Stories by Gerald Griffin

A dark fairy tale and a matter of priority were the base of the two shorts by Gerald Griffin

This is my second installment of The Wordsworth Collection of Irish Ghost Stories. I have read and reviewed 2 stories out of around 70 stories earlier this month. You can see the list of the stories here, and the previous shorts I reviewed here. This month, I want to share another 2 shorts, but unlike before, both stories came from same author. I have decided to read the stories based on author instead of based on title.

Personally, I like these two shorts better than the previous ones. Both shorts have an eerie feeling to it, especially The Brown Man. Gerald Griffin has a very interesting way to surprised me. Without more introduction, let’s just get to the stories.

The Brown Man (Page 562-566)

The Brown man begins with romantic fairy tale of a poor woman meeting, or so she thought, a rich man. He suddenly asked her to marry him and gave a lot of money to her mom. She was given imagination that the Brown man lived in big castle. What she expected was not what she got. Her husband had terrible secret that could cost her life.

I really like the twist in this story. When I first read the first few paragraphs, I didn’t really like it as it sounded so stupid for a girl to marry a complete stranger. But Griffin managed to intrigue me to go on, he turned things into something full of curiosity…and the ending was unexpected. I really like it.

The brown Man is a perfect story to tell girls not to marry stranger just because he looks like a rich man 😉

The dilemma of Phadrig  (567-576)

Phadrig’s wife was recently died. He had one son from his wife. Not long after his wife’s death, he married another woman and had two more children from her. Phadrig’s life depended on his cow, without the cow his family would have such hard time. One day, the cow became ill. Phadrig had tried everything to cure her. He remembered that there was a shaman who could heal any disease. He went to that shaman. The shaman gave him a way to cure the cow but he had to choose either to let the cow die or save her but for that he had to pay it with the life of one of his children. Now you know his dilemma!! Will he do it or not? If he does, which child he should sacrifice?

What would you do if you are in his position?

Although I like both stories, I like The Brown Man much better, it has a far better ending. Compare to last 2 stories… I like these two better. I am looking forward to read more stories from this wonderful collection.

4 thoughts on “Stories by Gerald Griffin

  1. I didn’t know the author either…in fact, I only know 2 authors in this collection…but he is a fun author to read.

    I hope so too…I’d probably print it somewhere next week.

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