The Beauty of Green Canyon (Cukang Taneuh)

Before  I start, I  should warn you that this post contains a lot of photos 🙂

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Early this month, Anggi (we work at the same office/school) asked me whether I want to join her and her friends’ trip to Green Canyon….yup, you read it correctly GREEN CANYON not Grand Canyon 🙂 I was planning to share this for my Indonesia Banget post…but 17 of this month is too far to share my current activity. let’s just say that this is a Special Indonesia Banget edition 😉

First of all, let me explain you what Green Canyon is!

From local people, this place is called as Cukang Taneuh (it used Sundanese – a traditional language used by people of  West Java) which means The Land Bridge or The Soil Bridge (I am not sure which one is the correct one as tanah has two meanings in English). In 1990, a tourist from France saw the beauty of Cukang Taneuh and called it as Green Canyon because it looks like Grand Canyon but the color is so green.

Green Canyon is in Desa Kertayasa, Kecamatan Cijulang, Ciamis, Jawa Barat (West Java). It is 393 km from Jakarta, the ride takes about 8 to 9 hours. It is also located around 31 km from Pangandaran Beach and also close to Batu Karas Beach and Batu Hiu Beach. Because all those beaches are near our main destination we decided to visit them all. I will divide the photos based on the places.

These are my photos…to anyone who come across these photos, please don’t use them without my permission. Tolong jangan gunakan photo-photo berikut tanpa izin dari saya atau setidaknya berikan link ke halaman ini.


Pangandaran Beach

We arrived at Pangandaran Beach around 4 pm. Some of my fellow travelers wanted to ride banana boat on the East Beach…Anggi, Winda and I wanted to capture the sunset. Unfortunately, the sun hid behind the cloud…but I amstill happy with the view. The current was so strong in this west beach.

Here are my favorite photos (Click on the photo to have a better look). If your cursor hovers above the photo, I wrote something on each photo (tho not always)


Green Canyon

We left Pangadaran early in the morning because we didn’t want to get to Green canyon  and found so many people there. Green canyon was sooooo beautiful. The photos I have here did not do any justice to the real one. The river was so green and clean. There was no trash in it (unlike all rivers in Jakarta). The rocks were incredible, a feast to my eyes.

On the boat to the main view, we could see the greenery on both sides of the river and big rock with amazing shapes. There was also water dripping down the rock. Near the entrance of the main view, the dripping water became intense as if we were in the middle of heavy rain.

From here, we had to swim to the next spot. I couldn’t take out my camera as often as before. The current was so strong, it was hard to swim even with the help of the life jacket. In some parts,the river was really deep. There was a rock people used to jump down the river,it was around 9 meters from the water surface.


On our way back to the boat station (I don’t know what to call that place so I made this word up). The sun was already high and I could get better photos than before. The water looked greener than before.

My next visit, which was to Batu Karas beach and Batu Hiu beach, can be seen in page 2 🙂

I don’t want to make  this post becomes TOO long.


  1. Novia it looks so pretty there!

    I’m happy to see you finally got to do some stuff outdoors…. it looks like it was really fun to be there in the forest and on the river. 😉

    1. Thank you Miyuki 🙂
      it was really really fun. I like the view in the Canyon. When I swam back with my back on the water and my face looking up, I let the current carried me, whuaaa the view was breathtaking…love the shape of the rocks with water dripping in slow motion onto my face. Love it so much.

      1. Gorgeous pics, Nov!! Makes me miss my tanah air 😀 Dez, I hope one day you can visit a tropical place, start with Bali, it truly is a paradise on earth!

        1. Thank you Ruth 🙂
          You know, I haven’t visited Bali yet, I never have to urge to go there…maybe it’s becuse I like greenery than beaches. In this trip, I wouldn’t come along if the plan is only visiting the beaches. My only reason to join is Green Canyon.

          But maybe one day I will visit Bali 😉

    1. Thank you Caroline 🙂
      It was more beautiful than my pictures.
      I love the fact that the river is still free from garbages…the river is only poluted with falling leaves.

  2. Wow, to be able to go and experience such a magnificent place! How wonderful! I like these photo–they do show the dripping water, the greet water, the rocks, people having fun, etc. The only thing, and you mention this, is that you were fighting the sun, which is the problem with working outdoors, as the sun is just so powerful during a sunny day. But still, I really like these photos. You have shown what a truly magnificent place this is by your photos, and that’s a success story just because of that reason. So glad you pointed me to this post! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the input Katie…it means a lot. After you point it out, I know realize the sun effect in my photos. I will more careful later, if possible to take the shot without facing the sun, I will do such thing.

      Thank you for taking time to see this post. It really is a beautiful place. I wish I can do another outdoor activity before the end of the year.

      1. You’re welcome! 🙂 I think they are really nice photos even with the sun in some of them. It’s hard to get great outdoor shots when the sun is bright in the sky (I know that), and when telling a story like these, it’s more than okay to have sun sun like that. 🙂 I love seeing your friends too in the photos. They are great! I loved lookine at these photos! Well done! 🙂 I hope you get to go there again! Take care! And do please keep sharing photos. 🙂

        1. Thank you for the kind words Katie 🙂
          I hope I can go to other part of Indonesia soon…but soon is more like next year as I have a lot of things to do these last two months of 2010.
          It’s fun to share about my country and it made me happy to know that other people are enjoying it.

  3. Hello! We are planning to do the same (Green Valley, Pangandaran, Batu Karas etc). Would you be able to recommend a driver from Pang, guide for the GReen Canyon etc.? Thanks so much. Lovely pictures by the way

    1. Thank you for the compliment.

      Sorry, I can’t recommend anyone to you because I was just tagging along at that time, a friend of my friend handled every little thing including the driver

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