Super 8 – super Amazing

I have no idea why the movie is called Super 8, even after I finished watching it, but I do know that Super 8 is bloody amazing!! Easily becomes one of my favorite Alien Movies.

I have been in love with the movie from the moment I saw the trailer. My anticipation toward the movie was so high and I am glad it paid off. To tell you the truth, I have been feeling so happy lately because all my anticipated movies turned out to be worth the anticipation. TinTin is the last on my anticipated list, will see it tomorrow, hope it will live up to my expectation. The latest ones, before Super 8, were The Rise of The Planet of The Apes and Retreat (because I have just posted a Cillian Murphy related post, I decided to post Retreat review after Super 8. The review will be on Wednesday).

I saw The War of The World the day before I saw Super 8 and even though I like Independence Day…but I really have to say that you don’t need alien invasion trying to eliminate human from the face of the earth to make a memorable alien movie. Simple and deep, that’s all I need from my alien movies, just look at the unforgettable D-9 and now this, Super 8.

In some ways, it kinda reminds me of E.T, children with alien trying to get back home…but the E.T isn’t as cute as that E.T. I like this monstrous E.T more, and it sure is fun to see alien paying back his capturers in a big bang.

Charles was a future ‘great’ director, he directed zombie movie with his closed friends as the leading and supporting roles in his movie. The make-up and sound technician was a boy named Joe, Charles’ friend since kindergarten. Along with their other 3 friends and a girl who was not actually a member of their little ‘gang’, they headed to a train station to shoot a scene. What they got was more than a movie scene. Joe saw a pick-up truck ran on the train track and hit a running train, it caused an eye-popping train crash.

One of the cargoes carried something that could throw the cargo’s door as if it was made of paper, Joe was the only one who saw it. All 6 of them survived the train crash and found a man who caused the crash. It was one of their teachers. He told them to run away or they will kill them and their family. The army came second after they got away….and their calm town started to change after that.

The army tried to cover the situation because they didn’t want the people knew that they were carrying alien and its technology. But strange things began to happen in the town, people were missing their electronic stuffs. And the army began checking each house for something they won’t tell.

Meanwhile, the children (Joe, Charles, Preston, Alice, Cary and Martin) continued their movie production and as if nothing had happen. They soon found out that they were in deep trouble.

I can’t say much about the story because I don’t think the movie will look great if you know what happened next 😉

I like everything about this movie. The scoring is perfect and the visual is stunning. The part where the train blew up is my favorite part. I also like the way the alien attack people, it has its own style. When I watched it, I was totally glued, I couldn’t take my eyes of it. I didn’t want to miss a single scene. I love how that alien turns everything into chaos.

In my opinion, the story is not slow at all (as I have read somewhere). I like the fact those children didn’t start doing detective stuff to investigate the train…they all just living their live. They kept their activity. They talked about the accident but they didn’t start becoming little detectives who acted like they know everything. They did finally act like detectives, but that was after something happened to their friend. I like stories where children don’t act like grown-ups. And I also appreciate the non-existence of corny moment with the alien.

In conclusion, Super 8 is one of the best movies in 2011.

Movie Details

Director: J.J. Abrams
Producer: Steven Spielberg, J. J. Abrams, Bryan Burk
Screenplay: J. J. Abrams
Starring: Joel Courtney, Elle Fanning, Kyle Chandler, Ron Eldard, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee
Release: June 10, 2011

The trailer that awed me:

The second trailer shows more than the first, but I like the first one better, it’s more mysterious.

Have you seen Super? and what do you think?


  1. I enjoyed this too, classic Spielberg that’s reminiscent of E.T. I was very impressed w/ Elle Fanning as well, that kid will go far.

  2. I LOVED this movie. Easily one of my very faves. The music, the characters and just everything were incredible. I think it was called Super 8 because the camera that Charles is using is an old Super 8 hand held.

    1. *high five* I also thought everything were incredible. I wish I saw it in the cinema, I saw this in DVD and even so I still think it’s an amazing movie.
      Ah…thank you for telling me that Melissa,now I know the meaning of the title.

  3. Super 8 is the 8 mm film used in those cameras that the children use to film their zombie movies 😉 Glad you liked this movie Novia. Definitely a solid sci-fi flick although I felt it was conflicted between being a monster movie and a coming-of-age story. Also, I thought JJ Abrams piled on too much excess in terms of the action set pieces with (REALLY) loud explosions, lens flares etc…

    1. Thank you for explaining Cas 🙂
      Btw, I think the zombie movie is quite fun.
      I kinda see it more like monster movie rather than coming of age movie…one big monster that is. I watched this in DVD (I wish I saw it in cinema) and the loud explosions didn’t bother me much….many it would be different if I saw it in cinema.

  4. Glad to hear that you have rave reviews for ‘Super 8’… it must be a very good movie! I’ve heard many good things about it, but have yet to watch it. I think I’ll see if it is available in DVD format and rent it for a movie night this coming weekend 😀

    1. Hi Maple Mom…I don’t know how your movie preference is, but I think Super can be a good movie to anyone with any preferences. Hope you can see it soon and enjoy it as much as I did.

  5. Nice to hear you loved it. It’s a great movie that really brought back that feeling of living in that era. It has a kind of innocence which adds to its charm.

    1. I am sucker for alien movie 😉 well…of course good alien movies to be precise.
      You’re right, the innocence made the story even better. I like how those kids still act as kids after the train crash.

    1. yaiy…glad to hear that. I also loved this one. If I ever write top 5 alien movie, super 8 would be in the list.
      Which aspect bothers your dad? I am curious

  6. Wonderful review. I’m jealous as I’ve still not seen this film and I was looking forward to it for ages. I’ll just have to wait for the DVD to come out.

  7. I very much enjoyed this film the first time I sawed, and liked it better on a second screening when I took my daughter. Although, the injury results of two head-on collisions for characters in 70s vintage vehicles were unbelievable and the only thing that took me out of movie for a short bit. Fine look at this, Novroz. Thanks.

    1. The injury result? meaning how the man can survive that train crash, right? I was also wondering about that…that man should have died from the crash. But I don’t have much thinking time as I continue wondering what will happen next with the alien.
      Thank you for stopping by Mike…I plan to see it again soon 🙂

  8. Wow, thanks for this Novroz! I have Super 8 sitting on my desk, and I have not watched it. Looks like it’s time to buy some popcorn and sit down and watch this.:) Thanks so much for this wonderful review!

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