100 Reasons Why I love One Piece – Chapter 1

I have finally finished rereading 59 volumes of the best manga in the world, One Piece. Some people say that One Piece is a crap and this manga is the best or that manga is the best, but for me no matter what people say One Piece is still the best. No other manga managed to make me read it over and over again. No other manga made me hoping that it will never end.

One Piece is the only manga I reread every year, the only manga I hope never ends and the only manga that can keep me more excited as the volume getting longer.

Inspired by Ruth’s 40 reasons why she loves The X Men, I will start writing 100 reasons why I love One Piece. The reasons will include characters and quotes.

Why 100? Because 40 is not enough…and I want this manga to go on and on till volume 100 🙂

Writing 100 reasons in 1 single post are impossible …it would be TOO long. For that reason, I will divide these reasons into5 chapters, each chapter consist of 20 reasons.


1. Monkey D Luffy. A crazy and free spirit Captain. Loves adventure and would prefer to sacrifice his life rather than losing his crew.

2.  Roronoa Zoro. A swordsman with great ambition to be the greatest swordsman in the world but willing to sacrifice that ambition out of loyalty to Luffy.

3. Sanji. The coolest member of Mugiwara Kaizoku when he isn’t acting all weird in front of beautiful girls.

4. Tonny Tonny Chopper. The cutest member of Mugiwara Kaizoku. One of my wishes is to have his fluffy doll.

5. Franky. The most hentai (not sure how to translate this to English ) member. He never wears short or pants, always wears underwear. Very sensitive and fast in making something.

6. Nico Robin. The smartest member with dark past. She found her true friends in Mugiwara crew.

7. Nami. The navigator that can easily beats up the other crews when she is furious. Money…money…and orange.

8. Brook. The most impossible member, a living skeleton who always wants to see girl’s panty

9. Usopp. No one can beat his pessimism. The sniper that once challenged Luffy for a duel.

10. Going Merry. Mugiwara’s first ship. This ship has been made into real ship in Japan.

11. Thousand Sunny. Mugiwara’s second ship.

12. Portgas D Ace. My favorite non-Mugiwara crew character. Ace is Luffy’s brother by oath (they dare not brother by blood). Ace is really really cool with his fire ability.

13. “I have decided to do it, therefore I will fight for it even if I have to die” ~Monkey D Luffy

14.I will become the greatest swordsman in the world. I will make my name heard across the world. And when that time come, no one dare to insult me whether I am a criminal or not!!!” ~Roronoa Zoro

15.That’s what you get for going up against pirate unprepared!” ~ Luffy
“Unprepared?! You mean not being prepared to kill someone like it’s nothing? Is that “prepared” means to a pirate?” ~Nami
It means being prepared to risk your own life!!” ~ Luffy

16.I am Monkey D Luffy!! I won’t allow myself being defeated by a pirate who had abandoned his name and left the ocean!! A pirate can only leave his name when he is dead!! Remember my name because I am going to be the Pirate King

17. The amazing battle of Zoro and Mihawk

18.It’s too young for you to die, know yourself, know the world, BE THE STRONGEST, RORONOA!!! As the strongest, no matter how long will it takes I will wait for you!!! Be a man with strong will and courage to face my sword!! TRY TO SURPASS ME, RORONA!!!” ~ Dracule Mihawk

19. “Luffy can you hear me? I’ve made you worry and if I can’t become the strongest swordsman…it’ll cause you trouble..!! And therefore I WILL NEVER LOSE AGAIN!! Till the day I can defeat him I will never lose again!! Hey…Pirate King, do you have something against that??” ~Zoro

20.Pay good attention at him, Sanji! Sometimes there  are stupid people who will never stop fighting once they know their purpose.” ~ Zeff

That’s  all for now 🙂 Chapter 2 will come out soon.

  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5



  1. Hey thanks for the link love, Nov. I’ve never been a fan of manga though (other than Candy Candy when I was in JR High) so I don’t have anything to add about this post. Glad you enjoy it so much to make a list like this.

    1. You’re welcome, Ruth 🙂
      I know you told me to write about 40 reasons for one of Cillian’s movies…but I love this manga so much I used the idea of the list for this one.

      These characters are my most favorite ‘superheroes’ 🙂

  2. I like this 100/40… whatever reasons why. I’m planning on doing this shortly on my movie blog (I have also done it before). Pure reviews can be a bit tiring for the reader.
    The characters seem to be very important and I can see why you like them.

    1. I’m looking forward to read your 40 reasons 🙂

      Yup, all One Piece characters are very well-build. Whenever I read it, I feel like I know them my whole life. Their personalities are very well delivered.

  3. my favorite about one piece must be
    – White beard, no question, was the strongest man in the world after roger died
    – Garp, very strong yet humble and simple
    – one of my favorite quote (if i’m not mistaken) doflamingo ” justice will prevail? but offcourse it will because whoever wins will become justice!”
    – Awesome drawings, every page i read i would say “cooooooooooooool!”
    – creative powers in the devil fruit, like alvida’s power, foxy’s, bugy’s, califa’s, etc (sorry i don’t remember the names of the fruit).
    that’s all for now hehehehe:)

    1. Hi Adrian (or Indra) 😉

      Agree on those reasons…some of them are going to be in my reasons too…later.

      The drawing is insane!! such a great detail for a manga that long..Oda is too perfectionist in my opinion.
      Hahaha…the devil’s fruits are very creative, no one could come up with weird power like Califa’s but Oda.

      Thank you for sharing your reasons for loving One Piece 🙂

  4. my love for one piece is ABNORMAL, dont know how to discribe it but its the onl anime that makes my heart pounds faster, i knew one piece when i was 14 and i fall in love with it after maybe episode 83 where luffy was climbing thr huge mountain, why its stupied but i started to cry, i was into it and after that i just cry when ever i see a hurtful moment, though i am happy no one saw me, they would have thought i am a freek, 3 times i rewatched one piece from episode 1 to 103 {from some channels i find, they repeat this episode and never continued} so i started watching through web and now i am in episode 172{yup pretty late} but what i love to do is to start buying one piece manga (i hate reading manga) no offense to manga lovers and it became part of my life ❤ i love this anime because it is different from all the animes i used the watch and now ONE PIECE is my #1 anime

    dont know what else to say but o never told tjis thing to any 1, u r the first people to know *winking*
    i am now 18 and i still do love it, i wish i can meet oda 1 day in my life just to thank him

    ja ne

    1. Hi Luddy 🙂
      So happy to hear your passion toward One Piece.I really need to continue my 100 list, but something else always comes out. I always cried reading the manga…I have reread it every year and every time I read it, I always cried. The story often heartbreaking.

      You’re 18? it’s still a good age to like Onepiece, I am already over 30 and still loving it 😉

      1. but some prediction he will join to SHP…

        Franky, may be he the one who know vegapunk blueprint…

        he may fix kuma and return back the personality…

        cz, by number bortholomew kuma mean 10…

  5. It’s great that u have such passion and love for One Piece. Reading it for the 1st time (read the 1st 10 volumes so far) And I think OP is just okay. Personally for me, the best manga is Dragon Ball/Z!!! I also don’t care what others say, dbz will be the best no matter what!! And for u that is OP!!

    May our fave mangas last forever!! ^^
    (It sucks though, cause people are so quick to does. It’s fine if they don’t Luke your fave manga/anime, but there’s no need to trash talk. Debate and discuss sure, but hate no.)


    1. Hi K.Rocket 🙂

      I used to love Dragon Ball too…well that is until I read One Piece 😉

      Hear hear!! I tend to ignore all the haters. They may say whatever they like but my preference is NEVER been determined or influenced by others.

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