Retreat vs In Time (Part 2)

The first plan was to write about Retreat this month and write about In Time next month, the arrangement is to prevent too many Cillian Murphy posts in one month…however, things changed after I saw In Time few hours ago. I just couldn’t delay the fact that both Retreat and In time totally lived up to my expectation, one in a good way while the other in a bad way.

This is going to be my longest post ever, this has 3 pages:

Page 1: Review of Retreat
Page 2: Review of In Time (Don’t read it if you don’t want to be spoiled, it’s more like a rant rather than review)
Page 3: Retreat Vs In Time Part 2

In September 1, 2011…I had written why I think Retreat will win over In Time even before I see both movies.

Now that I have seen it, Retreat indeed won over In Time.

As I have predicted, In Time has a weak plot. In story: Retreat won by a mile. Retreat is unpredictable while In Time so predictable. Thumbs up for Carl Tibbetts, hoping to see his other movie in the future.

In Cillian Murphy’s character: Raymond Leon has stronger character…and for this, In Time won over Retreat.

Fine looking leader!

For the other actors…sorry for In Time, I still much much prefer Thandie Newton and Jamie Bell than Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake. So Retreat Won.

My suggestion is….if you can manage to watch one of them…choose Retreat!!! an independent movie which is much better than the blockbuster one.

This tumblr post by Inception365 is so straight to the point 😉


    1. Glad to know you like both movies Dezz 🙂 I am quite surprised you have seen both…even my friend who also loves Cillian hasn’t seen them.You really are movie lover.

      Sorry I still couldn’t enjoy In Time, I have tried but… But somehow,I am glad that Rotten Tomatoes agreed with me because I often stand in opposite direction.I love The Boat that Rocked so much and Rotten Tomatoes gave it bad rank, I don’t like Avatar that much and Rotten gave good rating…for once, RT and me finally in the same page about In Time 😉

        1. well…my policy is simple: “judge the movie by yourself” … I only look at RT when I have already watched the movie, not before. It’s fun when RT is on the same page but I don’t give a sh*t when RT said the other way around 😉

    1. Have you seen In Time? you shouldn’t trust review so much till you see it for yourself.

      Please let me know once you got a chance to see retreat 🙂

  1. Oops – I meant Retreat. I can really not watch Justin Timberlake. If at least I was intersted in the topic, OK maybe, like the Facebook movie, I did like it anyway but this one… nah.

    1. I know you meant Retreat 😉 In Time has no surprise at all…all according to how expected it to be. Retreat is a real treat even with that lack of strength in the characters.

      I still haven’t seen that facebook movie, maybe one day. Don’t let my judgement be the one that clouded your decision to watch In Time. I will download this movie once it’s been uploaded so that I can cut the part with only Cillian in it…hehe he is so handsome there.

  2. Y’know, I’m with you about In Time in terms of the lead cast. But the theme of the story still intrigues me, so I might rent that one. Retreat on the other hand, isn’t really my cup of tea. I’ll check it out eventually since you gave it such high marks, Nov.

    1. Well…if you like unpredictable psy-thriller…then Retreat is for you. But, since you don’t like such genre…I don’t know whether you gonna like it or not.

      It goes the same with my reluctance toward In Time’s predictable theme 😉

    1. You know,when I watched it…there were less than 10 people in the cinema.I guessed that’s why not all 21 is playing the movie.
      Well…I still sort of hating Cillian for playing in In Time…but yeah it was worth to see him in that cool outfit 😉

  3. I wrote my review of this today after waiting a week. I agree that it is only worth the time on cable television and little more. I expected so much more.

    1. Hi Max 🙂
      you are refering to In Time, right? Will check your review soon.
      The problem with this movie is the issue that is TOO common and the plot is really weak.
      As a friend told me, at least I got what I expected to see 😉 other than that, nothing.

  4. I have to say i like RETREAT : the story, the actors performances and most of all the ending because it was unpredictable. IN TIME was so boring that i almost fell asleep .The only thing that kept me awake was MR MURPHY. (he is the only plus of this movie)

    1. Hear hear!!! I am so happy to meet someone like you that have the same opinion as me regarding The Gorgeous Mr.Murphy 🙂

      In Time is incredibly boring!! I won’t even watch it if Cillian is not there. I have downloaded the movie and will soon cut it to only Cillian 😉

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