Monday Movies: Based on True Story

It’s been a while since my last Monday Movies post. I actually watched a lot of DVDs lately, but 3 of them were TVseries, One Japanese and 2 Hollywood. I am still in unsure about writing my review on the Japanese TVseries because I don’t like it that much even though the actor is my favorite actor. As for the Hollywood ones, I have already written about Lie To Me, I bought the second season and will buy the third season soon. I finished all 23 episode of Lie To  me in just 3 days 😉

The other one was/is The Game of Throne, I haven’t finished it yet…will write my review once I finished it.

Now let’s focus on the movies.

I like movies based on true story, it has something no other movies have. It has some values that we came reflect in our life. I recently watched 2 based on true story movies, one happened not so long ago and the other one was from the life of a famous man in science. Each has its own interesting part.

Not only these two movies are based on true story, they are also based on a book written by other people.

Into the Wild (2007)

Director: Sean Penn
Staring: Emile Hirsch, Marcia Gay Harden, William Hurt, Jena Malone, Catherine Keener, Vince Vaughn, Kristen Stewart, Hal Holbrook
Based on the life of: Christopher McCandless
Based on book: Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer

I wanted to see this movie ever since I saw its trailer. The beauty of the nature intrigued me the most. And the idea of exploring the wild all alone sounds fascinating. I know I will never do that because I like socializing but still I find the idea as something fascinating.

 Into the Wild is a about the journey of a young man named Christopher McCandless. He loves book and can easily quotes any books to fit the occasion he needed to quote. He was close to his sister but not really happy with his parents. Their parents were talking about divorce. In 1990, he suddenly left everything, his college, his car and even his credit card. He changed his name into Alexander Supertramp.

He went tramping across US and even went to Mexico through the river. He had no steady life. On his Journey he met a nice hippy couple, Jan and Rainey. His existence reminded Jan of his own son who she had never saw again. He also met a nice man named Wayne Westerberg, he worked for him and felt so close to him. Later, before he reached Alaska, he met an old man, Ron Franz, who wanted to adopt him knowing that he will never see Alex again.

Alex wanted to go to Alaska, he made it there by foot and hitchhiking. The beauty of Alaska was breathtaking…the wild was worth the journey he had taken. He found an abandon bus and made it as his home. However, he soon found out the bitterness of living alone. He read this line “true happiness can only be found when shared with others” and it really hit him. But faith seemed to look the other way around; the river won’t allow him to pass.

The real Chriistopher

He was found dead inside the bus on September 6, 1992. Jon Krakauer retraced his journey and wrote the book afterward.

This movie is usually not my kind of movie, the plot was too slow…however, something about Christopher made me eager to know what happened on his journey to Alaska and how did he feel when he finally died alone in the wild. I didn’t even fast-forward the movie. I watched constantly from the beginning to the end. If this story was not True story, I might not finish the movie.

Hirsch played brilliantly as Christopher. He even made himself as skinny as Christopher when he was found dead. This is my first time seeing Sean Penn as a director and I have to give him 2 thumbs up for this. It didn’t surprise me at all seeing the nomination and awards on this movie.

Creation (2009)

Director: Jon Amiel
Staring: Paul Bettany, Jennifer Connelly, Martha West, Jeremy Northam, Benedict Cumberbatch
Based on the life of: Charles Darwin
Based on book: Annie’s Box by Randal Keynes

I first heard of Creation two years ago, but I never had chance to see it till recently. I had been eager to see it since I first saw the trailer, the reason was quite simple…it has Paul Bettany in it, even though he didn’t look as handsome as he used to be 😉

Watching Creation made me admire him as an actor even more than before. He had mesmerized me with his role as Silas in The DaVinci Code (I like that character a lot and Bettany delivered it really well). And then I saw him as quirky man in A Knight’s Tale. He became a hot looking in a movie I despise so much, Legion. His diversity in acting kept me glued to all his movies even though I don’t like the movie itself.

His role as Charles Darwin was flawless, he was so not his usual self. A critic even said something like this: “Bettany is undoubtedly the film’s main asset: physically and emotionally convincing as Darwin in a very tricky role”. It was also fun to see him played alongside his beautiful wife, Jennifer Connelly. They are such a cute couple.

The story centered on the moment he was about to write the controversial book, The Origin Of Species. He was torn between his science and the fact that what he was about to reveal would somehow ‘killed’ God. His wife was a devoted Christian and that made it even harder. He became really sick because of his own confusion. He was accompanied by the image of his late daughter, Annie.

Creation is a great and warm movie. Darwin’s idea was controversial then and now. But I don’t think he killed God, or the idea of God. I believed in his ideas of adaptation but not on the ideas of men used to be apes.

I was quite surprised to see the charismatic Benedict Cumberbatch in this movie. Although I said there are 7 actors/actress I will always watched, Paul and Benedict are two of them, but only Cillian Murphy is the one I remember all his movies…sorry to the other 6 😉 . Bennedict didn’t play long but his role was quite significant.


    1. What a coincidence, I was in the middle of stalking your blog and when I returned,you are also stalking on my blog 😉

      Creation was not Hollywood,it was British movie. It didn’t do well in box office but I think it is a great movie, we got a glimpse of Darwin’s life

  1. I loved Creation but was surprised that it is quite a sad movie. I didn’t know anything about his life.
    I haven’t seen Into the Wild. I got the book and the CD….

    1. Me too, I watch that movie knowing nothing about Darwin. Didnt expect that he had so many things on his mind when he started writing the book.

      You have the book?? I dont know if I want to read the book, I might not be able to finish it…but I like the movie.

    1. Those men are awesome, arent they!! Bettany was at his best, I am surprise he didnt get more attention for that performance….maybe because the movie is not to everyone’s liking.
      As for Benedict, I have seen the best of him in Sherlock

  2. I’m not a big Sean Penn fan but I’m a bit curious about Into the Wild. I might rent it now since you like it and it’s based on a true story. As for Creation, well I don’t subscribe to that Darwin’s theory but I his story sounds interesting enough, especially to see his dilemma as his wife is a Christian.

    Btw, so Benedict is like Cillian #2, Nov? 😀

    1. Just be prepared to get annoyed by that Steward from Twilight when you see Into the Wild 😉
      I am not Sean Penn fan either but I don’t hate the man either.

      Same here Ruth!! Some theories are acceptable but some aren’t. His dilemma with his wife is the best part of it.I never knew Darwin and his wife were related,they were first cousins.

      Hahaha…I think #3, #2 is Keanu (poor him, he used to be #1)…I hope Keanu doesn’t hate Cillian now 😉

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