Top 5 Favorite Female Singers

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I haven’t done top-5 in music area for few months and I think it’s time to do another one. The last time I did was my top-5 Radiohead’s songs (which were quite difficult to write). I have shared my top-5 British Band in a post called Invasion of the British Bands, I really like those bands from the great Britain. I think it’s fair to share about my favorite female singers now.

I have been a rock music fan since the beginning of time (meaning since the day I love music), it’s not easy for a female singer to capture my attention…and that’s why, in my whole life, I have only 3 favorite female singers, for the rest of the female singers I only like some of their songs. The other 2 singers belong in a band.

Although I titled it as top- 5 female singer, that doesn’t mean it refers to females with the best voices in the world (except for my number one singer, for me she is the Goddess of all female singers). Most of these women are voted because I love their songs and of course their voices. I admit Mariah Carrey has wonderful voice even better than my 2nd female singer, but I do not like her songs (I only like several songs)…and for that she is not in my list.

My list, as always,  is 100% my preference…Do Not Complain and said another female is much better because that’s yours NOT mine. However, I would love for you to share your own version of top-5 female  singer in the comment 🙂

Now, here are mine:

#5 Van Tomiko of Do As Infinity

Do As Infinity is in my top-5 Bands from Japan (if I ever made one). I really like their music and of course Van Tomiko’s voice. She has nice high voice that is so typical Japanese singer. In my eyes, Tomiko is the most beautiful one out compare to the rest of my favorite female singers 😉

I share with you one of my favorite songs by D.A.I called Oasis

#4 Anggun C Sasmi

Anggun is one of Indonesia’s Prides, I will write a special post about her in Indonesia Banget one  day because there is so many great things about her. For now, let’s just talk about why I like her, apart from her lovely personality. I really like her deep voices.  She had wide voice range. Her songs aren’t pure mellow songs (like most female singers)…there is a trace of rock in it.

Here is one of my favorite songs by Anggun, Savior.

#3 Shakira

Shakira is my second favorite female singer if I only count the list as female solo, but she got pushed to number 3 because I included band singers in this list.

I fell in love with her voice when I saw her in MTV Unplugged. Her voice is really one of the kind. I like how she played with her voice and most important, I like her songs. She mixed many culture and genre into one.  One thing for sure, her songs are not pure pop music.

However, I  must say that  I like her old innocent look rather than her new trashy image. Despite my dislike on her appearance, I still enjoy her songs and  her voice.

This video is one of my favorites in MTV Unplugged

#2 Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries

The Cranberries is the first Ireland ‘product’ that I have ever known and if I made a list of top-5 best from Ireland, Cranberries will come in second, right after Cillian. I adore The Cranberries ever since I heard Zombie.

Dolores’  voice is amazing and  her songs are always fun to listen. She also puts message in her songs.

The Cranberries came to Jakarta last month but I couldn’t seeit because it was too far from my house and I don’t have vehicle to go there 😦 . I will forever regret it.

And of course, I share one of my favorite songs, Promises.

And here comes number 1….the one and only…. (drum sounds)

#1 Celine Dion

She is the best, the greatest!! She has the most beautiful and powerful voice I have ever heard. She is the only pop female singer that can steal my heart and my ears.

Her songs are not rock, they are pure pop but her beautiful voice and personality make me love her songs.

Just listen to this song, Surrender, she was awesome!!!

So…please let me know your favorite female singers 🙂


  1. Celine truly is the biggest singer that ever lived on this planet!
    I also love Shania Twain, Cyndi Lauper, Tina Turner, Jordin Sparks and Anastacia is probably my second fav singer after Celine.
    I can’t stand Dolores, though, since she often had extremely ignorant and uneducated things to say about political things she knows nothing about and I hate such people.

    1. I didn’t know about Dolores’ other side…in fact I know nothing about the two singers that come from a band. I like both Dolores and Tomiko because of their songs, have zero knowledge of them as individual.
      If I make a list of personality, Celine is still first followed by Anggun and Shakira 😉

      I am with you on Shania and Cindy. Too bad Cindy Lauper is not an active singer anymore. Thank you for sharing your list, Dezz.

      1. Cyndi is still very active, Novia, she has new albums all the time, but she’s not on big music channels. She actually had quite a big dance hit few years ago 🙂
        I loved Shakira before much more than with her last two albums. Her first album was the best.

        1. eh?? really?? wow, I never heard of her new songs at all. All I hear in the radio are nowadays music that easily make me bored.

          I totally agree with you on Shakira, her spanish album, earlier albums, are much better than her newer ones. I hate the way she seems to sell her music with her body more than the power of the song itself. I really miss the old Shakira

  2. My favorite female singer is Christina Aguilera. Dirrty and Back to basics were amazing albums and more than make up for the cliche pop she was making before.

    Although her last album didn’t seem to hit the mark unfortunately

      1. Well, some people here in the English-speaking world hate Celine Dion and are really vocal about it. It’s like it’s not cool to like her or something ahah 🙂

        1. I see…thank you for explaining it Cas.
          I guess her true fans didn’t care being called Not Cool because she had great success in Vegas 😉
          Same with me, I like music from Metalica and such but I am not ashamed to admit that I love also Celine 😉

  3. A really lovely post Novia. some lovely music in the morning.
    I personally love the Cranberries. Never heard anything bad about Dolores, so a bit surprised at Dezmond’s comment.
    I too prefer the early Shakira.. it used to be all about her voice and stage presence..
    Some recommendations:
    I recently discovered this girl/band
    I think she is so energetic and quirky. Love it
    I also love Carole King, she is simply amazing
    you might like this version better as Celine Dion is in it 🙂 together with Shania Twain and Gloria Estefan (another fantastic Colombian artist).


    1. Thank you for listening, Irina 🙂

      Me too, there isn’t many news about Dolores here. I ahve heard so much on Sinead O’Connor but never about Dolores. I kinda wish Shakira would turn into her oldself again one day…if that possible.

      Thank you for the links. I have never heard of the first singer (will listen to it as soon as I use my PC). I like Carole King too, she is such an amazing song writer. Some of Celine songs were written by her.

      I always wonder how can someone put a video in comment because I never been able to do it. 😦
      I used to like some of Gloria’s songs, especially the dance ones.

        1. Thank you for the effort Irina 🙂
          I deleted the trial and error comments and kept this one, so it’ll be easier if I want to do such comment. Thanks again.deleted the trial and error comments and kept this one, so it’ll be easier if I want to do such comment. Thanks again.

    1. Yaaaaiii…finally!! someone who knows who Van Tomiko is *hug*

      Yup, she is sooo beautiful. Heart is also one of my favorites and the video is also interesting. In fact, I was considering to put Heart’s video here, but finally changed it with Oasis

  4. Mine are Yungchen Lhamo, Loreena McKennitt, Heather Nova, Eva Cassidy, Liza Gerrard, and Natalie Merchant. Oops… that’s 6. Yeah well.
    I’m like you there are a lot of singers I like but I don’t like their music.
    I need to lsite to your no 5. and 4 as I didn’t know them.
    I’m not too keen on Celine Dion (the music) but she has a great voice.

    1. Ow…I have never heard of anyone you mentioned. Are they European? What kind of music they sing?

      You should listen to Anggun, the video up there is in French. She has been living in French for years but still love Indonesia.

      Yeah…Celine music is too pop girly (that’s how I call such music)…but she is the only one who can make me love such music

          1. Thank you for the explanation and the link, Caroline. Hahaha how many blogs do you have anyway?
            Will check it soon, I am most intrigue with McKennitt.

            I have heard Sinead before and I like one of her songs which unfortunately I have forgotten the title.

  5. My all time favorite would be Christina Aguilera, miss. Her voice is incredibly amazing and I love her songs, so inspiring. Too bad that she choose a sexually provocative image to represent her music. Her ‘club dance’ songs were only the tip of the iceberg of her music career. If you try her whole albums (‘Stripped’ was my personal favorite), you can find her vulnerable and sensitive side. Just an opinion 😀

    1. Long time no see, Fariz…thank you for sharing your favorite female singer.

      Christina does have beautiful and powerful voice, the new diva…but unfortunately, I am not into her music. I only like that ‘I am Beautiful’ song.

      It seems that most female singers these days choose to be as sexy as possible 😦 your reluctance toward Christina image is same with mine toward Shakira.

      1. you should try some of her other songs miss, most of them are as great as Beautiful. From the same album, try The Voice Within, Soar, Fighter or even I’m OK. Or try Hurt and Lift Me Up…. Hahaha sorry miss for my babble, because I adore her so much :p

        Yes, it’s just unfortunate about her image. It makes her not being more respected by public as a singer. And if I’m not mistaken, Celine Dion herself once said in an interview that Christina is one of the best singers out there nowadays.

        1. Hehehe…actually, I have heard those songs..but only Beautiful capture my attention. As I said before, she has great voice but her music is not my type 😉
          It’s nice that you like her so much

  6. Nice list Novroz. I can’t say I’m a fan of Celine Dion, I’m just not into her music but you’ve highlighted some terrific vocalists. I have a soft spot for Avril Lavigne.

    1. Thank you, Dan.
      I can understand because Celine’s songs are so girly pop. If I don’t admire her voice, I wouldn’t end up liking her songs.

      Ah Avril, she has been here twice.

    1. Well…since this isn’t a blogathon, you don’t have specific time to do it…just take your time 😉

      Hope things will get better soon…I know how it feels when the internet doesn’t work well

      1. I did it! i finally post my version of this Top 5!!! it feels great to finally post again. Didn’t realize I would be *this* stressed out from not writing a blog for a week… 😛

  7. Celine Dion: I always want to sing her songs at Karaoke, but I’m afraid I can’t hit her high tone (maybe I should go to karaoke alone rather than with my friends ^^). Not much of her songs are my favorite, but her songs are good to test people singing ability: Power of Love and Because of You are magic. \(^^)/

    I don’t have many songs from female singers in my music playlist, so it’s kinda easy for me to track down the artist. But the hard thing is I’ve never been a REAL fan for them, but I’m not denying that I look forward for their music realeases.

    They are (in no particular order)
    – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Most notable for her Silent Hill tie-ins. FYI, she is a dubber too!!)
    – Utada Hikaru (Her R&B songs are not my liking, but her ethereal wave songs are must have (for me, off course)
    – Bjork (I like her style of speaking-singing style and how she hit the high tone. But her new songs are too ‘weird’ for my taste)
    – Maaya Sakamoto (Mainly because most of her songs composed by one of my fav. composer: Yoko Kanno. Her voice always fits the dreamy image)
    – Horan of Clazziquai and Ibadi (Her voice fits the jazzy Clazziquai and the acoustic music of Ibadi).

    Anyway, have you ever write about your favorite male singer? Inspired by this post, I think I should make the list next month. 😉

    1. Thank you for sharing your list, Dhitzu:)

      Out of your list, I only know Utada and Bjork. I like some of theirs songs. For Bjork, I only like those that are not too ‘weird’ 😉

      We are quite same, I also don’t put much of these ladies songs in my MP3-player but I do listen to them more than other female singers.

      I haven’t made a male singers list yet,I have only written my top 5 British bands. For male,I have to admit that I don’t have favorite individual singer, they all come from a band. hehe you could pretty much guess my number 1 as I have been a fan of the band for more than 10 years. It’s a good idea, I will write the list on September (i will make 2 lists on that month because of your suggestion 😉 )

  8. I listened to them all. However, none is my favorite. Unlike the male singers, my females favorite keeps changing

    I used to really love Avril and Taylor Swift, but since their musical style changed, I’m not into them anymore. I still listened and like to their old song, but i’m rarely liking their new ones.

    Right now my fav is Taylor Momsen, but mainly because her musical style rather than her voice.

    My favorite all time probably Vanessa Carlton, even through I’m not really love her as Avril and Taylors, but I remained stable with her.

    I’m not into Japanese music too, but I heard some anime song. I choose Yanagi Nagi for my fav female Japanese singer.

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