Teaser Tuesday – The Little Yokozuna


Teaser Tuesday is a fun bookish meme hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Everyone can play along, all you have to do is simply take the book you are currently reading. And then share 2 ‘teaser’ sentences from any page in the book. I often share more than 2 sentences ;)

Please avoid SPOILER!!

I am currently reading The Little Yokozuna by Wayne Shorey. Although it is said to be a young adult book…but I think it is more like a children  book. It’s about 7 children stranded Japan in different time to their real life.

My teaser is from page  67

“Could you explain that?” Asked Annie.

“The ocean washes  the whole world,” said the old obaa-san, “but if you take your ink brush and write the character for ocean on apiece of rice paper so you can hold it in your hand, can you sail a boat on that piece of paper?”

“I don’t think I  understand,” said Annie.

The Japanese character for Ocean is 海 .

I would like to announce that I have a literary giveaway,if you are interested. I will ship my favorite Indonesian book (already translated into English – of  course).


Here is the teaser from the book (rainbow Troops by Andrea Hirata)

I felt anxious. Anxious because of the restless Bu Mus, and because  of the sensation of my father’s burden spreading over my entire body. Although he seemed friendly and at ease this morning, his rough arm hanging around my neck gave away his quick heartbeat.

If you are interested, Click at the book cover and leave a comment there saying you are interested 🙂

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