5 things/person I am Obsessed with

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When I like something I like it more than anything and when I hate something I hate it terribly. That is the kind of person I am.

I don’t want to talk about things I hate because it can make people who love what I hate become hurt. I prefer to talk about things I love….or obsess to be more precise. There is always something/someone that I love more than anything in the same category. And the love that I show for them is sometimes, most of the time, a bit not healthy. I admit that.

When I love something, the love is transparently seen by everyone around me.  I am a talk-active person and I love telling about things I love. My real life friends, my internet friends, even my students know my obsession….sometimes I think I talk too damn much  😉

From this blog, you can see that my blog covers 3 major things; book, movie and music. But I also talk about sport occasionally. In each area, there is always someone/some band/some team that I love so much…and this post is about them.

Well…let’s start!!  You’ll see how obsess I am with them.

#5 Guns N’ Roses

GN’R was the first band I love the most. When I first saw their concert (in beta, there was no DVD back then), their performance awed me. I fell in love instantly, they were amazing!! I was still in my Junior High at that time and living under my parents’ allowance.  I saved my allowance to buy their entire cassettes, Beta-tape, and every magazine that talked about them.

One that I remembered the most was when I spent 50 thousand rupiah (Rupiah is Indonesian Currency) in a single week to buy things related to GN’R. Let’s count that money to today’s exchange rate; when I was in Junior high, bus fee for student was only 100 Rupiah, today the fee has increased to 1000 Rupiah which means that if it was today, I have spent around 500.000Rupiah in a single week…and trust me, that’s A LOT OF money for a student to spend!!

I still love them but not as much as I use to. If they had stayed together, I bet I still love them as my number 1 band…but they are no longer together. There is rumour about the New-GNR coming to Indonesia next year…If it comes true, I’ll watch them…well, watch Axl is the right term.  I don’t give a damn about the rest of them. They are not GNR!!

#4 Stephen King

I have a lot of favorite authors, but the only author I want to read all his works is Stephen King. I want to read all even the worst book by him…although so far I haven’t found bad books by him…but then again I still haven’t read all his books.

I take my time in reading his books. I don’t want to read his books one after another because I don’t want to be bored with his works. SK always awed me with his way of storytelling and his way of ending his story. He is not the best writer in the world, but he sure is one of the best story tellers I have ever read.

I have written down books I haven’t read and have read in this post. I fell in love with his work when I was in college, but I couldn’t read much because imported books are expensive. Now that I am working, I can buy whichever book I want and I plan to read them all.

#3 NBA

I love watching sport even though I am a woman and out of all sports, Basketball has always been my number one passion. I am not a basketball player, I am just TOO short…but I love watching the game. You can see how passionate I am toward this sport by reading my post when my favorite team finally won the championship. I fell in love with NBA when I saw Michael Jordan’s fantastic moves. My jaw literally dropped few inches…he was amazing!! He made me love the game. Fortunately, I still love the game even after he left NBA.

NBA is in US and I am in Indonesia, the time differences are huge!! They played the game at night which means daylight here…time to school and work. When I was still in school, I often pretended that I was sick because I wanted to see NBA Finals or NBA All-stars (these 2 games are always in the wrong time). When I was in college, I skipped so many classes to see the Finals. It was Bulls Vs other teams in 3 straight years…How could I miss that? College came second 😉

Now that I am working, thank God I am a teacher, I can always manage to switch classes with other teachers (like what I did last year…it was Maverick!!! No way was I going to miss their winning moment!). And trust me, this switching classes will continue for years to come 😉

I have loved this game for more than 19 years now.

#2 Cillian Murphy

My number 2 obsession is the newest obsession compared to the rest in the list. In 2009, I like his cute face, thanks to 28 Days Later…but in 2010, thanks to Breakfast on Pluto, things changed drastically, from like to obsess. He is no longer just a pretty face, he is a talented pretty face.

I like a lot of actors but only Cillian has a special folder in my computer where I keep lots of his photos and movie files. He is the only one that can make me watch movies I normally don’t watch, even when he only appeared as cameo. The only actor I want to meet. I read almost all his interview and if possible, I download his interview in radio. His movies might disappoint me, sometimes, but his performances never disappoint me.

It’s not even 2 years yet but the love I have for this actor has surpassed all actors at any eras. I am sure this will go on for years and years to come because I am a loyal person.

#1 L’Arc~en~Ciel

Ow How I love this band!! I can’t even put it into words how much I love them. It’s going to be a 11 years of love next year and it never fades…it gets stronger every year. Love them so much!! I listen to a lot of music from a lot of bands…but no Laruku (shorten for L’Arc~en~Ciel) song in a day feels like something is missing. Not watching their concert DVD is over a month is impossible. I know I am addicted to this band.

I have spent lot of money to collect their concert DVD and CD. Most of my collections are imported because Indonesia doesn’t sell their DVD and the quality of the CD for Indonesia market is terrible. I downloaded almost all their live performances in Japanese TV. I once written a post called A Collection of Love where I write all my collection there.

If a genie grants my wish by saying “I will give you a chance to see Laruku’s Live Performance but you shall never see other band’s live performance again as long as you live, will you take it?” …I’d say yes even before he finishes his words. That is how much I love this band.

Honorable  Mention: One Piece. I think this manga is the best of all manga,  but I still haven’t come to the collecting everything zone yet. Only the manga and anime.


Those are the things I am obsess with, I’d loved to know your obsessions…do share it here 🙂


    1. Thank you for remembering the three Mike 🙂
      Well…GNR is my old obsession, I am not as obsessed as I use to but there were moments when they were the center of my entertainment.
      Thank you Mike.

    1. They are Japanese Rock Band. They are planning to do a world tour soon.Not many people know about them…but I have been a fan for years. I saw their Live Viewing (their 20th anniversary concert being showed in 1one specific cinema for only 3 nights) last Saturday and will see it again next Sunday. It was like a real concert.
      I hope the will come to Indonesia one day.

    1. I guess that’s because I don’t talk much about it here, it’s difficult to write about sport. You should check my twitter during the finals….it was full of me twitting about the game 😉

  1. Hehehe…. I am much like you in this way Novia….

    I have very intense feelings too for things and people too. I usually know right away if I like something and if I do I often become very “obsessed’ with it as well. For me, the biggest is my love for horror movies and ghost stories… and sometimes I catch myself being maybe toooo enthusiastic in telling friends about them…. We all have those “special things” that will make us happy and which maybe others will shake their heads and wonder if we are crazy to like so much.

    It’s fun to share those things with others… especially if you can introduce them to something they may not know, but come to enjoy as much as you!! Keep sharing those things! 😉

    1. *high five*

      I know some people are just so-so toward things or people, I am always happy to meet someone else who is more like me. Different obsession is fun, but at least same in the way of being obsessed. I can tell from your blog how much you love horror movies,you even watch the one not many people watch…that’s so cool!!

      I know some people started noticing Cillian because of my blog. I have turned into Cillian’s promotion girl 😉
      I will keep sharing them as long as I keep blogging 😉

      Thank you for this fun comment Miyuki :hug:

    1. Yaayy…he is the newest and yet already put in number 2. I am too crazy over him 😉
      I am sort of confuse between Serbian players with Kroasian players. After Jordan left, I am like European players more.Right now,my favorite is the talented German, Dirk Nowitzki. Maybe after he left,it will be someone from Serbia 😉

  2. Oh wow L’Arc en Ciel ahead of Cillian Murphy! You always surprise me Novia 🙂 And I’m sure you are happy about this but the NBA will be back on Christmas day!!! WOOHOO 😀

    1. Aha…I think it’s only surprising to my movie lover friends 😉

      Cillian still need few years ahead to even come close to my obsession on L’Arc~en~Ciel.
      I know!! I can’t wait anymore…it’s taken too long…at least the strike is over. I miss the game so much.

  3. It’s nice to talk about things you like and not about those you don’t. I like reading about the enthusiasm/obsession. I wasn’t aware of the Guns ‘n’ Roses obesession at all, the NBA I could have know if I didn’t shy away from sports posts. I do not enjoy sport at all.
    I can’t name 5 things. I haven’t obsessed about anything in a long while, if obsession means wanting to to hear/read/watch everything someone has done. I can get enthusiastic, of course, but it’s different. I had a bit of a 30 Seconds to Mars obsession but it’s over. Still like Jared Leto though. Ah, there is one other thing. I love, love, love the movies of Jane Campion and want to watch and have them all.

    1. Well, my enthusiasm over Guns and Roses was taken over by Laruku, maybe it wouldn’t be taken away if they stayed together.

      Well, I am the only female in the family, except my mom of course, so watching sport comes naturally to me.

      I know a lot of people like Jared Letto….I still haven’t seen any of his movies yet.
      Jane Campion? whose movie, UK or US? and what is it about?

      1. Jane Campion is from New Zealand. I think it shows, she is very different. I’m not so sure you would like her movies unless you like costume dramas. They are very beautiful. The Piano, Portrait of a Lady and Bright Star. In the Cut is a serial killer movie. A bit unusal for her but very good as well.

        1. I always like serial killer movie, but never heard one with beautiful costume.
          If it’s New Zealand TVShows, big doubt I will ever watch it…they don’t even sale British TVShow, always American 😦

  4. I used to enjoy basketball years ago but it passes me by now. We don’t get any NBA coverage here in the UK. I love MLB though but that has also been dropped by the major television channel here in the UK so again coverage is limited to pay-per-view. Which is a crying shame. The most televised American sport in England is American Football.

    1. There was time when NBA wasn’t shown in any localTV, I was really sad back then. The current localTV only shows 1 game perweek, it is always on Sunday where people are able to see it live without job getting in the way. It’s enough for me…especially when they often show my favorite team.
      I don’t really like American Football too much bumping on each other. I believe England loves their football more 😉

  5. Ahah, well you should’ve put Cillian as number 1, no? Cool post, Nov, I might respond with a post on my own even though right now I only have room for Gregory. Yes I know, it’s crazy isn’t it? I never thought I’d fall this HARD for a deceased actor, what I’m feeling right now can only be described as ‘obsession’ ahah. His movies are all I want to watch right now, but this weekend I’m gonna try to break ’em up by watching some other non GP movies 😀

    Btw, I was a big fan of GNR too in high school, but I think my fave rock band was Warrant, so it as sad to hear the lead singer died recently.

    1. Unfortunately I don’t think Cillian will ever be number 1 as long as L’Arc~en~Ciel still exist. The love I have for Laruku is toooo much, it’s already in the addiction term. But Cillian certainly is number 1 if I made a list of actors I am obsessed with 😉

      You know,I never read why you suddenly have a huge crush on Peck?
      Yes Ruth…you have to balance it with other movies 😉

      Warrant wasn’t really famous here, I only know some of their songs. Heavy metal era was the best music era for US,in my opinion.

    1. Hehehe the love I have for muse is not even close to GNR (at least when I was in Junior High)…so,unfortunately Muse didn’t make it into the list

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