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Short Story: A Fairy Tale

I have just realized that I have been writing too many thriller lately…with lots of murder here and there, once again I should say please blame Mr. King for that 😉

I think today is a good day to write something sweet (as sweet as I can be), something that involve friendship and unconditional love between 2 creatures…no, I am not talking about pets (tho I would love to write a story about human and pet’s love one day…but not today).

The idea first came from Katie’s amazing photo (I borrowed her name for the main character…I hope you don’t mind, Katie 🙂 )…she is a great photographer, I enjoy her work a lot!… She took a picture of this Fairy figurine and somehow I feel like seeing living creature instead of dead statue. I built the baseline of the story but I needed a set and how they connect with each other. Few days later, Creative Writing Ink published their weekly picture for writing prompt…and just like my previous story (one I really like…in fact it was one of my favorites) Behind The Hood, 2 photo/pictures create one story.

As always…Please criticize my work. I am still amateur and what an amateur needs to improve her skill is lots of critiques. Thank you in advance 🙂

I have a bit of problem with the title…if you can suggest a better title, I’d appreciate that a lot.

 A Fairy Tale

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson

“What’s that?” asks John.

He surprises me and makes me lost for words for a moment. I am caressing a small figurine that I have kept since I was five. “Ow…it’s my good luck charm,” I put it back to my pocket. He is always in my pocket for the past twelve years.  Today is my graduation day and I am about to deliver a speech as the best student in my class.

“Yeah…I need a good luck charm too if I were you,” replies John. He gives me a little wink. I can only smile back at him; he has no idea what this figurine means to me. He won’t believe me if I tell him anyway.

It all started when I was five. I had a very weak body back then, I wasn’t allowed to play outside too long. If the wind was too strong, I ended up with high fever. If it was too hot, I also ended up with high fever. The worst was winter, I hated winter because it made me hated myself. Why was I born with such weak body? The kids in my neighborhood were laughing joyfully while they skated on the lake or played snowball war. All I could do were looking enviously from the window. I held my tear, bit my lip and hugged my legs with a heart full of jealousy toward those healthy kids. I wish I were one of them.

Then, out of nowhere he showed up.

“Boo!” a tiny face suddenly appeared on the window.

“Aaaa…” I screamed and fell down from my chair.

“Ups…sorry!! I didn’t mean to frighten you!” He was shouting from outside the glass window. “Are you alright?”

I stood up and looked at him carefully, my face almost touched the glass. “Who are you? Are you a ghost?”

“A ghost?” he laughed so hard as if I had just told him the funniest joke ever. “Do I look like a ghost to you?”

“Well, I never see ghost. Granma told me about it but I never saw them. So, are you?”

“I am too cute to be a ghost!!” he stood up proudly. I finally realized that he was floating in the air and he was smaller than my hand. “I am a fairy! Have you heard of me?”

“Fairies aren’t real!”

“You believe in ghost and not in fairies? How odd is that?”

“Well, Granma never told me about fairy. And mommy read me Peter Pan once. There’s a fairy named Tinkerbell and mommy said she wasn’t real!”

“Tinker who? What an odd name for a fairy. No wonder she said she wasn’t real!”

“What’s your name then?”

He stood erect with one hand on his chest, “I am Nalayahk! The most handsome fairy ever exists on this planet!”

“hahaha…what kind of name is that? And you sure aren’t handsome!”

“What do you know about being handsome…you are only a five years old kid with odd name. I bet you don’t know that Katie means armpit in my language. Urgh, you’re stinky!” he held his nose with his tiny hand.

I smiled my first smile that winter, but then I realized that I hadn’t given him my name. “How do you know my name?”

“I know everything about you.  I live in that tree,” he pointed the tree across the window. “You look like you need a company. And since I am a gentleman, I believe it is my duty to accompany you.

We became friend since that day. Nala, that’s how I called him, came everyday and always made me smile.  Winter was no longer a sad time for me. He never appeared when Mommy was around. He made me promise not to tell anyone about him. He told everything about the fairy world. Fairies weren’t allowed to show up in front of any human being. Fairies lived in trees and they helped the tree to grow strong. They had no magic power which I found out later that it was wrong, they did have magic!

Unfortunately, Nala only had a chance to accompany me for a month, one unforgettable month.

An earthquake happened a month after I met Nala. The earthquake created a massive avalanche from the mountain behind my house. The avalanche moved at high speed. I was at home with my nanny and we had no time to leave the house. The snow crushed the house and we were buried underneath the debris…or so I thought. I passed out.

When I woke up I was sitting on the tree in front of our house, the trees were still standing. The avalanche couldn’t defeat the trees because they were protected by the fairies, but one fairy didn’t protect the tree. He decided to protect his human friend, me. He was lying on my lap andtrying hard to breath. He was dying.

“Nala, what happened? Are you alright?”

“Don’t worry about me, Katie,” he tried to smile. “I shouldn’t help you as Fairies exist to help the trees not human, but you are my friend. I had to save you. I disobeyed the rule and for that I must be punished. Don’t be sad and keep smiling, you always prettier when you are smiling. My spirit will always be with you…forever.”

Black lines started showing up on his face. His body became as stiff as a statue. The lines turned into crack and I had a terrible image that he was about to turn into dust and flew away living me all alone. I held him tight in my two hands, “please don’t leave me…please don’t leave me…please don’t leave me…” I kept chanting those words over and over again. Even when the rescue team finally found me, I was still chanting the words with tears falling down my cheek.

He never turned into dust. I kept wondering was I the one who had prevented him from turning to dust or maybe fairies never turned to dust after all. No fairies ever appeared in front of me again.

Nala is always in my pocket ever since that dreadful day.

And now, as I walk toward the stage to deliver my speech, I hold him tight in my hand because I want to share this moment with him. He has  kept his promise to stay with me…forever.



  • Nalayahk is Khayalan read backward. Khayalan means fantasy in Indonesian language.
  • Keti (same pronunciation with Katie) is a shorten version of Ketiak, armpit in Indonesian language. Sorry Katie 😉

Here’s another Photo by Katie on Nala. I loved this photo. It fits with the story…fairy and snow 🙂

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson


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33 comments on “Short Story: A Fairy Tale

  1. Ronan
    December 10, 2011

    Hi Novia, I think the title is good. A clever play on words. We watched a programme recently which traced the history of fairy legends in Ireland. Can you believe that as recently as a hundred years ago there were people in small communities in Ireland who held superstitions about fairies. There was a tragic true story about a man who was convinced that his wife had been stolen by fairies, who the townsfolk believed lived in a nearby wood, and that she was replaced with something that wasn’t human so he burned her alive! Terrible to think that things like happened in this country so recently.

    • Novroz
      December 11, 2011

      Thank you Ronan 🙂 it’s always a pleasure to have you reading my story.

      We, Indonesian, don’t believe in fairy as he is not from our folklore. We have other scarier beings.

      100 years ago is indeed quite reason. That is a sad story, poor woman. You know, if you come to Indonesia, stories of human being kidnapped by supernatural beings are still happening till today, but fortunately no burning is involved.

  2. Wanda
    December 10, 2011

    Nice tale, Novroz 🙂

  3. Wanda
    December 10, 2011

    Nice tale, Novroz 🙂 I had some association with H.C.Andersen’s Snow queen (when she looked into the window). Maybe due the snowy picture, too.

    • Novroz
      December 11, 2011

      Thank you for the link Wanda, I took a look just now and it looks like a fun tale…will read it later. I haven’t read that story by Andersen yet.

  4. KatiesCameraBlog
    December 11, 2011

    Oh, I can’t wait to hear this! I’m so thrilled that my photo helped with this, Novroz! Love it! I’ll be back to read a bit later. Well, I’ll leave this up on my screen. I can’t wait!

  5. KatiesCameraBlog
    December 11, 2011

    I just read this, Novroz, and I love it (and my name means arm pit! :). I cried when Nala died. I really love this fairy and I’m so glad that he came to life in your story. I think it is fantastic, and when I see the fairy next, I’ll tell him about your tale. Simply wonderful!

    • Novroz
      December 11, 2011

      Thank you so much Katie…I am glad you like it. When writing a story from someone’s art, be it a photo or painting, I often have doubt that it might not satisfy the artist. And having read you feel sad with Nala’s death is a big honor for me.

      Hahaha sorry for that, that’s an Indonesian slank word 😉

      • KatiesCameraBlog
        December 11, 2011

        Ah, I really love it, Novroz. It so touches me, as does the fairy in person. I am so honored that you used my image of the fairy for this story.I think it fits the fairy perfectly. Wonderful job! 🙂 And from now on I’ll call the fairy when I see him. And think that he was alive once upon a time. 🙂

        • Novroz
          December 12, 2011

          Tell him I say hi 🙂
          I hope one day i get inspired again with your photo 🙂

          • KatiesCameraBlog
            December 13, 2011

            I told the fairy hi as he was moving with the wind. 🙂 I’d be honored to have more of my photos inspiring you. Oh, tomorrow, I’m posting a photo of a monkey you might like. 🙂

          • Novroz
            December 13, 2011

            A monkey? Looking forward to your photos 🙂

            I wonder how big is Nala exactly? I think it’s bigger than the one in the story.

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  7. KatiesCameraBlog
    December 11, 2011

    Hi again, Novroz. I put a note on my post with the Fairy’s photo, that you had written a story for him. 🙂

    • Novroz
      December 11, 2011

      ow…wow, Thank you Katie. I hope the fairy likes it too 🙂

  8. Nekoneko
    December 12, 2011

    This one is so sweet and also so sad. Still it is a very good story, your writing continues to shine Novia and it’s good to see that there is also some brightness in you imagination along with all the scary things. 🙂

    • Novroz
      December 12, 2011

      Thank you Miyuki 🙂
      I wish to write in many genre, except romance as I don’t read romance myself. Scary things is my passion but I also like writing about human relationship. The first story I wrote was about a a kid and an old man. I love sweet story. Thank you for reading and your kind words,Miyuki

  9. wulaaaaaaaan....
    December 12, 2011

    Aaaw….this is a really bittersweet one! Probably the sweetest you’ve ever made!

    “Tinker who? What an odd name for a fairy. No wonder she said she wasn’t real!” | “What’s your name then?” | He stood erect with one hand on his chest, “I am Nalayahk!” >> I laughed so hard at this one! Yeah, sure. Tinker is waaay weirder than Nalayahk 😀

    I really like this one. It’s got that…sweet yet tragic atmosphere to it that I love. it’s the type of story that can make me smile and shed a tear at the same time. Really well done!

    • Novroz
      December 13, 2011

      Thank you Wulan 🙂
      I try to write a sweet story when writing this, glad to hear you think it is sweet…then I have achieved my goal 😉

      Hey…it’s fairy’s words.We might think Tinkerbell is a cute name..but not to fairies. I thought you were going to laugh on Keti instead of Nalayakh 😉

      Once again,thank you dear :hug:

  10. KatiesCameraBlog
    December 14, 2011

    Ah, love that you put the snow photo of Nala up, Novia! Love it. Thank you so much. 🙂

    • Novroz
      December 14, 2011

      You are more than welcome
      In fact I am the one who should be thanking you:)

  11. Caroline
    December 19, 2011

    I think this is my favourite of all your stories. I really liked it a lot.

    • Novroz
      December 24, 2011

      Thank you so much Caroline 🙂
      Maybe I should write more fantasy 😉

  12. Deboshree
    December 20, 2011

    Sweetness! Novroz, I really liked the story. “A Fairy Tale” suits the tale well…and you have worded it delicately. I like. 🙂

    • Novroz
      December 24, 2011

      Thank you so much Debo.
      Glad you like it 🙂
      I’d love to write with better grammar and structure like you.

  13. Deborah Edler Brown
    December 23, 2011

    Novroz, What a sweet, sweet story. Keep writing. You have a wonderful imagination!

    • Novroz
      December 24, 2011

      Thank you for reading and the kind word Deborah 🙂
      Your word really motivates me.

  14. dhitzunako
    January 7, 2012

    Thumbs up. 🙂
    Ok, I admit that I have a soft spot for a friendship story, especially when the genre is slice of life with a bit of magical/fantasy here and there. 🙂
    What I really appreciate here is your anagram: playing with words to form a name 🙂

    • Novroz
      January 8, 2012

      Thank you sooooo much Dhitz :hug:
      Me too!!! I also love friendship story, be it between human or between another species. I always appreciate good friendship.

      Heehehe I was thinking of a name and somehow that backward name came out. I need to write new story soon.

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