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Monday Movies (TV Series) – Lie To Me

A little bit different to my usual Monday Movies where I used to share about movies I have recently watched, this time I want to share about my new found favorite TV Series.

When I was younger, still in junior and high school, Indonesian TV channels were full of TV series from Hollywood. Those were my favorite TV days.  They showed My Secret Identity, Friends, Growing Pains, The A Team, Mission Impossible, Incredible Hulk, and my all time favorite TV Series, The X Files.

However, the darks ages came afterward…after all those TV Channel found the fun of making horrible sinetron. Indonesian drama that only filled deception, traitor, insurgent and stuff I don’t enjoy. They kept on emphasizing on the differences between the rich and the poor and love between them…sort of like Latinos Telenovela. I called it the dark ages because I no longer watch TV. Few years back, a new TV Channel was kind enough to show 24 (in the middle of the night), Supernatural and Heroes. I enjoyed those series a lot (tho I hate Heroes session 2). And then that TV Channel sort of specialized itself to silly reality shows that emphasize on people’s domestic problem. Like I give a damn about who is cheating with whom. So, I stopped watching TV again.

Recently, another new TV Channel called B Channel showed up….and to my surprise, so far B Channel is the kindest TV Channel around. They showed American Idol, not a good season and so boring, but I enjoyed seeing Steven Tyler. And then they became nicer by showing Trauma, CSI: New York and my new favorite Lie To Me.

I only watch Trauma and CSI: New York when I had time to watch it. When I was busy blogging after work, I prefer to stay blogging than watching it. People said CSI was as good as The X Files, in my opinion CSI doesn’t even get closed to The X Files. B Channel changed Trauma with a new show called Lie To Me and I was (and still am) hooked to it. I always dropped everything I was doing to watch Lie To Me. I got restless when I was working overtime because I was afraid I might miss the series (it was aired at 9 PM).

What is it about Lie To Me that makes it so fun to watch?

Lie To Me tells the story of a company that specialized in deception, the company is called Lightman Group. They are often hired by FBI to solve cases that are too difficult for them. But they do not close their door to other cases. They are kinda like private detective in figuring out who lies and causes trouble toward the investigation. They read micro expression from anyone they interviewed.

It is said that micro expression is always the same for everyone no matter what race they come from. It covers slight changes on someone’s face and other small gestures that often thought as nothing significant. To solve the case, they sometimes have to deceive the interviewee. The owner of the company is the master of deception.

Let’s take a look at the characters behind Lie To Me

Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) is an interesting character, in fact the most interesting character in the series. He is the boss of Lightman Group. He is really good in reading micro expression and in lying to other people. One of my favorite episodes is when Lightman a ‘long con’ where he deceived everyone (including his staffs and his protégé) in other to solve the copy cat serial killer. As Torres said, he is scary good. I like the way Tim Roth used his accent and the way he made the character as someone arrogant and yet not totally arrogant. Cal Lightman is a bit weird for normal people, then again all geniuses are always peculiar in their own way. I like everything about Cal Lightman even to the way he moves his body. In short, Cal Lightman is the reason I enjoy this series. Tim Roth did great job to create this character.

Cal Lightman character was based on Dr. Paul Ekman, a psychologist and expert on body language and facial expressions at University of California, San Francisco

Dr. Gillian Foster (Kelli Williams) is Lightman’s colleague. She is really close to Lightman, she is the only one in the company who calls him Cal instead of Lightman.

Ria Torres (Monica Raymond) is Lightman’s protégé. She was a natural reader, however she still has things to learn.

Eli Locker (Brendan Hines) is the kind of guy who can’t tell a lie. Locker is well educated in micro expression. Although there is nothing special about Eli Locker character but he is my eye candy of this series. He is quite cute and I like the way he looks at people.

I read from Wikipedia that the series only lasted for 3 seasons, Fox cancelled the series 😦

I don’t know how many seasons will be shown by B Channel, but one thing for sure I will buy the DVD if B Channel decides to show only 1 season. For now, let’s enjoy the series in TV 🙂 (I hope B Channel will show all of the seasons)

Have you seen this series? What do you think?


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15 comments on “Monday Movies (TV Series) – Lie To Me

    August 8, 2011

    our channels are also full of Mexican soaps, and what’s even worse now they broadcast lots of Turkish soaps as well, and there are almost no American shows, except on some cable channels. So I guess our situation is kinda similar 😦

    • Novroz
      August 8, 2011

      Yeah…Cable TV is also a bliss for movie lovers here. I couldn’t afford it so I am stuck with localTV 😦

      Unfortunate for us, a lot of people like soaps…we are the minority here, Dezz

  2. Caroline
    August 9, 2011

    I’m not into soaps or reality TV and actually hardly watch any TV at all but we do have cable so, in theory we would be able to watch a lot but I can’t be forced to sit in front of the TV at a ceratin time, I wait for the DVDs, mostly at least.
    I haven’t heard of this series but I like Tim Roth, it does sound different so will try and see if I ca watch it.
    I don’t think one can compare CSI and X-Files. I haven’t seen much of them but what little I have seen, had nothing in common.

    • Novroz
      August 9, 2011

      If you don’t watch it, why do you have cable?

      Since blogging has been big part of my life, I don’t think I ever want to have cable…It would be useless coz I’ll be spending more of my free time in front of the computer rather than the cable I have paid for. But I do hope our localTV would play more American/British series.

      Lie To Me is really interesting…figuring out whose the criminals just by looking at their expression is something I found as original.
      Plus Tim Roth is brilliant in LTM.

      CSI and X Files are different in the main story…but I think the people who compared them emphasized both series in the fact they both about law enforcement. But I also think they are incompareable, the X Files has no match up yet 🙂

      • Caroline
        August 10, 2011

        My boyfriend watches cable as cable is English. He only speaks English and our channels are German/French/Italian as these are the official languages of Switzerland plus the channels of the European countries around…

  3. Lina Shaik
    August 9, 2011

    I’ve heard of Lie to Me before but somehow never got round to watching it. Your blogpost reminded me about it so will hunt for dvd and watch it asap!

    • Novroz
      August 9, 2011

      I hope you like it as much as I do, Lina 🙂

      Somehow, the show makes me starting seeing people carefully…you know, maybe I can spot a lie somewhere hehe

  4. Joel Burman
    August 11, 2011

    Ah X-files and Incredible Hulk do bring up some fond nostalgic memories. My favorite TV-series of all time is tied between The Wire and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I can really recommend those two.

    • Novroz
      August 11, 2011

      I wonder why your comment needs moderation :/ and there’s no avatar.

      I have never seen The Wire yet. I have seen and enjoyed Buffy. Fun series but I am more into serious series rather than fun series.
      what’s the wire about?

      • Joel Burman
        August 11, 2011

        Its actually because I’m switching e-mail address for commenting purpose. I’ll update it with a Gravatar when I get the time. Now you shouldn’t need to moderate it again.

        Buffy is actually quite dark and serious when you get deeper into it. Season 5-7 are extreme in that way.

        The Wire is a great crime series that have a slice of life approach. You get to follow both the bad guys and the good guys and there is really no typical main character. Very interesting!

        • Novroz
          August 11, 2011

          I don’t remember how many seasons of Buffy I have watched…but it still remain as something I watch but not something I love…sorry Joel, it’s not my kind of series.

          Now…the Wire sounds like series I would love. It sounds complicated and interesting. Too bad I have never heard or seen the DVD in the shop 😦 your description had made me curious

  5. dhitzunako
    August 11, 2011

    .”..And then that TV Channel sort of specialized itself to silly reality shows that emphasize on people’s domestic problem. ”
    Hey, I know “that” TV station. ;p

    At first, I thought that “that” TV station is different too, along with its “adopted brother”, since at first, they also broadcasted few animes.

    Another promising TV station is the _ _ _ TV (which is local TV at the capital of Indonesia ^^), which broadcasted ‘Ghost Whisperer’ and Asian (notably Korean and Taiwanese, sadly, not Japanese doramas), but here at my home, we can’t receive its broadcast well. The same problem goes to B Channel. I envy you, Nov. T.T

    • Novroz
      August 11, 2011

      Hahaha…same here! I used to have hope for that channel too…but now, it has decreased just as bad as others.

      Ghost Whisperer used to be in JakTV, right? It’s one of my favorite TVChannels because it is the only one that shows my favorite sport, NBA 🙂

      I hardly watched the other channels, B Channel, JakTV and Metro are my regulars…and sometimes GlobalTV because they never dubbed animation movie.

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