Annual One Piece Reread Event – Year 2011

I have been missing several months of my The Amazing World of One Piece monthly post. The reason is quite simple, it is because I restrain my self from rereading the series because I am waiting for this special month…the month where I reread the whole series, from the beginning till the last chapter of this month.

One Piece is a manga series about the power of dream and friendship. I have been rereading the books for years…I have forgotten when I first fell in love with this series, one thing for sure it was after year 2000.

One Piece is written by the talented Eiichiro Oda, he has managed to keep the series away from any trace of boredom. I want this series to go on and on and on till volume 100 and I pray God won’t take Oda-sensei’s life before he finishes the series.

One Piece was first published in August 4, 1997…exactly 14 years ago!! It was published in Weekly Shounen Jump Magazine and up till today it still remains as one of the most look-forward series in the Magazine. I remember reading an article of how so many children who were refugee of Japan Tsunami were sharing 1 magazine to read the newest chapter of One Piece.

The first volume of One Piece manga was released in December 24, 1997 (the ones in Shounen Jump magazine were in form of chapter after chapter. about 10-12 chapters were collected and republished as a manga). The latest, volume 62, was in May 2011. Here in Indonesia, it has only reached volume 59…a bit late 😦

How famous is One Piece?

One Piece has a lot of loyal fans, and I am one of them. I am over 30 years old now and still enjoy One Piece with passion. In 2010, the whole manga have been sold for 230 million copies around the world. Volume 61 has set a record as the best-selling book in Japan as much as 3.8 million copies (the second best-selling was volume 60 by 3.4 millions). Volume 60 also set a record as the first book that reached 2 million sale in a week. One Piece is now the best-selling manga in the history.

The fact that the series is so famous IS NOT MY REASON FOR LOVING One Piece so much!!

The story has not yet failed me…so far! Oda keeps inventing thrilling and heartbreaking stories one after another. Reading One Piece makes me feel I am there with the rest of the crew in Mugiwara Kaizoku (Strawhat Pirate) and always eager to know what’s the adventure lying in front of me. He hasn’t made one battle similar with another battle.

Oda’s art work is also incredibly detailed. Not many manga can keep up with such detail and running through more than 60 volumes. See the panel below, see how detail he (and his assistant) draws Enel’s Ship. He even draws something like ‘where’s waldo’…but in One Piece, it was where’s Pandaman?

Oda also includes stupid questions by his reader in SBS corner (Ask all you want). The questions and answers are always hilarious.

I am going to read 59 volumes this year 🙂 Last year was 55, so if the rate is similar, next year will be 63 volumes.

I will try to summaries the stories from volume 1 to volume 59.

It begins with a boy named Monkey D Luffy who dreamed to be a pirate king. He gathered 4 crews, Roronoa Zorro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji. They headed to Grandline with only 5 people and a small ship called Going Mary. They fought many bad pirates for different reason. The touching one was when they fought against Arlong to defend Nami’s honor.

In Grandline, they had more friends. Vivi the princess of Arabasta was Mugiwara crew for a while…and Chopper the doctor. When they fought againts Crocodile, they gained another crew, Robin the Historian. They went to Sky Island and fought the mighty Enel.

Then, they helped Robin to get away from her dark past. She never trusted anyone till she joined Luffy’s crew. Franky who helped them saved Robin joined the crew as the 7th member. On the way to merman Island, they were trapped in Thriller Bark. A musician skeleton, Brook, joined Migiwara Kaizoku as the 8th member. In thriller bark, Zoro showed high loyalty, he chose to die in place Luffy.

In Shabondy Island, the saw the arrogance of Tenryubito (the descendents of world savior). The penalty of disobeying Tenryubito was death and Luffy and his crew challenged them. The resistance caused separation of mugiwara pirate crew. Each crew was thrown to different Islands.

Luffy decided to help his brother, Portgas D Ace, before finding his crew. To help Ace, he became the second person who breached into government’s most impenetrable prison, Impel Down. He was helped by his former enemies and his father’s friends. At Ace’s execution place, Luffy fought side by side with Shirohige (Ace’s captain) to free Ace from the marine. However, he failed saving Ace…it was the saddest time in One Piece story for me (I will write top 5 saddest moments in One Piece later).

Volume 59 is closed with Luffy’s childhood memory, the years he spent with Ace and Sabo.

I have read the online manga, here, but I am not going to continue my summary till that far.

As you can see…I do not need to reread the whole series as I have remember them all by heart (I only forgot the small details). But remembering and going through the adventures all over again is a completely different thing!!

Mugiwara kaizokudan are :

  • Captain : Monkey D Luffy (The Future Pirate King)
  • 2nd man : Roronoa Zoro (The Greatest Swordsman in the World)
  • Navigator : Nami (The One Who Will Draw the World Map)
  • Sniper : Usopp (The Bravest Man of the Sea)
  • Chef : Sanji (The Finder of All-Blue)
  • Doctor : Tonny Tonny Chopper (The Cutest Doctor)
  • Archaeologist : Nico Robin (The One Who Will Solve the Missing History)
  • Carpenter : Franky (The Sensitive Cyborg)
  • Musician : Brook (The Talking Skeleton)

And the adventures they had been through:

Now…let’s begin the adventure  🙂
Boken shimashou minna!!!

PS. I shared this rereading for my Manga Reading Challenge and What An Animal Reading Challenge IV because Dr. Chopper is a Rain Deer (see his picture on the annual reread banner)

4 thoughts on “Annual One Piece Reread Event – Year 2011

  1. Quite a project, Novia. But don’t forget the Indonesian Short Story Month! I’m interested to hera your thoughts.
    But I’m also fascinated by One Piece. I like the artwork, it is really quite detailed and nice-

    1. Don’t worry, Caroline 🙂
      It’s a manga consist of 59 volume, I can squezze few short stories in between. I am planning to review one next week.

      Not many manga can keep up with the detail, that’s one of many reasons I enjoy One Piece.

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