Cillian Murphy’s Update (June 2011)

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It’s time to update all the news related to the man with the most gorgeous blue eyes in the world…Mr. Cillian Murphy :love:

I used to call this update posts as Cillian Murphy’s Next Project…But, I think it’s time to change to change to a new title…not too classy, just a simple ‘UPDATE

Previous updates were on July 2010 and December 2010.

Before we start, let me share you this wonderful video made by ShockValuegr. This video really makes me drool 😉

Enough with the drooling and let ‘s get to the main course…The News.

I don’t know where to begin because there are so many news to share.

First, there is still no update on At Swim Two Bird, an Independent Irish Movie where Brendan Gleeson will act as the director. It is based on a book with the same title by Flan O’Brien. I hope this project will have some clarity soon.


Second, Cillian appears in 2 support videos for Japan Earthquake, here and here.


Third, One of my most anticipated movies by Cillian, Retreat (so far there are 2 most anticipated movies by him) has finally finished. They have released the trailer somewhere on May 2011. I didn’t post it at that time because  my time to update his projects is this month (or next month).

The story is about a couple who tried to fix their marriage in a remote island. A man suddenly showed up and told them that there was deadly virus that wiped out everyone in Great Britain.

Here is the trailer…love love love his accent. Keep playing movies that allows you to use your accent, Cilli!!!

Too bad there is still no new news about when Retreat is going to be released. The latest news I read, it is going to be released on December 2011 (not 100% sure).


Fourth, the movie I am not so eager to watch, NOW (directed by Andrew Niccol) has changed its title again…for the second time. It was first called as I’m mortal and then changed to Now and now it is called In Time. No matter how many time they changed the title, I am still not interested in seeing it if Cillian is not in it.

The story is about a future where only the rich can leave forever and then there is a guy who wins lots of money. Then, He is framed and becomes a fugitive who later kidnaps a rich girl.

Cliche…predicable…and boooring!!! Plus, I hate the leading actor, Justin Timberlake. As I have said before, I should focus my mind to think of Cillian in big screen and ignore the others.


Fifth, Wayfaring Strangers is already in pre-production. This movie is directed by Stephen Bradley and said to be an independent movie…I love how he still juggling his career between big budget movies and indi movies. And,he is always incredible in this kind  of movie.

Here is something I copy from

“Wayfaring Strangers,” meanwhile, centers on a group of elite British paratroopers captured by German soldiers and held in a remote farmhouse, where a young Jewish couple have also taken refuge. Robert Sheehan is apparently also attached with Sir Michael Gambon, Sylvie Testud (”La Vie En Rose”) and Niels Arestrup (”Un Prophet”) are also in talks to join what sounds like a interesting little tale. Among others, Lauranne Bourrachot and Marco Cherqui who produced the critically acclaimed crime-epic “A Prophet” are on board the Irish-French production.

Lensing on “Wayfaring Strangers” begins in Mid-August in Burgundy, France.

Sixth, Screen Daily has reported that Cillian will be in a movie called Broken.

Theatre director Rufus Norris will make his feature debut with Broken, adapted by Mark O’Rowe from Daniel Clay’s novel. Cillian Murphy is attached to star in what is described as a modern-day To Kill a Mockingbird set in the North of England.

BBC Films Head Christine Langan tells Screen: “It’s about distrust and hatred in a small community. It’s very dark but with a note of redemption.” Dixie Linder, Nick Marston and Tally Garner will produce.

There is only one thing I should  do before the movie comes out (it is still in pre-production)…Find the book, buy and read it 🙂


Seventh, there is a possibility that Cillian will show up in Tron 3 or most likely will be called as Tr3n. I wasn’t thrilled with Tron: Legacy and probably won’t be thrilled with the third movie as well…but I watched Tron: Legacy even though Cillian was  only 2minute…bigger part only means 1 thing 😉

This assumption is based on this teaser: youtube.


Eight, FilmFodder shared an interesting news about a movie called Telepathy… but I am still unsure of how true this rumor is….will see more news about this in the future.

According to Production Weekly, Cillian Murphy has signed on to star in the sci-fi feature film “Telepathy,” to be directed by Lesley Manning from a script by Stephen Volk.

The film tells the story of Josef and Viktor Zalenski, estranged identical twin brothers who are chosen by the Russian government as the subjects of a top-secret experiment to test the powers of telepathy as a viable form of communication between earth and outer space.

Sounds interesting….but I can’t say much about it for now.


Nine, Yaaaaiiiii …. I am happy to announce that Cillian is still loyal to his root!!! Not only he is still signing for independent movies, he is also going back to the stage. He will stars in a play by Enda Walsh called Misterman. Cillian and Enda are going to be reunited, they both played in Disco Pigs… a play with only 2 actors throughout the play.

Thomas is on a journey. Where did it begin? What voices does he hear? And what will they tell him to do?

Cillian Murphy makes his eagerly–awaited return to the stage in a dark, dangerous and blisteringly funny tale of one man and his judgement day.

Enda Walsh directs an electrifying new version of his devastating play. The production reunites two major stars for the first time since their collaboration with Walsh’s groundbreaking Disco Pigs fifteen years ago.

They are joined by a world–class creative team: the production is designed by Jamie Vartan, with lighting by Adam Silverman and sound design by Gregory Clarke, and features the world premiere of a specially–commissioned score by Donnacha Dennehy.

Copied  from Galway art Festival

I WISH I CAN GO TO IRELAND AND SEE THE  PLAY!! it will be on stage from July 7  to July 24.


Tenth, according to, my other most anticipated movies by Cillian Murphy, Red Lights, is already in post-production. I am so eager  to see my Cillian plays with Robert De Niro, Sigourney Weaver. The director, Rodrigo Cortés has already give great praise toward Cillian’s ability.

“Cillian Murphy is an extraordinary, polyhedral actor, intuitive and fast as lightning, full of truth, able to make everything sound real: he’s a gift for a director, and brings to his character a mixture of purity and disturbing obsession….”
May 2011 issue of Empire


That’s all for now 🙂 looking forward to see what he will do in the future.


  1. Wow, I liked that video and it also happens to be a song I really like. He sure is a handsome man. And so many interesting news. There are a few movies I would like to watch. I have no chance of going to Ireland this summer either. I have to find that novel, broken.

    1. Hear hear!!! You can see why I like that video…simply beautiful. The person who makes it really know how to capture Cillian’s best side.

      If I lived anywhere in Europe, I would try anything to get a bus or a plane heading to Ireland…the play is challenging, Cillian has to be on stage ALONE and tries to make people interested. Sounds crazy but he pulled it off in Disco Pigs.

      Broken sounds like an intriguing book, doesn’t it?w to capture Cillian’s best side.

      If I lived anywhere in Europe, I would try anything to get a bus or a plane heading to Ireland…the play is challenging, Cillian has to be on stage ALONE and tries to make people interested. Sounds crazy but he pulled it off in Disco Pigs.

      Broken sounds like an intriguing book, doesn’t it?

  2. I can’t wait to watch RETREAT, I’M.MORTAL (I refuse to use the new stupid name) :), WAYFARING STRANGERS as soon as they come out!

  3. Oooo that music is sooo eerie, the play sound wonderful 😀 One funny thing though…my Maltese (who is the light of my life)…I call him He’s this little happy go lucky, 4 pound boy…such a contrast to the feel of the play 😀 Great update

    1. ah…your Maltese is like my turtles, the light of my life 🙂 4pounds means 2kilo, very tiny.

      Thank you for reading, Kel.

      k you for reading, Kel.

  4. Thanks for the update, Nov, I know we can all count on you to keep us abreast on Cillian news. Wow, he’s quite a busy guy! From this list, I’m most curious about Wayfaring Strangers (Sir Michael Gambon, yay!) and Broken (interesting story).

    This inspires me to perhaps do a similar movie news update on GB as he’s got two upcoming sports-themed movies that are currently filming 😀

    1. His career keeps getting better, doesn’t it 😉

      The busier he gets the happier I becomes…that only means 1 thing… MORE CILLIAN ON SCREEN!!

      Aha..I think that’s a good idea, not many people write update on GB. I am looking forward for your GB updates 😉

      1. Well, a lot of sites that wrote about GB focus too much on the gossip stuff. I’d rather focus on his work. I often wish he lives his life more discreetly like Cillian and so people take him more seriously as an actor (’cause I believe he’s a talented guy). But at the same time, his mischievousness is kinda what I like about him, too 😀

        1. Just like you, I don’t like gossip..fortunately I stumbled upon so many great movie bloggers that don’t say much about gossip. I am only interested with movie and the actor’s ability to act, not their personal life. I guess that’s why I like down to earth actors.

          I agree…Gerry has great talent, I haven’t seen all his movies, but so far I like all the performance I have seen. Law Abiding still my most fav one 😉

  5. Not sure how I feel about Cillian with a beard, he looks like a teenage who has tried to grow something and failed 🙂 I’m sure you have an opinion on that Novia 😉 Don’t forget Novia, Wed 29th, the Morality Bites blogothon begins. Pleas remind your readers to get their posts ready for then. Thank you.

    1. I don’t mind him with beard, he looks great in Perrier’s Bounty…but of course the beard was a bit thinner than the one he grows for the play. He does have such boyish face that makes beard a bit unusual on his face.

      I really really want to see that play…a whole stage belongs to him alone, how cool is that!! Do you ever seen a play being recorded in DVD??

      I will tweet it later…good luck on your blogathon 🙂

  6. Great idea on updating on Cillian projects. You should put up a paypal donation button for a trip to ireland. I would chip in a couple of bucks to that cause If you promise to do a video blog on the play. =)

    1. Thanks Joel
      That’s a good idea but a little late…July is coming very soon. Right now, I wish I am supergirl…I can just fly to Ireland 😉

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