Monday Movies: Paul & Beck

Last week I was SO busy and next week I am still going to be So Busy 😦

I long for a holiday. I really miss blogging, both writing and reading. All my posts last week (except for my winner announcement post) are scheduled post. I tried to take a 2 hours break to write this post, I really want to share these 2 movies (and I still have 2 books to be reviewed).

These past 2 weeks, I watched 2 movies (I bought 11 DVDs 2 weeks ago)…one was one of my anticipated movies and the other was something I bought because I love Japanese movies. The funny thing is the one I was eager to watch was the one that got low rating while the one I bought without reference was the one that got higher rating. Tho my rating is 100% personal taste 😉

Without much introduction, here are the movies I have watched (Hoping Friday will come tomorrow so that I can watch more movies)


There is only 1 reason why I was so eager to see this movie, the hilarious pair from England, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. If those two wasn’t in the movie, I wouldn’t even dream of watching it unless they play it on TV.

Paul tells the story of 2 Englishmen road-tripping around US. Graeme Willy and Clive Gollings loved everything about Alien. They finally encountered one of those little green men, his name was Paul.Paul was not like any other Alien they have read in the book, Paul was funky alien. He needed to get away from earth because the government wanted to  do horrible things to him. Despite the shock, Graeme and Clive promised to take Paul to his meeting point with the other Aliens. The story revolve  around their  journey.

It was said that a lot of people gave not-so-good review toward this movie, I didn’t read those reviews because I never read any review about movies I really want to see…I don’t want to be spoiled.

My honest opinion is the movie was decent,  not good not bad either. Maybe it was because I love Pegg and Frost too much that it clouded my judgement. The story was  not the best I have seen from them…it was the kind of story that you ended up saying ‘It was okay’ but I do enjoy seeing that best comedy pair in the world.

Ruth said in her comment that it insults Christianity and she doesn’t like that kind of movie, I can relate to her feeling because I also avoid watching True Lies as it insulted my religion. In my opinion, Paul  is not only insulting Christianity, it basically refuses the idea that there is God (but Christian got hit the most because most American are Christian).

I don’t have much to say about Paul, it was after all only a   movie for me. My anticipation wasn’t paid off.


Beck is a live action version of a manga and anime under the same title. The Manga was written by Harold Sakuishi. Sakuishi was much influenced  by western music, that’s why we can hear strong western influence in Beck’s music. Belle Ame (another band in the movie)  has strong Japanese music style.

The story was about 5 young men who tried to create a band. It was mainly seen from 2 perspectives, Ryūsuke’s and Koyuki’s. Koyuki (Takeru Satoh) thought that his life was terribly boring. He was often bullied by the toughest kids in his school. His life was changed when he met Ryūsuke (Hiro Mizushima). Ryūsuke inspired Koyuki to played guitar. Within few months,he became  quite good with it.

Ryūsuke promised his friend to make a band that will make him proud. He  asked Taira (Osamu Mukai), a very charismatic bass player, to join his band along with Chiba (Kenta Kiritani) who used to be a rapper. They called their band as BECK,it was taken after Ryūsuke’s odd looking dog. Somewhere along the story,  Koyuki and his friend Saku (Aoi Nakamura) also joined the band.

Beck had ups and downs and almost disbanded…but they eventually overcame all obstacles.

I really really like this movie, however I know that this movie is not the kind Westerners will enjoy…but can easily  be enjoyed by Asians…let’s just say the movie is SOOOO Asian (what can you expect from live action?). I love seeing their struggle and their comedic expression. Takeru Satoh looked so innocent, the kind of guy I would love to protect from  the cruelness of the world 😉

I also enjoy the music…tho I am a bit annoyed with how they tried to hide  Koyuki’s voice. Koyuki was supposed to have wonderful voice that could touch everyone’s heart. People will stop doing whatever they were doing to hear his voice. It was a challenging job to portray such voice. Finally,they creator of this movie decided to hide Koyuki’s voice and let us imagine how wonderful his voice was. It was understandable (and yet still a bit annoyed) because definition of beautiful voice is different to each person….to me, Hyde has the most beautiful voice in the world, but not to other people.

I was quite surprise to hear Hiro Mizushima speaks fluent English,it is a rare thing to hear a Japanese actor speaks that fluently. When my friend told me that he spent his childhood abroad, I immediately understood why he is so good in English.

I know for sure I will watch this movie again….soon, probably right after I finished watching the rest of those 11 DVDs. It is  definitely a  movie.

I leave you with one of the song in the movie called Evolution (Chiba was  singing it, not Koyuki)

What have you watched recently?


  1. “I really really like this movie, however I know that this movie is not the kind Westerners will enjoy…but can easily be enjoyed by Asians”…what gives you that feeling? 😀

    1. Well, I really am not sure how to explain it in English, let’s just say that the comedy, the struggle and the face expression are different to most Hollywood or European movies. You might like it because you like anime.

      aha…writing this reply makes me realize something, I should have written ‘non-anime/manga/dorama lovers’ instead of Westerners. I still have this impression that not so many Westerners enjoy anime. That’s why I was so thrilled when I first found your post about Moribito.
      I always feel happy meeting non-Asian who loves anime/manga as much as I am because meeting Asian who loves anime/manga is very common.

      1. There are more and more people loving it here. I think it’s because they are starting to have more access to it then they used too. It was very hard to find and very expensive for the longest time. Now that’s starting to change…thank goodness 😀

        1. Glad to hear that 🙂

          unfortunately, it’s not the same in my country 😦 there is no problem with manga till this day, but anime is rarely shown in TV nowadays. We have to have cableTV or buy DVDs to see it.

  2. Thanks for the look at these, Novroz. And I certainly appreciate your discomfort with True Lies with regard to your religion. Next week, my friend and author John Kenneth will begin his The Cameron Cirriculum, a series that will focus on the work of this director. I’ll keep your perspective in mind when we reach that particular film.

    1. Thank you so much for thinking of my feeling, Michael. Lucky you’re going to do it next week, that means I can read it 🙂 (my working life will be normal again next week).

  3. Hi Nov, thanks for understanding my point of view about PAUL. Let’s just say I was dismayed to learn about the angle they took w/ the movie because I like Pegg/Frost as well. I think they can still be funny without resorting to insults to people who believe in God, especially Christianity. I empathize w/ your discomfort about True Lies, I just don’t find disparaging humor like that very funny.

    1. Same here, Ruth…I never thought mocking any religion is a funny thing. The funny (almost) part in Paul is more to their relationship not when it relates to the girl who used to have strong faith then turns into someone who loves to curse…I think the comedy is so dry in that area.

    1. well, Julian…the thing is, Ruth and I are religious people, we put our faith above anything else. When someone, in this case a movie, insults our religion…of course we would feel annoyed. It’ll be different to anyone who’s not religious.

      I don’t think Da Vinci Code is insulting any religion, the book is my fav book of all Brown’s books. It sees religion related things in different perspective, I don’t mind that kind of movie/book. Jesus is not only in Christian, he is also mentioned in Islam…and both religions know he didn’t have children. When Brown proposed a theory saying he has a child, I find it quite interesting BUT I never once believe it coz my holy-book says different thing.

      Meanwhile, comedy such Paul and True Lies shows mocking rather than perspective. t our faith above anything else. When someone, in this case a movie, insults our religion…of course we would feel annoyed. It’ll be different to anyone who’s not religious.

  4. I am going to skip Paul but I would be nterested to watch Beck because you say it is so Asian, I’d like to know what you mena exactly.
    It’s bad to be too busy, isn’t it? I hate it.

    1. I really don’t know how to put it into words…it’s something you just know when you have seen a lot of Japanese and non-Japanese movies.
      Just like the music in the movie, I can easily tell that BECK (the band) has more American style music (you can hear it in the video) while BECK’s competitor, BELLE AME has strong Japanese style music. If you ask me what’s the different…I can’t explain it, I just know it. I hope you understand what I am trying to say here.

      I really hate it. Fortunately,things will be back to normal soon

    1. hahaha…gomen ne, but you know the condition in our country 😦

      DVD is our last source of movie…I really miss going to cinemaovie…I really miss going to cinema

  5. Hi Novia, We have a very similar opinion to ‘Paul’, I thought it was totally shocking!!

    I didn’t laugh at all for the whole movie, only smiled slightly. That is not good!!

    I hope you get some time to relax soon, We miss you!!


    1. Yeah, the comedy kinda off. There are some funny moments but not enough to make me laugh so loud.
      Have you seen The Boat that Rock the house, Nick was in it?? That one is much funnier than Paul.

      I’ll be free of excessive working this Friday 🙂 I hope tomorrow is Friday

  6. sounds like you had some fun watching movies, Novia! I also get to watch a very small number of film per week, which is very sad 😦 but we have to work and earn our living.

    1. I really had fun with Beck 🙂
      I want to watch it again sooner than I thought.

      That’s true!! we have to work to earn our living plus spend some time for blogging. Movie time has decrease so much compare to before I know how to blog 😉

  7. Suaranya disembunyikan? Takut rusak image kali ya? Kan, salah satu faktor penting dalam live action movie/dorama adalah menampilkan image yang mirip dengan yang dibayangkan fans media aslinya.
    Btw, comparing it to Linda, Linda, Linda; Swing Girls; or Fish Story; which one is better? Recently, I watched movie about music, and Beck is one of my TBW list (ada Mukai Osamu ^^) but unsure when my friend told me about the muted Koyuki’s voice.
    Aand, a lil bit OOT, do you like Mirai Moriyama? Fish Story is kinda cool movie about music that changes the world, and he is definitely cool there. ^^

    1. Iya sepertinya begitu…aga susah juga nyari aktor yang mirip muka n fisiknya dgn suara yg sesuai…sebenernya bs aja pake suara org lain, tapi kan suara paling indah itu beda2 menurut setiap org.

      Belum pernah nntn Linda & Fish Story, tapi kalo dibanding Swing Girl masih lebih bagus swing girl sedikit 😉

      Do I like Mirai Moriyama? what kind of question is that? hehehe he made it in my top 5 Men To Drool On: …that is how much I like him. The problem is, it’s so hard to find his movie and dorama here 😦
      I’d love to watch Fish Story…but I have never seen it in pirate DVD shops 😦

  8. an expected review on Paul. Sorry it didn’t meet up to your fun hopes, Nov! I still haven’t seen it, for my views mirror that of Ruth’s.

    Hope to see Simon Pegg do great in Mission Impossible: GP.

    1. Yeah…I hope they’ll make it up soon by making the last movie of Blood and Ice Cream trilogy 😉
      I can understand your reluctance…hehehe I am one of those people who often avoided certain movies.

      Ah Mission Impossible, I don’t like the movie even though I like the series a lot. I will just watch it in DVD.

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