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When Marc of Go, See, Talk sent me an invitation email about blogathon he is going to host every last day of the months (July, August, and September)…I was, at that time, agreeing to do the first and second meme…but I wasn’t sure what to write.

I finally got the idea a couple of days ago.

Here is the invitation ‘letter

First, on July 30th I’m doing something called Double Feature Theater. The idea here is that we all get to imagine ourselves as bona fide Theater owners. As such we set up (in one post) our schedule for a week’s worth of Double Features Mo-Su.

The criteria is completely up to you to pair the movies be it actors, directors, a common theme, original/remake, you name it. Nothing is wrong and everything goes as it’s your theater. Start your post beginning what you’d show on Monday, a sentence or two of why or how they’re related and so on for the rest of your fictitious week. Only change is that on Sunday make it a Triple Feature. Be as creative or simple as you want. Just remember this is one post, not a weeks worth of posts.

You can read the other blogathon in Marc’s post

Here are my double features

I Hate Monday

At Monday, I will feature movies from a genre that a lot of people hate… Horror!!


Dramatic Tuesday

I will feature 2 movies that I found as movies with dramatic ending

From Other Planet Wednesday

I feel like Wednesday is a good day to watch Alien movies


Crying Thursday

Make sure you bring lots of tissue if you want to watch movies in my theatre on Thursday

Bullet-Rain Friday

It’s time to see some actions where bullets are flying everywhere.

Beyond Believe Saturday

It’s Saturday!! Nothing can beat Sci-fi as Saturday Movies, IMO


Magnificent Ghibli

Let’s close the week with the best from Studio Ghibli


I hope you enjoy my Theatre 🙂

Let me know which days you will come.

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