Amazing Mavericks – The New Champion

My computer works perfectly at such a perfect timing.  You might not notice that I haven’t been updating my blog since5 days ago…quite a rare thing for my blog as I always write something either for my turtles’ blog or this blog. My computer has been having problem since last Monday, all posts I have after Monday were scheduled posts. I was going to publish my fourth short story but everything I was planning to write has to wait till later because today is a special day….the day all Mavericks fans can start feeling proud of their team.

I have been following and cheering for Dallas Mavericks since (about) 10 years ago….since I saw the awesomeness of Herr Dirk Nowitzki. That man is my second favorite after Michael Jordan.

I have written about their journey along Play Off series in Mavericks Vs Heat – History Repeated, they were freakin amazing during play-off!! I wasn’t going to write about the finals if Mavericks didn’t win this finals….but somehow, I have strong feeling that 2011 is Mavs Year. I know they can beat Heat…not easily…but still able to defeat them. Heat had crushed my heart when they defeated Mavericks in 2006, I hate them ever since. I really hope Mavs will have their revenge this year….and I am happy to announce that THEY HAD HAD THEIR REVENGE!! I was literally jumping up and down every time they won the series…I am an emotional person when it comes to my favorite team. If I saw NBAFinals without my favorite team, I will support 1of the team and watch the finals calmly…BUT when my favorite team was in the finals, I bit my nails when the game was too tense, I felt sad when they lost the game, and I felt overjoyed when they won.

I haven’t felt this kind of excitement toward NBAFinals since Bulls won the series. Bulls and Mavericks are my favorite teams, I was expecting both of them in the finals but Heat beat Bulls in the conference finals.

Let’s take a look at their journey in the finals!!

Game 1

Game 1 took place in Miami. It was a tough game…unfortunately I couldn’t remember much detail of this game…I was too shocked to see Heat beat Mavs.

Game 2

Game 2 is still in Miami, I didn’t see this game because I have to work (it was night in US but Morning in Indonesia).I have pledge that I will not see the rerun if Heat beat Mavs again. I keep up the score through twitter. Felt so sad every time I read the score. Heat was always on top of Mavs…When I finally checked the final score…I was soooo happy, Mavs won game 2. I annoyed everyone in my office by keep saying ‘They won!! They won!!

I watched the rerun on Sunday….and boy o boy, what a comeback by the Mavs. They had trailed 15 points just 7 minutes before the game was over. Mavs stunned the whole building, every Heat fans, by scoring again and again. They made a 17-0 run. They had done the same thing with OKC Thunders.  THEY WERE AMAZING!!

Game 3

The finals moved to Dallas. It was another painful day for Mavs Fans. Great defense by both teams. The score was very low. I couldn’t sit still while watching the 4th quarter. I kept hoping that Mavs will once again do some magic. Unfortunately, Dirk failed to execute the ball that will bring the game into overtime. They were beaten by 2 points.

Game 4

Game 4 was still in Dallas…a very suspenseful game!! No thriller or horror movies had ever been made that could beat the suspense!! It was crazy!! I couldn’t sit still, I kept biting my fingers, and at critical moment I felt like turning of my TV because it was to tense. Dirk came out strong at the beginning of the game, but then he lost his rhythm somewhere in the middle and came back strong again in last quarter…it was totally understandable as  he had a high fever during the game, his temperature was over 100degrees Fahrenheit. The rest of the team took charge of the game when Dirk was tired. Chandler was great with his penetration and Stevenson rained the ring with 3 point shots. Despite all the great performances by the Mavs, Heat still able to fight back.

Fortunately, Mavs made another amazing comeback, they had a 17-4 run over Heat. They held on to their 2 points advantage. Wade tied the score but Dirk returned it back to Dallas advantage with a nice lay-up. Carlisle made a risky strategy when the time was less than 10 seconds, but it was worthed. Wade failed to save heat (just like Dirk in game 3). This 4th quarter is totally a nail-biting game….when Wade failed, I was jumping out of joy and shouted “They Won!!! They tied the Game!!”. I went to school (to teach) with big smile on my face. But I should say that the game was not good for my heart.

Game 5

Game 5 was still in Dallas. Mavericks had to win the game if they wanted to survive in Miami…It was a must-win situation for both teams, but I only cared about Dallas Mavericks. Mavericks came very strong from the beginning. Both teams delivered lots of 3 points shots. It was raining basketball!!  The game was close but Mavs kept doing great performances. Game 5 was such great offensive match up.

Throughout game 5, we can see that Mavericks was a much solid team compare to Heat. Their team work was superb, their ball movement was beautiful to see. The shining stars of this game were Dirk, Barea and Terry. Dirk’s rainbow shot was so beautiful. JJ Barea was what we Indonesian like to call ‘kecil-kecil cabe rawit’ (Cabe rawit is a very spicy chili and it is quite small, so when someone so tiny is doing great thing, we call that person as spicy as that tiny chili). Jason ‘the jet’ Terry was the one who ensured Mavs’ victory as he nailed his 3 points shot over LeBron James.

When the game was over…I was jumping and shouting ‘1 more!!! 1 more to win the finals

Game 6

Game 6 was back to Miami. It was going to be a tough game. I had good feeling about this game….I somehow feel like they will win this game and became the champion. I hope my feeling was right. My feeling was answered with a strong performance by everyone in Mavericks squad. Dirk was terrible (sorry Dirk) in 1st, 2nd,  and 3rd quarter…but he could bring himself together again in 4th quarter. This game showed how solid Mavs’ teamwork was!! Everyone was working together so well. Both Terry and Stevenson rained Heat with 3 points one after another. Terry was obviously the shining star of game 6. Barea was also amazing….what am I saying? EVERYONE WAS AMAZING!!

In the 4th quarter…I could feel it…I could feel the new NBA Champion was about to rise. When Mavs held their 10 points advantage up till last minute, I was jumping off my chair and cheering up for them. I said to everyone at home that ‘They will win this!! They will definitely win this

…and they did win it!! They are the new champion!!! Horaaaayyyyy…..

Dirk ran back to the locker room, I could see he was crying…it was such emotional moment. I love seeing the ceremony. Mark Cuban let the first Mavericks owner to hold the trophy and then he held it and passed it on to the team. I felt so touched seeing that moment. It was always a touching moment to see my favorite team won the championship.

I had twitted this sentence>> ‘All I want from this finals is to see Dirk earns his championship ring, is that too much to ask??

So glad to see Dirk Nowitzki finally got it after 12 years struggling with everyone in Mavericks….he is no longer Dirk NoRINGski. I am also happy for Jason Kidd, he really deserved the ring…17 years in the series finally paid off. Apart from those two, I am also happy for The Jet Jason Terry, the deadly tiny man JJ Barea, 2 great centers Tyson Chandler and Brendan Haywood, and also Ian Mahinmi who had done great job in game 6, the matrix Shawn Marion, the awesome 3 pointer DeShawn Stevenson, Brian Cardinal who had contribute very well, Peja Stojakovic who was not at his best in finals but amazing in play off, and those who didn’t have time to play (or only play for few minutes) but still a great member of the Amazing Mavericks, Caron Butler, Corey Brewer, Dominique Jones, and Rodrigue Beaubois. And  of course, the brain behind the amazingness of Mavericks team…the great coach Rick Carlisle and his assistant Terry Stotts, Dwane CaseyDarrell Armstrong, and Monte Mathis.

You guys totally deserved the ring and the trophy!!!

My favorite player, Herr Dirk Nowitzki, also got The MVP trophy!! No one deserved that more than him 🙂

Congratulation Herr Dirk Nowitzki \(^^)/

He now had both trophies for MVP regular season and MVP finals. Hope you won’t retire anytime soon because I haven’t found my next favorite player yet…although I know that I will never find new favorite player as long as you are still playing 😉

When he won MVP Regular Season

It has been 10 hours since the game was over and I am still feeling all happy…what a great day is today 🙂

PS: If you happen to be Heat fans and put an ugly comment on my number 1 team…I will MOST DEFINITELY DELETE IT!!

Here is their celebration video 🙂


  1. OOO, I see Serbia’s own Pedja Stojakovic there in the picture 🙂
    We are very proud that Serbia is the most successful basketball nation beside USA even though we have just 8 million people and USA hundreds of millions 🙂

    Nice to see you back, Novroz!

    1. Pedja was outstanding in Play-off … I forgive him for being not so good during the finals, he had helpeda lot in regular season and play-off. I didn’t know that,I wish I can see worldwide basketball,but I don’t have cable TV to do that :(.

      European has lots of great players…some of the best in NBA nowadays are European…I love this diversity.

      Thank you Dezz 🙂 it’s good to be back, I can visit your blog again now as blogspot is not mobile-phone friendly

      1. but my blog can be read over mobile 🙂 I’ve added that option last winter and many people use it 🙂

        I meant World Championships not national cups in Europe. Serbia has been World Champion in basketball five or six times 🙂

        1. Eh? Really? I should pay more attention to your widgets…your content and ‘crazy’ pictures always kept me busy 😉

          Ah…you mean FIBA world champion?
          I wish I can see more basketball beside NBA, for that I need to subscribe cableTV which is still unaffordable right now. It’s nice to know your country rules the world of Basketball 🙂 hope to see more Serbian it NBA.

          I want to share a little secret here, even though I am such big fan of NBA but when it comes to Olimpic (or FIBA if I could see it), I always root for US opponent. I want to see those NBA players got beaten by other part of the world.

  2. Congrats Novia, I didn’t realize how a big basketball fan you were until that breakdown post a couple of days ago. I actually kind of cheered for the Villains (heat) but I’m not a big basketball fan anyways.

    Say how come you did start to root for the Mavericks?

    1. I often cheered the villains (or the one people less interested with) when my favorite team was not in the finals…I will always cheered any team that was up against Lakers.

      Why did I start rooting for Mavs? hehehe I have a simple answer!! I am in love with Dirk Nowitzki’s talent. He totally awed me the first time I saw him. I was in the state of no favorite player at that time (it was hard to replace MJ), I was just enjoying the game. When I saw him with his great jump shot style, I had new favorite player…Since he is very loyal to The Mavs, therefore I am loyal to the Mavs as well. Been cheering up for them since 10 years ago.

      A little bit off-topic, I have sent some pictures of Kame to your email 🙂

      1. I have read through your entire post now. Its a gread read! You are a true basketball fan! Love that you are so passionate about it. Wish you would have done a vblog from the games. I guess Kame and Kroten were just standing around watching you go all crazy.
        I’ll definitvely make sure to follow your NBA coverage next season. By the way what do you think of Shaq finally retiring?

        1. thank you, Joel. I always write with passion when it concerns something I love, and to know someone else beside me enjoy reading it makes me very happy and well appreciated 🙂

          I haven’t done a lot of NBA coverage because writing about sport is much more difficult than than writing about books and movies…it has to come from the heart.

          I usually did All-Star and play-off plus finals for my fav teams.

          I think it is about time he retired, if he delays it again it will just ruin the best memory of his greatness. Sport is limited by age and the older he gets the less power he has, so better to step down while he is still remembered as great player.

  3. Just glad the Heat didn’t win! I kinda hate the Mavericks because they always beat up my Timberwolves but I’m happy for Dirk, J-Kidd and Jason Terry for finally getting a ring after so much hard work. Congrats to the Mavericks!

    1. Hahaha your reason for disliking the Mavs is same with me hating the Heat, I hate then since 2006, but not anymore now…the Mavs had had their payback 🙂

      Yes…those 3 deserved the rings more than Heat’s big 3. They’ll get their change one day, they are after all still young

    1. Twitting really help loosen up the tense…it was a very suspenseful moment and I am the only one who enjoys basketball in my home, I need media to release my tense. Thank God for twitter and FB account made by the TV that shows the finals.

      Thank you for not being disturbed by my tweets, Ruth 🙂

  4. Respect the mavericks coach, players, especially Dirk and everyone there except the owner. Miami fan here so quite disappointed in this. It was their first year together so it is understandable but they still should have done it. Lebron will get a ring sooner or later, probably next year. Dirk does deserve this though and I am happy for him. Congrats to Dallas they made it and even to the Miami because they made it to the finals and, both team, you guys gave us a good game. Thanks!

  5. Great write up Nov! Glad to know another cineblogger who is a Mavs fan. The town went crazy (from what I hear, sadly I was in another state at a wedding) and the AAC (the Mavs area) showed the game on the jumbo-tron to a packed house. Sure wish I was there:(

    Oh, send me your email address when you can. Its waaaaay late on my part but I owe you a Ghibli DVD for you having the most comments during Miyazaki Madness:) Congrats!

    1. You were in anothes state? does that mean you lived in Dallas? how cool is that!!

      I wish I was in Dallas went they returned home, there must be one great parade welcoming them. Finally, a champioship title after all this year…I can imagine how crazy the crowd were. Hope they can be in finals again next year, it would be a blast.

      I won something?? wow I didn’t know there was a prize for that fun event…yaiii \(^^)/
      Do you need my house address or my email address?? I will tweet you later. Hontou ni domou arigatou, Marc-san.

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