Monday Movies: REC, Dark Water, The Tempest, Kungfu Panda

I haven’t watched a lot of movies lately, these 4 movies are movies I watched in one month. Such a short list, isn’t it?

The holy month of Ramadhan is a busy month for me, therefore I couldn’t find time to watch movies. At least I still manage to see one re-watched movie, one suspense movie, one terribly boring movie and finally…one movie in cinema 🙂

Lately, The cinema is kind enough to show blockbuster movies such as Harry Potter, Transformers, Kungfu Panda and fast and Furious 5.

Here are my reviews of movies I have watched recently:

REC (2007)

Director: Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza
Starring: Manuela Velasco – Ángela Vidal, Ferrán Terraza – Manu, Jorge-Yaman Serrano – Policía Joven, Pablo Rosso – Pablo, David Vert – Álex, Vicente Gil – Policía Adulto

Story: The movie was done in a documentary fashion. A reporter, Angela Vidal, and a cameraman, Pablo, were following 2 firemen who received a call about an old woman being trapped in her apartment. When they got there, the old woman bit a policeman and of the fire fighters. Everyone who got bitten turned into a kind of zombie that would bite another person. To make matter worse, the military sealed off the building so that the virus that turned people into zombie won’t get out of the building.  Everyone in the building tried to survive by not being bitten.

My Thought:

The first thought that came into my mind when seeing this movie was ‘ow, a smaller scale of 28 days later…but much better than 28 weeks later. It is thrilling and fun. I really enjoy all the scenes where they have to run away from the infected ones. To be surrounded by such creatures, that building is terribly small. The way the camera moves is also interesting, it doesn’t feel dizzy seeing that moving camera and honestly, it feels more believable than Paranormal activity.

However, one thing that bothers me the most is the time the virus infected people, especially when it happens to the little girl. The little girl has been infected for long but she only looks like someone who has a fever and when people realize that she has the virus…bam! Suddenly she turns into a zombie. That is so freakin weird!! And then the others turn into zombie few second after being bitten. I kinda hope they made it more consistent. Fortunately, the ending is cool and thrilling, I literally bit my finger out of suspense.

Dark Water (2002)

Director: Hideo Nakata
Starring: Hitomi Kuroki – Yoshimi Matsubara, Rio Kanno – Ikuko, Mirei Oguchi – Mitsuko Kawai

Story: Yoshimi Matsubara was in the middle of her divorce trial with her husband. They both wanted to have custody of their daughter, Ikuko. They moved to a small apartment. Strange things started happening in that apartment. It started with the appearance of a red bag that kept coming back even after Yoshimi threw it away. She blamed her husband for what happened in her apartment. But the truth was none of those things were to be blamed on her husband. It was done by a spirit of missing little girl who used to lived above Yoshimi and Ikuko’s apartment.

My Thought:

This is my third of fourth time watching Dark Water…by looking at how many times I have seen it, you can easily guessed that I really like this movie. Dark Water, although considered as horror movies, is not horrific at all. There is nothing scary about this movie. The reason why I like the movie is because of the story itself. It feels more like a mother-daughter drama than horror movie. I like seeing how hard Yoshimi fought for her daughter. Yoshimi’s love for her daughter is so big that she sacrifices herself for Ikuko. It’s a sad movie. The epilogue added by Nakata makes the movie even better.

However, one thing that keeps bothering me every time I watch it is the fact the water didn’t smell even though a body was in the tank. That part is too much to be something believable. But overall, I still  enjoy it a lot.

The Tempest (2010)

Director: Julie Taymor
Starring: Helen Mirren, Djimon Hounsou, Russell Brand, Alfred Molina, Chris Cooper

Story: Prospera, the duchess of Milan, is usurped by her brother Antonio and is cast off on a raft to die with her four-year-old daughter Miranda. They survive, finding themselves stranded on an island where the beast Caliban is the sole inhabitant. Prospera enslaves Caliban and claims the island. After 12 years, Alonso, the king of Naples, sails back to his kingdom from the marriage of his daughter to the prince of Tunisia, accompanied by his son Ferdinand and Antonio. Prospera, apprehending her chance for revenge, causes a tempest, wrecking the ship and stranding those on board on her island. (Copied from Wikipedia)

My Thought:

This movie is terribly BORING!!! Glad to know that it didn’t received good rating in Rotten Tomatoes, because that means I am not the only one who think it is not a good movie.

I was intrigued by this movie because the cover said ‘A war Movie For all Audience’. I thought it would be an epic war….but what I got is a boring story. I can’t say much about the movie because I fast-forwarded it all the time, I was still curious with the war that never exist. Lucky I bought a pirate DVD, not an original one. I can just throw it away now.

Kungfu Panda 2 (2011)

Director: Jennifer Yuh Nelson
Starring: Jack Black as Po, Gary Oldman as Lord Shen, Dustin Hoffman as Master Shifu, Angelina Jolie as Tigress, Jackie Chan as Monkey, Seth Rogen as Mantis, Lucy Liu as Viper, David Cross as Crane

Story: Po joins forces with a group of new kung-fu masters to take on an old enemy with a deadly new weapon.

Sorry…too  lazy to write the story, you can read the story in Filmplicity.

My Thought:

I watched this movie in Cinema because I had no other choice!!

My friends and I were planning to see Transformers 3 (I know the story is not good but the visual effect is still worth to see) but it was full booked. The other movies available were Kungfu Panda 2, Harry Potter and Fast and Furious 5. I don’t watch Harry Potter since book 7 disappointed me and  never been interested with any fast furious movie…so Kungfu Panda is the last choice.

The movie is quite funny but not totally hilarious. I am lost in the fact that Po is still a careless kungfu master…He is a dragon something and still acts like someone who doesn’t know kungfu and suddenly he can master inner-something better  than his  master. At least I enjoy the fighting scene. To be honest, Lord Shen is more appealing than  Po.

have you seen those movies? What do you think?

23 thoughts on “Monday Movies: REC, Dark Water, The Tempest, Kungfu Panda

  1. I think Dark Water sounds quite interesting, haven’t seen The Tempest but we read the play at school. I was disappointed by Kung Fu Panda 2 but not surprised. Maybe I’ll check out REC it sounds good and it takes a good film to impress you Novia 🙂

    1. You should watch REC, Ronan. I am curious to read your opinion on that movie. I bet Julian will also recommend that movie. It would have 4 stars if I haven’t seen 28 Days…small apartement building with lots of zombie…very thrilling!!

      Yeah..just like everything you have said in your review, the joke is not fresh anymore. Based on the epilogue, I sense a third one coming up one day. I’ll just wait in TV if it does come out

  2. REC sounds terrifying, definitely not for the faint of hearts like me. Well, I was a bit intrigued by The Tempest but I think I’d rather watch other Shakespeare adaptations. I just finished the 4-hour long HAMLET and quite enjoyed it, I might rent Henry V which is also by Kenneth Branagh.

    1. Ah .. come on Ruth!! It wasn’t that scary, kinda like 28 days later and I remember you like 28 days.

      My advice is also skip Tempest. I read in wikipedia, it only got 4.7 rating out of 10. And yes do rent Henry v!! I have seen it long time ago and I still remember it was a great movie. Henry V was my first time seeing Kenneth and I like him instantly because of that movie. Talking about it makes me want to see it again

      1. Yeah I appreciate 28 Days Later but this one sounds even more gory than that, plus without a cast like Cillian and Brendan Gleeson, I’m not that interested.

        Oh yeah, I’ll be renting Henry V for sure. I think Christian Bale is in that too, another reason to see it 😀

        1. Hahaha…true!! there is no eye candy in that movie 😉
          But I think that Angela character is quite interesting.

          Eh? Christian Bale in Henry V? He must be very very young. I hardly remember he was there

    2. Kenneth Branagh’s HAMLET is one of my favourite films of all times 🙂

      I haven’t yet watched THE TEMPEST, but I did tell everybody it will be deadly boring since it is directed by Julie Taymor and nobody believed me 😛

        1. she is indeed, she also ruined another of Shakespeare’s plays- TITUS in an also boring and visionless film adaptation, even though, just like in THE TEMPEST, she also had a great cast there too 😦

  3. Dark Water sounds intriguing. I just added it to my Netflix! Rec sounds like fun but the concept is really played out. I’ve seen other movies with the exact same concept.

    I still advocate for you to finish the Harry Potter saga Novia 😉

    1. Just make sure you watch the original Cas 😉
      Dark water had been remade. I am a bit curious about the remake because it was played by one of my fav actreess, Jenifer Connolly…but not sure whether I will really watch it or not.

      You have seen movie with same story? could it be Quarantine? if so, then you have seen the remake.

      Hahahaha…I didn’t know you are such persistance man, Cas 😉
      I almost see it last Saturday, a friend wanted me to accompany her and she would pay for my ticket as I told her I wasn’t going to spend any cent on that…but at the last minute I changed my mind. It’s hard beeing stubborn

        1. yup…it’s a mirror copy. Kinda make me wonder why they even remake it…it would be much easier to dub it as it was exactly the same.

          Huahaha I will try my best to watch it someday…I promise.

  4. I was looking forward to watching The Tempest, but now I might have to skip it! I hope the At Swim Two Birds adaptation is more promising. With Brendan Gleeson at the helm, I suspect it will be rather brilliant!

    1. Aha!! Please don’t trust my thought 100% Roisin 😉
      Tempest wasn’t for me but maybe you’ll like it.
      Hehehe…for At Swim Two Bird, I hope it will be great, but if not at least I can still enjoy my eye candy 😉

    1. I don’t know about Fast Five, I haven’t even seen the trailer yet…but I have seen the first movie once and wasn’t impressed. I have never rewatched it even though TV often reruns it. Since I am not impressed with the 1st, the rest of the series got infected.
      I know you like the series a lot, Joel 🙂

      Ah…yup when it comes to books and movies, once I got dissapointed I tend to avoid it by any means…and as you can see, my determination is quite strong.

  5. I can’t believe The Tempest isn’t good. I would have thought it would be very good. Too bad.
    Has there been a US remake of Dark Water? If so, I liked it but didn’t know it wasn’t the original.

    1. Well…it isn’t good according to me, other people might think differently.

      as for Daek Water, yes there is a remake. Jenifer Connolly is the leading role. I haven’t seen it myself but my friend told me that it is the best remake from Japanese Horror movies she has ever seen.

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