R-rated lunch box blogathon

The last part of Go, See, Talk blogathon series is finally here 🙂
I didn’t join last month’s bloghathon because it was about black and white movies that I know almost nothing about. This months is very interesting.

Finally, something off the wall but goofy fun I think. On OCTOBER 1st, I’ll feature “The R-Rated Lunch Box”. Since kids should all be back to school by then, it’s kind of a throwback goof on the lunchboxes we went to school with. You know, the plastic (or metal) ones that had the Thermos inside. Well instead of G.I. Joe, Care Bears, Voltron etc I’m propose we try to think of just 5 R-Rated movies that would be the most outlandish to put on the side of a lunch box. Something like The Human Centipede for example. Now I don’t know how this’ll turn out or if anyone is even interested, but for those of you who are I’m prepared to do a hefty amount of Photoshop to pull this all off. Just send me your 5 titles and I’ll put them all on lunch boxes and send the pictures right back to you for your post.

From Marc

I love using photoshop…so I did my own editing. My R-rated movies aren’t as weird as The Human Centipede…but still considered as R-Rated (I hope). I am a bit lazy to search whether these movies are R-rated or not…at least they showed plenty of blood.

Here are my R-Rated Lunch Box

From 28 Days Later

Aha!!  You don’t actually think I would miss putting Cillian Murphy in 2 blogathon in a row, do you? 😉

I love 28 Days Later a lot…and I am also in love with the actor. See how cool the poster look like!! But the picture on the tumbler would distract my attention from my lunch 😉

From Shaun of the Dead

I know…another Zombie movies…what can I say? These 2 zombie movies are my favorite of all zombie movies ever made.

See how adorable those zombies attached to a lunch box!

From Alien 3

I love all alien movies, but the third one looks better on lunch box. I really like the image I have put on my lunch box.

From Saving Private Ryan

One of my all time favorite war movies 🙂

From Zatoichi

My favorite blind samurai has amazing posters….how could I not use it?

Check out other Lunch Boxes in Go, See, Talk.

Out of all 5 of them…My most favorites are the one from 28 Days Later and Zatoichi. they look so COOL

I have so much fun doing this 🙂
Looking forward to see other lunch boxes

13 thoughts on “R-rated lunch box blogathon

  1. Really fun! I might just want to do one of my own to celebrate Halloween…. 😉

    Errrr? Ahhhh? Do you even celebrate Halloween in Indonesia? Is there an Islamic or Popular festival like it where you are? Pardon me Novia if I’m a bit thick and keep forgetting at times that you live someplace so far away and so different from me….

    1. would love to see which movie you pick for your lunchboxes 😉

      We dont have Halloween tradition here…but more and more people in big cities sometimes celebrate it in form of costume party, but those people don’t even reach 1% of the population.

      Traditional Indonesian tribe has their festival to honor the death but in Islam itself has no such thing. Maybe you would like to read about Indonesian ceremony of honoring the dead, if so I will give you the link, I wrote about it last year.

      1. Yes I would very much like to know about it. 🙂

        I watch lots of Malay movies lately… and they have many religious scenes in them, but for some reason when they pray or quote scripture, the subtitles never translate that pert of the movie. Does it have to be in Arabic (which is what it sounds like to me…) but never in English or Malay… is there some prohibition against that?

        I like to hear about festivals and traditions from other places… (and I’m so looking forward to your posts about Indonesian Ghost stories this month!! 😉 )

        1. Yes, we use Arabic to pray against evil or to wish for goodluck , not because there are some prohibition against it but because it feels right using Arabic than any other language. Only in Sholat, our 5 times daily pray we must use Arabic,there is no exception for that.

          here is my post on death ceremonies> here 🙂 I always write something about my country every 17 of each month. Well, actually I am going to talk about the ghost…but I think I can insert one or two stories about the ghost encounter 😉

  2. Ahahahaha, that first lunch box makes me laugh, Nov. Of course you’re gonna have Cillian on it, but you’d have to show his whole body to make it R-rated, or maybe that’d be NC-17? 😉

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