Irish Ghost stories Part 1

Have you ever had a readers block? Well…I had it these past few weeks. Everything I read made me fall asleep. it was really frustrating.

The solution turned out to be very simple…Read the book  you had enjoyed so much in the past. I choose to reread Death Note, I am still reading it and will review it (as I haven’t reviewed it in English yet) later. Somewhere in between Death Note I find the joy of reading Short Stories…and this is what i want to share now 🙂

About a week  ago, My friend, Wulan, and I went to kinokuniya. I was trying to find Battle Royale by Koushun Takami, but they didn’t have that book 😦

My eyes caught something else that i thought quite interesting, The Wordsworth Collection of  Irish Ghost stories, a very thick book of 1102 pages.

You know how much I love ghost stories!! Therefore, no doubt the book intrigued me so bad.

And…you know how a certain Irishman has made me curious to know more about Ireland.

Those 2 reasons made me pick the book and bring it home.

I was so happy to see SO MANY stories in that book, you can read all the titles in that book here (I make separate post because I want to note down all I have read). I decided to read them randomly because if I read them in order I was afraid I might get another reader’s block.

I will write all the shorts I have read in my blog,but they will never be written as 1 short 1 post, always minimum 2 stories.

In between Death Note, I read this 2 stories:

Courage by Forrest Reid (Page 786-792)

I have to admit that reading Courage was a new experience tome. I am so used to reading horror in a simple writing style, you know like Stephen King’s books…Courage has a different style of writing, the  kind of writing I often see in literature and old books. I have to read the first 2 pages twice to get a grip on the imagination the writer was trying to create. It was quite a nice  chance,but it doesn’t mean I will stop reading simple writing books.

Here’s an example of the language:

“He stood there while he might have counted a hundred, on the verge of flight, poised between curiosity and fright. At length curiosity, the spirit of adventure triumphed, and he advanced to a closer inspection. “

The story itself wasn’t scary at all! It has its moment of thrilling but not even close to scared me. However, I like the ending a lot. It left something for us to think and guess,the kind of ending I always enjoy. It gave the readers a chance to question what had just happened.

Story: Michael was curious with a  big mansion near his aunt’s house. He found the gate to the mansion and decided to take a closer look of what inside that mansion. What he expected was not what he saw. He saw a clean and well taken care house…or did he?

The Ghost and the Game of Football by Patrick Kennedy (Page 535-537)

The Ghost and the Game of  Football can be considered as a fun and wise ghost story. Somehow, it feels more like a fairy tale rather than ghost story. The story was written in 3 pages. Really short but I could still  enjoy it.

Story: Jack needed a place to spend a night. A farmer gave him choice to stayed in his old castle. Everyone who had stayed there ended up dead the next morning. If Jack can stay alive till the next morning, the farmer will let him marry his daughter.  Jack met three ghosts in that old castle. Those ghosts wanted him to play football with them. Jack did something no other person had done before  and that something saved his life.

Like I said…it was a fun story. Honestly,I was laughing when I imagined him playing football with ghosts. As you can guess, this story is not scary at all.


I am still waiting to be spooked by this book, in other word I am waiting for this (quote from the blurb) to  happen:

Your blood will run cold as the unreal becomes real and the impossible all too possible. Indelible images will possess your imagination and haunt your dreams. Make sure all the lights are on and the doors are bolted.

This is my first review for R.I.P Challenge VI.

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