Monthly Murphy 1st Anniversary

Whoa…I never thought that it would last this long!!

A year ago, this exact day, I created monthly post about one actor. I never did thing like that before, it’s true that my blog was created for the one band I love the most, L’Arc~en~Ciel….but I thought that was it, L’Arc will be the only special thing I wrote monthly or routinely. But this actor from Ireland suddenly stole my heart the way L’Arc used to (and still) steal my heart. I sometimes wrote too much about him in one month…I feel like if I went on like that, my blog will turn into a fan blog, that’s why I created this controlled monthly post. I can only write 1 post about him in one month (except for special occasion).

Who is this Irish actor I am talking about?

Yup….it’s the one and only, the talented Mr Cillian Murphy !

When I wrote the introduction of this monthly post, Robert Lee said:

I am currently writing Zombie focused posts and worried about running out of post ideas. I look forward to seeing how you can be 1000% more focused than that by writing about an individual person once a month. Good luck with it Novroz!

He has trouble trying to write Zombie related post and here I am pledging to write a post each  month about 1 actor. And to my surprise…I managed to do that very well 🙂

As I have already said so many time in this blog, my history of being obsess with Cillian start from Dr.  Jonathan Crane. He had stolen my attention from Bale as Batman.







But His role as Jim was the one that made me adore him as the most gorgeous man alive.



And then, his transvestite role as Kitten was the one that made me look at him as one of the most talented actor of his generation (borrowing Nolan’s words)



Since then…I adore Cillian Murphy as a beautiful man (as I have written before: I thank God for creating such beautiful man to bring delight upon my eyes) and as a breathtaking brilliant actor. Yes, we all know that he is so underrated…but I really don’t care what people think of him.

Within one year, that makes 12 months, I have written these posts:

November 2010: Monthly Murphy first post
December 2010: Cillian Murphy’s next projects
January 2011: Cillian Murphy’s CameoPerformances
February 2011: Watchmen and The Water: Short films
March 2011: Red Eye
April 2011: Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is the prettiest Cillian Murphy of the all (comes with a poll)
May 2011: It’s a special month 🙂 Top-5 Cillian Murphy’s Movies; Letter to Mr Cillian Murphy; Happy 35th Birthday
June 2011: Cillian Murphy’s Project Update
July 2011: Cillian Murphy as the Angel of  Death
August 2011: Misterman – a sold out theatrical performance
September 2011: Retreat vs In Time
October 2011: On The Edge; Snapshots from Red Lights

Out of all  the posts,my favorite is when I share about Cillian becoming a more beautiful woman than me in mirror mirror in the wall.

The post that made me proud is Misterman because I did a thorough search of his performance in that one man theatrical show….which I wish I could see.

The post I  wrote with all my heart is Letter to Mr Cillian Murphy.

Hmm…what else should I write in the next 12 months 😉

Thank you sooooo much to everyone that always read my Monthly Murphy even though you are not a fan… and thank you for putting up with my obsessiveness with this Irish man. Hope you can bear another year full of him 🙂


  1. I always enjoy your Cillian Murphy posts. For a start you introduced me to a really great actor and through you I discovered Breakfast on Pluto which is such a wonderful movie. It’s always wonderful when someone does something with a passion, like you write your posts. I think the hard thing for you is to NOT write about him. 🙂

    1. Thank you for being interested with him as his movies, Caroline 🙂
      I know it’s impossible trying to make people love him as much as I do, but knowing someone acknowledges his talent through my monthly post makes writing it worth my time.

      haha that’s right, I am not sure I will be able to stop writing about him 😉

    1. Thank you Miyuki 🙂 haha I guess I am a passionate person. I will keep it for long as I am a loyal person when it comes to favorite person or band.

  2. Saran dong, Nov.
    The best scenes/shots/pose of Cillian Murphy in various movies? 😉
    The one that made me interested is his look inside the car when he is chasing the main cast of In Time…. gosh, tatapan matanya (padahal lagi ga liat kamera) ama raut wajah coolnya, wiiiii….

    1. Great idea Dhitz 🙂 will do it one month (plesetan oneday), it can’t be done till I fix my CD-Room.

      whuaaaa matanya membuatku meleleh. Gw dah liat adegan itu di tumblr…itu alasan utama gw mau liat In Time di bioskop.

  3. Happy birthday Monthly Murphy!? 😀 Well keep them coming Novia, I know you love to talk about Cillian and it’s actually quite informative.

    1. Thank you Cas 🙂
      I am trying to keep it informative, I don’t want to turn my monthly post into a fangirl hysteria post (that part belongs to my tumblr). I hope I can keep it like this through next year.

    1. I do not hope so Dezz. I want him keep picking up roles that challenges him as an actor…I don’t want him to be playing those movies by those untalented young actors. If he gets more big roles, it has to be something with a class.

  4. Woo hoo! Happy birthday, Monthly Murphy! Your love for Cillian knows no bounds, Nov, ahah. I mention GB a lot but I don’t have a dedicated blog series for him, he..he.. btw, it’s his b’day this weekend, hope you stop by for the um, festivities 😀

    1. hahaha I guess you’re right Ruth 😉 there’s no limit to how much I like this blue eyed actor. my tumblr even crazier than my series in this blog.

      Ah GB birthday is on November? You know I’ll b there to check your post.

  5. Proud of your dedication to being able to shed some fantastic light on the work of one great actor over a whole year’s time! CM is a great actor and I can appreciate being such a fan.

    Keep up the great work Nov!!

    1. Thank you T 🙂
      I hope I can continue doing this without running out of materials to write. He isn’t the glamour superstar type of actor, I sometimes wonder what else to write about him

  6. I am just now starting to realize the wonder that is Cillian Murphy. I look forward to seeing Retreat. Thanks for your comment at The Movie 411.

    1. hi Melissa, thank you for stopping by and I like that news on Elijah at your blog:)
      RETREAT is really good!! I’ll have its review next week. It was unpredictable.

    1. Yeah…I can’t believe I have been writing about him in a full year…time does run fast when you’re having fun 😉
      Thank you Roisin…I miss you in blogosphere

      1. Thanks, Novia 🙂 I hope to blog and comment more often. I’m delighted that your blog is so successful and busy with comments – You deserve it with the hard work that you put into the blog ( Although, you probably don’t think of Monthly Murphy as hard work 😉 )

        1. I look forward to your blog post 🙂
          hahaha that’s true!! It was hard work but didn’t feel like hard work, especially putting up a post about Misterman….it took days to finish and I am proud of it.

          1. They sure are!! Kroten has new movie coming up 😉
            …and they are gaining more loyal reader than mine. i guess human isn’t as interesting as turtles 😉

    1. The poster is already out since Saturday,it’s Alien 5 where she got to eat Sigourney 😉
      I am thinking to pair her with Cillian in her next movie project

    1. Hi Helena 🙂

      I agree with you…he is TOO damn gorgeous!! But I am glad he is not just a pretty face, he has amazing talent to support his gorgeousness

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