Hyde Through The Ages

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I have missed writing my L’Arc~en~Ciel monthly post for 2 straight months, as their biggest fan I  regret this unnecessary hiatus. I promise NOT to let that happen ever again.

I have been planning to write this post since last month but Time was against me. This month, followed with the next three months,I am going to start a new monthly series. Laruku has been around for 20 years now, quite a long history of music and style. I want to share some of their styles in this past 20 years.

Let’s begin with Hyde.
To know more about Hyde, you can read it in The Most Handsome One : Hyde.

One post CANNOT cover all his ever changing styles, I am merely covering the outline or the surface of his style. His style will be based upon Laruku’s album period/era.

In the early 90s, Hyde often dressed like a female…and he is much prettier than I will ever be

There were 2 styles of female with long hair in album period of Dune, Tierra and early Heavenly. He had long wavy hair with with renaissance kind of dress in Dune and Tierra and then started having long straight  hair in late Tierra and early Heavenly.

Isn't he the prettiest man alive?

However, during Heavenly concert, he cut his hair short and look like a kawai teenage girl. The live performance was great but it was too girly for my taste. I am forever grateful that I have fallen in love with their songs before seeing him looking like this 😉

This  short hair continued till True…but it became a bit man-like tho not 100% man-like.

Hyde is pretty not because he puts make up to make him look like a female (like other Japanese Visual bands), all he needs to is let his hair long…he is pretty by nature!!

He then changed his style again, which is still not my favorite style of his. He cut his hair very short in the back and a bit long in front, it made him look like a elementary boy.

This style was used during Heart album period. The funny thing is, he met his future wife while he was looking like that 😉

In Ray and Ark era, Hyde had totally turned into male style…much much better looking than his female look and childish look. I really like his style in this period but still not my most favorite yet…my most  favorite one comes right after  this period.

Sometimes he went blonde….totally not my favorite as I rarely like blonde men.

And then come Real and Smile…from this on, he appeared at his best!! I always like men with shoulder  length hair (but the hair style has to fit perfectly on him). It was (and  still is) my time to drool. This is when I started falling in love with Hyde physically, not just his amazing voice and his talent to write beautiful songs.

It continued to Awake and Kiss, he basically stayed in his shoulder-length hair style and look so handsome and beautiful. He changed his hair cut and but still in a manly manner…tho he couldn’t escape his pretty face.

He sometimes did an extended hair style with clothes that seems impossible to be wore by normal people 😉

I’m going to close this post (before this post turned into something like my tumblr) with his latest style from 20th L’Anniversary, the concert was a huge success and was broadcast to some countries across the world…to bad it wasn’t broadcasted here in Indonesia 😦

Pretty and yet still handsome

For me, he is the most handsomest singer alive…but his appearance is not the reason that make crazy with L’Arc~en~Ciel…the songs and the voice are still the reason why this band is my number one band in my heart for the past 10 years and it still going strong day by day.

For your information…Hyde is already over 40 years old and yet he still looks like early 30 😉

Here is one of Laruku’s early video where they still  acted as visual band

Here is one of their latest singles, Bless.

Next month will be Yuki-nichan’s turn 🙂

27 thoughts on “Hyde Through The Ages

  1. My favorite pic will be the “hydea.jpg”.
    Euleuh, euleuh… ganteng pisan 😀
    Anyway, sedikit OOT, gue baca di blog (aduh lupa linknya) mana gitu, soal top ten visual kei band. Ada komentator yang ngotot bahwa laruku itu bukan band visual. Kalo setahuku si dulu iya… tapi sekarang dah mulai ninggalin visualnya. Kalo menurut seorang Novroz bagaimana? 😉

    1. I am 100% with you!! When I first saw that pic, I was speechless and my eyes were about to pop out. That level of handsomeness is not real 😉

      Interesting debate!! Pada yg ngotot itu…tolong bilang mereka dulu visual kei 😉 … Pad Heavenly baru mulai ga visual lagi (Alhamdulillah…hehe gw ga gitu suka gaya visual berlebihan). Laruku itu dulu ngambil gaya renaisans kalo ga salah, jd dandanannya ga seheboh Malice dll

    1. Haha Hyde si om cantik n di Honoo Daiko ada tante ganteng…dunia sudah terbalik 😉

      Ah iya rumor yg lagi santer itu…selama sy belum liat nama Indonesia di larcenciel.com maka sy cuma anggap itu semua bagai angin lalu.

  2. He is a handsome guy, no matter what, apart from that blond photo. I don’t like that at all. I like some men who are naturally blond but I don’t think it looks nice with dark eyes.
    He does look very young. Amazing.

    1. Yup…he is realy handsome 🙂
      If I have to choose between him and Cillian, it would spent forever to decide which one is the winner, both have the talent and the look.

      As a loyal fan, I follow him for 10 years and I don’t see him aged. If he was closed up during the concert, we can see thin lines near the eyes…that’s his only sign of aging!

    1. Hahaha non taken!! He is indeed much prettier than me, and I am a real woman while he is a real man…isn’t it ironic? 😉

      He is handsomely pretty or prettily handsome lol

  3. Its kinda strange to see that pretty wavy haired girl who is not a girl singing with a strong mans voice. I think his wife must have asked him to go more manly, maybe. Cool tribute post. How is the band name pronounced? Can you spell it the way it sounds for me. It looks like french spelling to me.

    1. Huahahaha…..it felt strange for me too!!! I would have gone all prejudice toward Laruku if I saw that video before loving their music first…it was too weird.

      Ah…I don’t know if his wife is the influence or not,but he had returned to his girlish style in the last couple of years (not during Laruku’s project but in his other project)…and his last look in 20th anniversary was also a bit girlish to me. I just hope he will return to his man look when the 12th album finally out in the market.

      It is French!! L’Arc~en~Ciel stands for Rainbow and because Japanese can’t pronounce that word,they say it Laruku An Shieru (which then shorten into Laruku by us, fans).

  4. I do not know this band… but the lead singer reminds me of Mana from the band Malice Mizer. I only know about him because he is a cosplay fan (like me 🙂 ) and likes to dress as a Gothic Lolita. It is embarrassing to admit… but he is a much prettier “girl” in his costumes than many real women.

    This androgynous look is a very Japanese thing…. and many people find it strange. I shall have to give L’Arc~en~Ciel a listen…. 😉

    1. I think the right term for that is Visuel kei band…than everyone cosplay as him. Laruku used to be a visual kei band, that’s why he (and the rest of the band members) dressed like that but I am glad they are not visual kei band anymore.

      hahaha…yeah Mana is pretty when he wore that lolita dress and put thick make up. I like some Malice songs, Gackt has great voice…didn’t listen to them anymore after Gackt left the band.

      I should warn you that Laruku is so much different compare to Malice. If you have seen Ring 0 the Birthday, their song was the soundtrack of that movie.It was played when the credit was rolling.

  5. I love l’arc en ciel! I wonder why Hyde dressed up like a girl and …. 😦 im scared of satan1c things and this band kind of looks like it is because of hydes ring

    1. Hi Maria…welcome to my blog.

      huahaha…sorry for laughing, but never consider them as satanic band, their beautiful and inspiring lyrics are far from that!!

      and dont think that the Japanese are serious with what they wear, they merely think it’s a fun symbol to wear. My student whose religion is Tenri, ancient Japanese religion, likes to wear Christian cross just because it looks cool.

  6. don’t hate me for saying this but i loved his blond look and the braids…. melted me lol i didnt think i liked it at first but how can you not like anything he wears lol… if he wore a clown suit i would praise it lmao makeup and all

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