the next few days. But I probably write my second review of this book early 2012.

You can read my first review of Battle Royale here.

I REALLY REALLY love this book, one of my all time favorite books. I enjoy it as much as the first time and I am  sure I will read it again in the future (even though haven’t finished my second read but I already want to read it again)

Now…let’s look back on all the books, mangas and short stories I have read in 2011.

Just like last year and the year before that, I break it down to some categories.

This year (2011) I have read : (you can read my review by clicking on the book’s cover)

4 Stephen King’s books

The Body , which was divided per novella,those are: .

The other books are :

7 books by Japanese authors:

12 books by European and American authors:

Note: Nicholas Jobe has the most books I read in 20111. I read 3 books by him. Those books aren’t published yet.Hope he will get his chance soon.

1 book by Indonesian author:

I didn’t review it because I didn’t like it that much

6 Manga Titles, in total 0f 99 volumes/books:

5 Short Stories:

Cain’s Lamb & War and Humanity from an anthology called Gestapu. I plan to finish the whole book in 2012.

Courage, The Ghost and The Game of Football, The Brown Man, and The Dilemma of Phadrig from The Wordsworth Collection of Irish Ghost Stories

The Sandman by E.T.A Hoffmann.


And that makes My Books in 2011 consists of  24 Books, 99 volumes of Manga, and 5 Short Stories.

In the novel department, I read less compare to 2009 (28 books) and way less compare to 2010 (32 books). The descent can be blamed on so many books I am unable to finish due to my readers block, they are:

<< I  couldn’t finish this book and have no plan to ever finish it.

I plan to finish these books one day:
They actually have great story but the pace are TOO SLOW and slow pace books make ME SLEEPY and therefore taking a lot of my time just to reach the page I left behind.

Stop at page 180 (461 pages), Stop at page 122 (252 pages), Stop at page 210 (566 pages).

I read more manga this year. In 2009, I only read 67 volumes, this year I read 99 volumes (^-^)v even though I am more than 30 now but Manga is still my favorite read apart from Novel.

I have new section this year, that is SHORT STORY 🙂

That’s all for this year 🙂
You can read my top-5 books of 2011 here

How many books did you read this year? I bet it’s a longer list than mine 😉

You can find out all the book I have reviewed in this page.

24 thoughts on “Books I Have Read in 2011

  1. You are quite a reader Nov 😛

    As for me, right now i am slowly reading American Gods in anticipation of its upcoming miniseries…and i already read at least one sequence that i am not sure how they will do live-action. But i guess they will find a way. I definitely see why it is being done on a paid network like HBO rather than basic cable, as there is some risque stuff in there 😉

    1. Well…books and movies have always been a big part of my life since childhood.

      I wonder what kind of sequence are you talking about? What’s the story about?
      It’s nice to know that more books are being made into miniseries. I once heard that Under The Dome by SK was going to be a miniseries but I never heard the news again 😦 I really hope that that news is true.Under The Dome is really really good.

  2. I did read quite a lot but wasn’t even aware of it at first. I do have reader’s block too and the I force myself to read anyway and that is silly.
    I also have a huge pile of unfinished books but mostly non-fiction.
    I’m planning on doing a best of but not sure when yet.
    I can’t believe the year is almost over. Did we not just do our best of 2010?

    1. That’s amazing how you try to continue reading when you have reader’s block!! I have to switch to book I have read and enjoyed before to get the block cleared…otherwise I would lose time to read and before I know it 2012 comes 😉
      ah! I thought you always finish your books, Caroline! will you continue those books one day?

      Yeah…Time flies so fast!! I couldn’t believe 2012 is just a week away. Let’s do best of 2011 at the same time 😉

      1. I will do my best of on Wednesday… Between the two movie watchalongs. 🙂
        On the movie blog I already did it.
        I will finish them all. The problem is that I’m so fascinated by many themes that I just start one non-fiction book after the other, something I do not do with fiction. I hardly read two novels in parallel.
        Next year will be so hard. I do not want to buy any books or only one per month. I was very bad this year.

        1. ah! Wednesday is too fast, I need to give distance to my post and I have already scheduled a movie review on Thursday. I have also scheduled the watchalong…it will b published soon 🙂

          I am also not a good reader this year…I stop reading too many books this year. 4 is a huge number. I usually only stop reading 2books a year. I am planning to buy some books I have mentioned in my musing on book and movie….if I can find them.

  3. just one by an Indonesian author? You’ve been naughty 🙂 I actually don’t read Serbian books either 🙂
    I didn’t have time to read much, since I spend 8 to 10 hours translating books, but I did translate around 9 books this year, which is a record breaking number 🙂

    1. hahaha…yeah shame on me! I love my country but when it comes to entertaintment, I drift away from Indonesian books, movies and music 😉

      You know, I am always curious do transtlator get royalty too?? I mean you did you get paid per sold book or is it just one time payment??

      9books are quite a lot. I hope you’ll share which book you find as the best when I finally do my best books of 2011 early January.

      1. no, since the publishers buy the rights for translation, we translator don’t get any share in the sales since we didn’t put any of our money in it 🙂 We get contract payment for each book separately.
        Nine, really is a huge number,most of my top colleagues translate up to five per year 😉

  4. I only read Game of Thrones and Hunger Games 1 & 2. You did a lot better than me needless to say. I read Manga too, but I have no idea what I’ve read or how to categorize it all.

    1. I was intrigued to read Game of Throne but then I found out that the book was a series. I don’t feel like reading any series right now. I bet you read Hunger Game to anticipate the upcoming movie 😉

      As for Manga,one thing for sure,I always reread One Piece every year. I have too much love toward that manga. It’s always fun to meet another manga reader, I didn’t know you read manga too Max 🙂

      1. I should post a picture of my Manga collection it would surprise you. This year I was collecting…20th Century Boys, Cross Game, Kimi ni Todoke, Sailor Moon, Bakuman, Twin Spica, and K-On among others. Yotsuba! is one of my favorites and I always look forward to a new volume of that.

        One Piece is way too long for me. 20th Century Boys will be the longest title I have ever fully bought. Claymore is getting there too. Of course in Japan, Hayate the Combat Butler would be the longest series I collect, but we will likely never see the ending of that in America due to poor sales.

        1. Wow!! You read a lot of Manga. I don’t read that many manga anymore,I used to but not anymore. I’d love to read 20th Century Boys and Monster but they don’t print it anymore 😦 , I am still waiting for the publisher to reprint those manga.

          Yeah,One Piece is REALLY long but I really don’t mind…I sort of wish it’ll never stop because Oda is really good in creating a never boring story. I have never heard of Hayate the Combat. It hasn’t been printed here.

          1. Sometimes you just have to look in the right places. I’m sure you could find ways to read it. Haha. Unfortunetly, even though the US does get its share of titles, there are some books that are never going to be translated for a US market. Those are the only times I seek alternative measures.

            I’m not sure if its available in your region, but a new legal site has opened up called I like where they are heading even though they haven’t quite managed to make a good plan for pricing.

          2. Well…there are a lot of site that offer free manga … but reading Manga scan is too troublesome, I still enjoy conventional book more than ebook or the like. My friend could read a whole novel through computer screen but I couldn’t even stand reading manga scan through computer screen. Maybe it’s a different thing if I have ebook reader 😉

            But….maybe I will try reading manga scan in computer little by little.Otherwise I’ll miss all the great stuff.

    1. Ow Dan!! You REALLY have to read the book. The books surpass the movie by thousand of mile.The book is awesome nothing like the movie at all. You know it only take 2 hours for me to rewatch the movie but I prefer spending weeks in rereading the book that spending 2 hours for the movie.

  5. Wow! What a book…!

    I read wimpy kid from 1-3
    Jd robb = naked in death
    Neil gailman, (forgot the title)
    Manga, -i’ve been reading, one piece, skip beat, the one, akatsuki no yona, (they story is not end yet).
    There’s also, dears(kako), silver, a lot of one shot. Mostly r online.
    To bad, I’m not making any review on it. unlike u. Great blog!

    1. You read quite a lot of manga. I don’t like reading online manga, that’s why I only read the old manga.

      Well I like writing review, both movie and book 🙂
      thank you for visiting Nani.

      1. Yup i like manga a lot. i can not stand on reading a book with no picture, that’s why i read novel less and i was super impress with what u’ve read cool!!!
        btw, thankx for visiting my blog also, i’m still a newbie thought.

        1. I used to be like you…I enjoyed stories with pictures…but then I found the fun of imagining things, and that’s how I came to love novels
          Hehehe I can see how new you blog is 🙂 I know you will improve your blog as time goes.

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