Top 5 Book Characters in Movies

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I love book, be it as graphic novel or thick novel. I also love movies. I have special feeling toward movies based on books…it’s either I like it or hate it. The problem with movie is the characters often not as we expected.

 There are some actors that can live up to my imagination and there are also some who can’t seem to get it right. I said How I hate Tatsuya Fujiwara in my previous Top-5 post about Actors I Don’t find Appealing, he totally ruin my favorite character in Death Note. When I read Harry Potter 2, I have clear image how Hugh Grant will be perfect as Gilderoy Lockhart because of his annoying smile…but the movie had Kenneth Branagh as Gilderoy. I like Kenneth more than Grant but I still think Grant is more perfect as Gilderoy than Branagh. Branagh is a great actor so he can pull it off quite well…not perfect but well enough.

If I want to write about characters that are off the mark, it would be more than 5…therefore, I am here to talk about characters that fit perfectly into my imagination. They are almost flawless.

#5 Matsuyama Ken’ichi as L

Matsuken literally saved the movie while Fujiwara destroyed it. L is not my favorite characters in Death Note, I love Kira so much…Fujiwara was terrible as Kira. However, Matsuken was almost perfect as L. the way he moved, they way he talked and they way he dressed up were how L supposed to be!! He (and Ryuuku) was the one that made me keep on seeing the movie without turning it off half way. I will talk more about Death Note Manga and Movie later this month.

#4 Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance

Kubrick’s The Shining was terribly boring!! I would have turned the movie off if it wasn’t for Jack Nicholson!! The whole movie was terrible; it didn’t live up to my imagination while reading the book…But Jack Torrance totally came into living person through Jack Nicholson. They way I imagined Jack was delivered so well by the talented Mr. Nicholson.

#3 Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock

I would have put him in number 1 or 2 if the movie was set in the exact year of the book, but this Sherlock has already been modernized. Benedict awed me like no other Sherlock ever did; he was exactly how I imagine Sherlock to be!! Sherlock’s cockiness and annoyance were portrayed flawlessly by Benedict. I am a little disappointed with Moriarty but who care when Sherlock has already been portrayed so well.

#2 Billy Boyd as Peregrin Took (Pippin)

I love Pippin…he is my number one character in the Lord of The Rings Trilogy. I love how innocent he is. When it comes to a loved character, a great actor may look bad if he is not the perfect one to fit my imagination. I am so glad that Boyd played Pippin so perfectly. I see Pippin turns alive through him. He was the oldest of the rest of the actors who played the hobbits, but Pippin was actually the youngest of four…Boyd can deliver so well despite of his age.

#1 Paul Bettany as Silas

The Davinci Code was not a great book, enjoyable but not great. However, I love one of the characters in that book. Silas was a pure hearted man who was being misguided by an irresponsible man. He was angelic heart but act so devilish. The uniqueness of his character captured my heart. When I heard it was about to be made into movie, I never heard of Paul Bettany. I wondered can he be Silas.  And to my delight surprise, he was FLAWLESS!! He was brilliant…he was even more brilliant than my favorite actor who also played in that movie, Tom Hanks. HE WAS SILAS!!

Paul Bettany as Silas is the best character turns into movie I have ever seen…and for that Bettany is now one of 7 actors I will always watch.

Now, it’s time for you to share your favorite characters turned into movie 🙂

29 thoughts on “Top 5 Book Characters in Movies

  1. HERE’S JOHNNY!!!!

    Hahahah love that line from The Shining.

    Anyway, my top 5 are =

    5. Malcolm McDowell as Alex Delarge in A Clockwork’s Orange

    4. Johnyy Depp as What’s his name in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

    3. Alan Rickman as Severus Snape in Harry Potter

    2. Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone in The Godfather

    1. Heath Ledger as The Joker in Dark Knight

    1. You have read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? wow….was it a good read?
      I admit Heath was great but I have never read the comic so I am not sure whether he really is Joker as in the book or not. I only mentioned characters I have both read and seen.

      Thank you for sharing your list Nuzul 🙂

    1. Ah…I forgot to mention that ALL CHARACTERS in Lord of The Rings fit perfectly as how I imagine them to be….that movie is the best adapted movie ever. But since Pippin is my favorite in the book, I put him in my list instead of the other characters.

      I didn’t realize that Eomer is Karl Urban…he looks so different there.

  2. Interesting, I just realized my Original Gravatar was L. I hadn’t realized. I haven’t really watched Death Note much, but he’s a cool looking Character. I’m not sure who my Gravatar is now, perhaps it’s him again.

    Cool Post

    1. This is the first time I heard someone using an avatar he doesn’t know about 😉
      L is a great character, lots of people like him, tho I lke Kira more as he is more complicated than L. My advice to you, don’t watch the movie and the anime, read the manga…much much better than movie and anime.

      Thank you Darkjade

  3. Yep. Read it in my uncle’s house. For me the book was better than the movie. It was good.

    What i like about Heath’s performance is he can stamp his own mark on his role. He made Joker cooler than Batman, which is something that doesn’t happen in the comic book. He made Joker looked like one of us, as someone we can relate to.

    1. Is there a book which is worse than its movie version?? I believe there isn’t a single one 😉
      I am planning to write about book and its adaptation one day…not sure when tho.

      Ah…you’re right, Heath did make Joker like human. He was really awesome in that movie. I wonder how the villains are in the next movie. You know, I am not a superhero fan but I am looking forward for the next Batman.

  4. Interesting list Novia. I can’t say I’m a big reader so I can’t really contribute too many of them characters ahaha. I would probably have a bunch of character from the Harry Potter movies, mainly Snape, Harry, Hermione and Dumbledore. Also The Godfather with Vito and Michael Corneone; Tyler Durden in Fight Club; and Russell Crowe’s and Guy Pearce’s characters in LA Confidential.

    1. You should read more Cas 😉
      I agree that a lot of Harry Potter characters fit the book tho the movies aren’t as good as the book. I still watch the movie till movie 5 and Snape is the best of all in my opinion. He can really pull it off.

      I didn’t know L.A Confidential was from book. There are so many movies based on books that I didn’t know.

    1. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed after seing Cumberbatch as Sherlock..he was so good and so natural in doing his characters.

      I hope you come back and share me your list, I am curious as you read and watch as much as I am.

  5. Greta to see a Stephen King character. One of my all-time favourites is Pennywise in the TV movie. The way Tim Curry plays the clown is just so creepy and menacing. The film itself might not be that great but he is exceptional in the role.

    1. SK character is impossible not to be presented here Dan as I like him a lot…but finding the right one who did great job as his character is quite difficult. I can’t remember anyone else but Nicholson. I haven’t seen IT yet, both movie and TVseries. I am curious with The Stand, I have a character so dear to me, the deaf and Mute Nick, I wonder how well the actor played his character. Would I be satisfied or not, I wonder.

      Thanks for the recommendation Dan, I hope I can see IT series too…so I can confirm how good Curry as Pennywise the clown.

  6. All the actors in the Lord of the Rings films were just as I’d imagined them (though I read the book a long, long time ago) and I loved that the director got it spot on.

    Love this post. 🙂

    1. Hi Val, I am glad you like this post. I agree with you that LOTR has all its characters perfectly transfered into living version. Jackson did amazing job in casting his actors/actress. That’s why I have doubts when Deltoro was planned as director of The Hobbit, I was very happy when I know Jackson is back as the director.

      Maybe I should write best movie based on book next month, LOTR will definitely be one of them 😉

  7. BENEDICT!!!!!!!!
    Sorry. As always, I can’t help myself whenever I see him being Sherlock. You should’ve used the picture I tagged you with on FB! He’s way much hotter there! Not that I’m complaining this one 😛
    Funny thing: I was going to put L in my list when I realized that I’ve never actually read the comic books. I was just so in awe of his performance that I almost put him in!
    Oh, and awesome pic of Silas!

    1. Hahahaha….I guess he has more effect on you than me (for that please blame Cillian 😉 ). That pic you tagged me is too cute, I want to use a more serious picture to show how serious Sherlock is.

      Yaiii…glad you like that Silas pic…he looks so bad in that picture. Ah Matsuken is brilliant as L!! really brilliant. Why o why they pick Tatsuya as Kira 😦

      Will take a look at your list now 🙂

      1. What?? The picture I tagged you is too cute?? But…but…that’s what’s so great about it! He was also being serious in MY picture, yet he still looks gorgeous! *ngotot

  8. I’m with you on L. The Death Note movies sucked, but he did a brilliant portrayal of the character. I can’t agree with you on Hugh Grant for Lockhart. He was actually originally cast and/or they were originally going to cast him, but scheduling conflicts occured, so they got Branaugh… who I felt was brilliantly perfect… as is most of the casting in the HP films.

    As for movies that are better than their book counterparts… yeah, it happens. I haven’t read it, but even the author himself admits he finds the Fight Club film better than his novel. I think the Twilight films are better than the books, mostly because you don’t have to put up with the terrible writing. And in a slightly controversial pick, I feel The Princess Bride film is much better than the book. And speaking of, pretty much the entire cast of that film is perfect.

    1. Matsuken was amazing as L, he trully saved the movie a bit. As I have written in my review on Death Note, I don’t even remember how the movie was, all I can remember is how I hate Tatsuya and how I adore Matsuken.
      Well, I don’t know what happen if Grant really played Gilderoy but he is the one in my imagination when I read the book.

      As for the movie being better than the book…unfortunately I have never seen it yet. I have been planning to write about it, I already prepare the title (No movie is greater than the book, it is either worse or equally great). I have it in my mind for months but haven’t found the right time yet. I will write it before my next top-5 which will be top 5 movies based on books. Club Fight maybe better but I haven’t seen and read it, and I have no intention to waste 2 hours of my live to watch Twillight. As far as I see and read movie and book, I haven’t seen better movie Nick.

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