Tintin – The Secret of The Unicorn

I have just finished reading one of Tintin books called The Secret of The Unicorn. I considered reading this graphic novel as prelude for the upcoming movie, one out of few movies I anticipated this year (I hope I can see it in the cinema).

I used to own several Tintin books when I was still in elementary but I didn’t take good care of them and lost them somewhere. Knowing that the first Tintin movie will be released this coming December, I decided to buy some Tintin books and read them again.

The first book I bought (recently) was The Secret of Unicorn or Le Secret De La Licorne, The Treasure of Red Rackham will be bought later. I bought (and planning to buy) those books because the movie will be adapted from both The Secret of Unicorn and The Treasure of Red Rackham.

For those who have never read Tintin, here are the main characters in almost every Tintin books:

Tintin: a young journalist that often caught up in mystery across the world
Snowy: Tintin’s loyal white dog
Captain Haddock: Tintin’s rum-loving best friend who used to be captain of the Karaboudjan. 
Thomson and Thompson: a twin-like cops who often did more damage than good. They were the jester of this series.
I am a bit confused with Thompson and Thompson. I remember clearly that I used to read them under those names, but in the new edition of Tintin published by Gramedia, their names are no longer Thompson and Thompson, they are Dupond and Dupont. I did a little research and found out that Dupond and Dupont were the original names in French.

The Secret of Unicorn started with Tintin buying a replica ship for Captain Haddock. The second he paid for it, 2 men appeared and insisted on buying his ship. Tintin refused both men and took the ship home. Meanwhile at the same time, Dupond and Dupont (I decided to use this name as it is the names in the book I have just read) were in the middle of solving a pickpocket case. The case caused them several wallets because the thief found him as an easy target. This case will intertwine with Tintin’s case.

Tintin left the ship in his flat to visit Captain Haddock, but when he got back home with the Captain, the ship was no longer in his flat, someone had stolen it. He suspected the man that had come to him to buy his ship. That man had an identical ship but it wasn’t Tintin’s ship. Out of coincidence, Tintin found a piece of paper hidden inside the ship.

The captain told Tintin about his ancestor who used to be the captain of a ship called Unicorn. The replica ship owned (used to be owned) by Tintin was the replica of that ship. From the Captain’s story, he found out that there were 3 identical replica ships and each of those ships had a piece of paper that will lead them to the treasure of a pirate named Red Rackham.

And the adventure began….

This book has no real ending because it led to next book, The Treasure of Red Rackham.

I have to be honest here, rereading Tintin didn’t have the same effect as the first time I read the book. When I read it back in elementary, I found it as something awesome…it is still interesting but not so awesome anymore. Maybe it is because when I read the series, I haven’t found the fun of reading Manga yet. Manga has more complex story than Tintin. However, I wouldn’t say Tintin has turned onto a boring book…it is still interesting in its own way.

Book Detail:

Title: The Secret of The Unicorn
Author: Hergé
Language: Indonesian (Original: French)
Pages: 62 pages
Publisher: Percetakan Gramedia
Challenge: Mystery and Suspense  Reading Challenge 2011, What an Animal Reading Challenge VI (Unicorn in the title)

Now, let’s take a look at the movie for a while.

The movie is directed by Stephen Spielberg, one of few directors I will always watch.  The screenplay is written by Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright, and Joe Cornish. I don’t know about Joe Cornish but I know how good Edgar Wright and Steven Moffat are. Moffat was the one who wrote A Study in Pink for Sherlock miniseries.

Staring: Jamie Bell as Tintin, Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock, and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as Thomson and Thompson (Dupond and Dupont)

Here is the poster for the movie

And here is the trailer. We can see that they changed  some details of the movie. It seems that Tintin and Haddock met the first time in this adventure.

21 thoughts on “Tintin – The Secret of The Unicorn

  1. I must admit the trailers for TIN TIN have left me rather impassive and cold. They just don’t promise a good or interesting film, and I’m generally not sure why Spielberg and Jackson chose a rather unappealing comic book for such a huge film adaptation?

    1. I think Tintin has many fans in Asia and Europe…most will see it out of curiosity,one of them is me. But I can understand why people who had never read the book will find it not appealing.

      One thing for sure…this will be my first animation in the cinema (if it gets here…hopely)

        1. Did you like the comic, Dezz? I am guessing you didn’t 😉

          I am really happy they decided to make this…I have seen enough superhero comic turned into book…it’s time for people who don’t really like superhero to enjoy their fav comic in the big screen….and hoping it won’t be a disaster like Dragonball (Love the manga dislike the movie)

      1. Hi Asop and Novia, so kalian suka baca Tintin juga yah. Wah ini favorit comic saya, sampe skrg masih suka baca, kakak sy kirim beberapa buku Tintin yg pake bahasa Indonesia, soalnya lebih seru drpd baca yg bahasa Inggris. Blistering Barnacles just doesn’t sound the same as ‘sejuta topan badai!’ ahah. Sy optimistis sih ama trailer-nya and the fact that both Spielberg and Jackson were at the Tintin panel at comic con and showed some exclusive footage, I look forward to it even more!!

        1. Hehehe kayaknya hampir semua pecinta buku di Indonesia pernah baca Tintin, Ruth 😉 walopun ga semuanya suka.

          Iya sy juga yakin bakal bagus filmnya…orang2 dibelakang pembuatan filmnya benar2 jempolan semua…berharap bgt bisa masuk sini (Super 8 aja belum masuk 😦 )

          Hahaha umpatan2 si captain aga aneh ya pake English…Jadi penasaran yang benar yang mana terjemahannya, yang english atau yg Indonesia. Kalo bisa bahasa Perancis br deh tau yg mana yg benar.

  2. Great post. I need to do a couple of post on Tintin as well. I was a huge fan as a kid and I actually had a better experience when revisiting some Tintin albums some years ago I found them to still be very good. Have you read Tintin in Tibet, its probably my favorite!

    1. I have read them all but I barely remember anything…That’s why I want to reread the series.

      I will do another post after I buy The treasure of Red Rackham (or is it the Red Rackham’s treasure?).

      If the movie goes well, I hope they will continue making the series 🙂

    2. Hey Joel, I LOVE Tintin in Tibet, one of my fave as well. LOVE his friendship with Chang and how he went out of his way to save his friend… very touching.

  3. I will never grew tired of tintin. He is my favourite and always will be. I’m glad there is a big movie adaptation, I hope the movie doesn’t ruin it for me!

    1. I hope so too. So far, looking at the people behind the movie and looking at the trailer, it doesn’t seem like something that will turn into something bad.

  4. It is been a long time since I read any Tintin. I was never that into it. No idea why, many told me that they loved it a lot. I rather read Asterix. I will probably watch the movie if I get a chance.

    1. I think tintin was really good. It was after all my first mystery books. Tintin, Asterix, and Lucky Luke are my first books (ignoring school text book) and I like them all equaly.

      They lost their charm a bit when I found manga which is more complex and lots of variety.

      1. No I didn’t..actually I didn’t read anything as a child. I have dyslexia, but I’m able to read now (if a little slowly) and take full advantage of it 😀

  5. That’s exactly why I’m scared of reading Tintin ever again. I was completely in love with those graphic novels as a kid but I’m fairly certain I won’t hold up as well now that I’m older. Nonetheless, just seeing the front cover of the book brought back some nice memories 🙂

    1. I was afraid with the same thing as you Cas…but I like reading books that about to be turned into a movie. To get a better view, I may say.
      I will also reread The Hobbits before it comes out.

      I used to be so in love with this series, but I guess age play some parts in reducing the love….but it was still a fun read.

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