20th L’Anniversary Live Viewing – 1 step closer to a 10 year dream

I have loved L’Arc~en~Ciel with all the passion and admiration for over 10 years now (next year will be my 11th anniversary of loving this amazing band). 10 years have passed without a single thread of hope to ever seeing them live in front of my eyes. All I can do is listening to them through CD and DVD for over than 3650 days …but now, heading to 11 years, I see hope and feel a fresh wind blowing toward us, Cielers Indonesia, that they might come.

I forgot the exact time, probably a month ago, Oishi Masahiro (大石征裕) – Music producer and engineer representative Shi_Gurupu Maverick Dee. Chairman, General Federation of Japan Music production (音楽プロデューサー・エンジニア兼マーヴェリック・ディー・シー・グループ代表。一般社団法人 日本音楽制作者連盟 理事長。) – In short, Laruku’s manager – came to Jakarta. I was wondering whether he had good news or bad news.

Then, to my utter delight, this announcement showed up:

followed by this

I was ecstatic!! Jakarta was in their list!! Finally, they noticed us 🙂
And to  add up my happiness, they gave 2 nights for Jakarta…yayyy \(^^)/ …and today, I find out it has turned into 3 nights 😉

Now…here’s the point of my post and the reason why I think they might come to Indonesia one day 🙂

The date for Live Viewing was November 26 and December 3, the ticket box was supposed to be open on November 19. I was so ready to queue up from morning. But something technical had happened, 21cineplex postponed the date to further information 😦

The suddenly announced that the ticket box was opened on November 23…which was on Wednesday, how was I going to queue up? I had school to teach. I know how CRAZY Indonesian Cielers (fans of L’Arc~en~Ciel). Even though it was only a live viewing in cinema but NEVER underestimate the power of love of Indonesian Cielers. I really really didn’t want to miss this historical moment, therefore I asked a certain L’Arc~en~Ciel fan community to buy it for me.

Here comes the fun and excitement!!

From Detik.com

Tiket ‘L’Arc-En-Ciel Concert Movie’ mulai dijual hari ini, Rabu (23/11/2011) di XXI Epicentrum, Jakarta Selatan. Dalam 8 jam, tiket film konser berdurasi 2 jam itu nyaris terjual habis

Translation: The ticket for ‘L’Arc-En-Ciel Concert Movie’ is on sale today, Wednesday 11/23/2011 at Epicentrum, South Jakarta. Within 8 hours, the ticket for that 2 hours show is almost sold out

A friend told me that the ticket for Dec-3 was sold out within 3 hours and people were buying the ticket for Dec-10. By the time the news was published, there were only 25 seats left. The next morning, I heard that it was all sold out 🙂

There was an interesting story from my friend; 21cineplex only allowed one person to buy 10 tickets on the spot. My friend bought 6 ticket, but there was a  person who wanted to buy 20 tickets…that person then asked everyone to help him buying the other 10 tickets he needed.

Many fans who didn’t have chance to queue up felt so disappointed and someone must have said it to Live Viewing Japan  (the one who handles this event) and this is what I saw just now:

They are adding a new show fro Dec-11 🙂

…and that makes Indonesia receives a total of 3 shows.

I hope L’Arc~en~Ciel  can see our excitement and aware of the love we have for them 🙂

Please…please…please come in 2012, インドネシア  に 来て下さい…お願いします (^^)/

What exactly are we going to see?

This might sound funny to you who have never love a band as much as I do,  the show of the live viewing event is the concert I have downloaded and watched over 10 times. I have reviewed it here on October. The show is from their 20th L’Anniversary concert in Ajinomoto. A 17  inches computer screen is no match for the screen in a cinema that has 500seats 😉
I am expecting to see the craziness of all the cielers…let’s sing and dance together guys!!! Let’s bring them here, Minna!!!

20 thoughts on “20th L’Anniversary Live Viewing – 1 step closer to a 10 year dream

  1. Kyaaaa~…. Ayooo berdoa smoga laruku bisa dtg k sn….^^….
    Gw kaga tao dah brapa taon gw mencintai neh band…harapan buat mereka ksn GA PERNAH PUDAR…^0^….nyooooo’

  2. Gyahahahaaaa…akheeeeernyaaaaa….キャーq(≧∇≦*)(*≧∇≦)pキャー
    Tnyata yg bener2 cinta ma Larc itu bener2 dLuar dugaan ya, sampe nambah hari gtu..weeew…
    Mungkin cinta gw ga sbesar cinta para Cielers, krn ada yg lbh gw cintai band jpangnya, tapiiiiii…rasanya kesempatan ky gini amat sgt dSayangkan tuk dLewatkan d, scara ye itu Larc!!! Krn Larc juga slh satu band yg mbawa musik Jrock byk dKenal diIndonesia, rasanya smua pcinta musik jpang pasti tao lah Larc..bahkan pcinta animanga pun pasti tao ben skaliber Larc…ahahahahaaa…jd No Regret d tuk ntn ini!! Yg da jg klo ga ntn bakal mnyesaaaaaalll bgt yaaaa…

    Hayooo…nanti qta bheboh2 ria, waktunya bsenang2 bsama Larc bentar lg d, rasanya dh ga sabaaaaaar bgt..bagaimanapun Larc jg merupakan slh satu band Jpang yg gw harapkan bisa dtg k Indonesia..amiiiinnnn….♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)

    1. Gw sih dah nebak bakal begini…bakal abis cepet tiketnya, soalnya ini acara jarang terjadi, udah gitu ga cuma sekedar nobar yang diadain komunitas tapi big boss sendiri yang dtg kesini…gyaaaa acara resmi gitu loh!!!

      Iya, Larc, XJapan, Luna Sea, Diru dan Glay menurut gw pelopor musik Jepang di Indonesia. Kalo salah satu dr merekajuga ngadain acra penting begini (apalagi sampai dtg konser) gw juga pasti nntn.

      Kita ga boleh jaim ya pas acara 🙂 ayo menggila!!! nyanyi bareng walopun suara fals hehe

      1. Iyaaaa…kmrn gw sempet ngebahas soal live viewing ma slh satu dedengkot anak X indo…die juga setuju ma gw, seandainya XJapan jg bisa dBiqin ky gini, kye malah lbh ngena d..skalian d undang promotor tuk liat antusias pens2nya…tapiiiii…qta mentok bingung jg gmana cara ngundang Yoshiki ny yaaaa…sle stao qta kn XJapan itu sentralisasi bgt k Yoshiki, smua urusan kye yg nge-handle langsung kYoshiki..krn qta juga ga pernah dgr yg namanya mrk punya manager ato asisten…ahahahahaaaa…apa anak X Indo bela2in biqin ja ndere yaaa…khekekekekee… :p
        Gw bharap bgt d ben2 yg lo sebutin itu smua bisa dBiqin kaya gini en nantinya bener2 mrk bs dtg konser dMariiiiii…

        1. knapa kalian ga bkin aja nobar xjapan?
          anak2 cielers bbrp bulan yg lalu dah bkin nobar, mrk nyewa 1studio Blitz, kalo ga slh arashi jg dah prnh. Sapa tau jd memancing Live Viewing Japan buat ngadain yg resminya

    1. Saya pas tau harinya nambah langsung merinding…berasa dapat angin segar yang berbisik mereka akan datang.
      Semoga yang ketiga ini juga sold out jadi benar2 terlihat antusias besar Cielers Indonesia

  3. WOW selamat Misss! Finally. Ini sama kayak saya dulu Miss, ngefans sama Switchfoot udah dari kelas 5 SD trus mereka dateng tahun 2008 berarti 7 tahun penantian terbayar trus kemaren 2011 mereka dateng lagi, udah kayak ketiban duren. Woooohoooo saya ngga ngikutin Laruku sih Misss tapi pasti perasaannya menyenangkan 😀

    1. Makasih May 🙂
      Aha…band Jepang sayangnya ga bisa dibandingin sama band bule…band bule punya kesempatan untuk datang ke Indoonesia lebih besar drpd band Jepang 😦 makanya sy seperti hilang harapan selama bertahun2. Alhamdulillah sekarang mata mereka dah terbuka dengan gilanya fans2 mereka di Indonesia,jadi bisa berharap lagi.

      Menyenangkan=fun…ini lebih dari fun, ini ecstatic!!! 🙂

    1. I don’t which band started this live viewing, but Laruku started this since their 20th anniversary concert…at that time, England was one of the country they chose. This time, England and France are the only 2 from Europe.

      I think Live Viewing is a great idea…more bands should do this. I have dreamed about something like this years ago, thinking it would be fun to see my favorite bands in big screen…cinema should belongs to both music and movie.

      I hope I will see them in person too one day…this is an official event…so they will know how enthusiastic Indonesian Cielers are 🙂

  4. Hey Nov, got an email about this and was excited to see Jakarta would be showing this! Closest thing to Dallas is in Houston…bummer. I may not love them as much as you but would LOVE to see them in concert!! Stay Away is probably my favorite song but there’s so many to chose from. Not many bands stay together this long so it’s a great tribute to the fans.

    1. If I am not mistaken, US is also in their world tour list…I’d love to see them LIVE in front of me…this live viewing is already an improvement.
      You know there are a lot fans coming from outside Jakarta to see this. That’s why the ticket was sold out so quick.

      Have you ever seen them live in DVD Marc?

      Them sticking up together this long is one of the reason I still love them 🙂

    1. eh? Priska ga tggl di Jakarta? hehe ntah knapa slama ini sy berfikir Priska org Jakarta.

      iya doain aja mrk bs terpacu untuk dtg stlh liat antusias di acr ini….kalo mrk dtg, dimanapun Priska brada hrs dtg nntn loh 😉

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