Cosplay…Cosplay…and Cosplay at GJ UI

GJ UI stands for Gelar Jepang UI – a Japanese culture event held by Language faculty at University of Indonesia.

I always come to that event because I love things Japanese. I also love taking pictures of cosplayer.

Cosplay is an act of dressing like Japanese Anime, Manga or Musician. There is also original cosplay.

I don’t watch much anime and read much manga anymore (not because of  lack of interest but more into lack of source)…therefore, I don’t know which characters they are doing, I just love taking their pictures.

This is my favorite cosplay (Mostly because  I love their pose)

Here are the rest of my pictures 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also bought this cute Mobile Phone accessory (a cute salmon sushi)

18 thoughts on “Cosplay…Cosplay…and Cosplay at GJ UI

  1. The origin of the word ‘cosplay’ came from Japan, I first heard cosplay in Japanese community…someone told me that a reporter of some Otaku magazine was the one who came up with the term kosupure (cosplay) and then it spread to other countries…I thought I might be wrong as it is only based on what I have heard. I did some research after you left your comment…and I was right!! it came from Japan.

    And since I love original things or culture, I like to keep that word for things manga-ish, anime-ish and Japanese.

    Thank you, Julian. They are such great cosplayers.

    1. Ohhh…well, i still tend to call any fictional dress up cosplay. But thanks for the info

      There is a anime convention happening near where i live that i am thinking of going to…but if i go, i want to cosplay something.

      1. You’re welcome, Julian

        Anime convention…the easiest cosplay you can do is becoming characters in my most fav Manga/anime, One Piece….hehe all you need to become Monkey D Luffy are strawheat, short and red vest 😉
        Hope you’ll have fun there…I always had fun in any Japanese event I attend

    1. Untuk menjadi seorang cosplayer…urat malu wajib putus 😉

      Saya suka bgt ngambil foto mereka apalagi kalo orgnya ga malu2 untuk bergaya semirip mungkin dgn karakter yang ditirunya…sy suka salut sama mereka.
      Kalo saya selalu cosplay jadi wanita berjilbab dalam kehidupan sehari2…alias ga pernah cosplay hehe

    1. Thank you Kel 🙂
      It was really fun…love seeing all those cosplayer…great eye candy indeed. That sushi comes in pair, the other one is shrimp sushi. My friend has it.

      You like anime, right? have you ever been to anime/manga convention?

      1. I haven’t…I keep saying I’m going to go to the comicon every year but something always comes up. *This* year I really hope I get to go 😀

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