A Poem for Kame – Happy Gotcha Day

Dear Kame…
They told me turtles are creepy
They told me turtles have no emotion
They told me turtles are lousy pets

Dear Kame…
If I had listened to them, I wouldn’t know how beautiful turtles are
If I had listened to them, I wouldn’t know how caring turtles can be
If I had listened to them, I wouldn’t know how amazing pet turtles can be

Dear Kame
They told me I am weird
They told me I am crazy
They told me I am silly

Dear Kame
Loving you is not a weird thing
Caring you is the sanest thing
Raising you is far from silly

Dear Kame
Sorry for feeding you wrongly
Sorry for housing you incorrectly
Sorry for handling you too much

Dear Kame
Now I know what best for you
Now I can help other people
Now I know the different between you and other turtles

Dear Kame
Thank you for your unconditional love
Thank you for you eagerness to welcome me home
Thank you for being my lovely baby pet.

Happy 5th gotcha day my sweet sweet Kamechan

How I love my turtles SOOOO MUCH. I hope they will outlive me.It would break my heart to see them die before me. Kame is now 5 years old, she still have at least 25 years to keep me company 🙂

Kame shared her photos and videos when she was baby till she grows as big as she  is now in her own blog. Please go and take  a look at her photos 🙂

30 thoughts on “A Poem for Kame – Happy Gotcha Day

    1. Thank you Katie 🙂
      I thought poem would be a nice tribute for her as I had shared top 5 pictures of hers last year. It’s not rhyming but I am really happy with it.

    1. Hear hear!! I wish everyone thinks like you Julian.
      Even my students sometimes said I have unusual pet…but turtles are great pet if we take good care of them.
      Thank you Julian

    1. Thank you soooo much Tony 🙂
      It was quite a pleasant surprise to see you pop in my blog.I second your comment, they should see Kame & Kroten’s blog to know more how cute turtles can be

      1. I have so many blogs & webcomics in my RSS reader to try & keep up with & I don;t like getting too far behind with visiting them all that I really only have time to follow one blog per person. I just love K&K’s blog so they are the ones I follow

        1. I understand Tony 🙂
          The fact that you always visit my turtle’s blog already makes my heart warm, you don’t have to visit this blog because I know you have lots of comic fellows to read 🙂

    1. Ah…Dezzy dear, you should visit their blog once in a while 😉
      They respond to both petting and name. Kame and Kroten can be called to come to me.

      Here’s a video for you:

      Grown turtles eat veggie. Hibernating only happens to turtles in the wild. It rarely happens in captivity or domesticated.

        1. Yeah…that’s the hardest part to teach 😦
          They poop around the house if I set them free. Fortunately, They rarely pooped outside their tank….only occasionally. And I have to wipe it A.S.A.P as their poop contains a lot of salmonella

          1. >How do you make him hibernate?

            Actually, her. 😉
            I didn’t make her hibernate. She eats a lot in the summer and gets a lot of fat…then she begins to eat less and less as the weather gets colder…until it gets cold enough and she just begins to hibernate.
            I have a box full of leaves that she hibernates in.

          2. I realize it’s a she when i saw your blog :)…apologize to her.

            Ah that’s right…Japan has 4 seasons. Here, there are only rainy season and dry season,my turtles will never hibernate here.

      1. I had several tortoises (at different times) when I was a child, sadly they were put into a box to hibernate and died. My dad was probably to blame for that. If we’d had internet back in those days I’m sure we could have got more information about their care, but that just wasn’t available in the 50s and 60s.

        1. You are right about the internet!! I didnt know how to house a turtle before and did it wrongly to Kame. Internet showed me the right way to care for them.

          Sorry about your tortoises. Why don’t you have another one now?

          1. I would love to, but here in the UK we now need a licence to own a tortoise. And to be honest, I’m not in favour of forcibly hibernating them but the alternative is to keep them awake all winter and I’m never sure if that’s kind or unkind. I have such mixed feelings about keeping as pets animals that should be wild. I think that keeping rescue animals that wouldn’t otherwise be able to look after themselves in the wild, is one thing, but buying them isn’t – for me, at least. At present, I just make the most of enjoying our wild birds that come to visit us and which probably think they own us!

            Do your turtles like having their necks tickled underneath? My tortoises adored that and would stick their heads out just for that pleasure! 🙂

          2. A license for tortoise? wow…we have no such thing in my country.
            Ah I see what you mean. Turtles don’t hibernate here as we only have 2 seasons…no winter at all.

            Both love getting their neck petted, here’s a photo of kame enjoying the touch

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