Cillian Murphy as The Angel of Death

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This month’s Monthly Murphy is dedicated to my friend, Wulan at Nerd  in writing. She was recently writing a short story borrowing Cillian’s name. In that story, there was an Angel of Death who had  an appointment with Cillian’s grandma.

Her story reminded me of this short film by Cillian Murphy, At The Death’s Door.

The Story is about the son of the Reaper who had failed doing his job, instead of killing someone  he ended up saving that person. It  happened because of a man who somehow could see him.

What”s so interesting about this short is the fact that Cillian did not say anything throughout the movie…he relied on his face expression, an expression that tells a thousand words. Funny enough, I  find the constant talking man as a boring character and yet the one that didn’t say anything makes the film watchable.

Do watch the short and enjoy yourself 🙂

These videos were uploaded by VeiledByShadow

Now, the fan girl talks 😉

Is there any angel of death’s characters cuter than this man?


  1. Love that photo of him you’ve got here, Nov. He’s certainly got such an expressive eyes… sooo melancholy & mysterious 🙂

    1. Too bad you don’t know him Castor 😉 , he is one of the most talented actor of his generation….that was Nolan’s words not mine. You should watch more movies 😆

    1. You’re welcome Caroline 🙂
      I have also found great short that doesn’t involve Cillian,maybe I should make a post about it. These shorts are often as great as long movies

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