Teaser Tuesday – The 47 Ronin Story


Teaser Tuesday is a fun bookish meme hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Everyone can play along, all you have to do is simply take the book you are currently reading. And then share 2 ‘teaser’ sentences from any page in the book. I often share more than 2 sentences ;)

Please avoid SPOILER!!

I have just finished The 47 Ronin Story by John Allyn. I will write my review tomorrow.

Here is my teaser, from page 69

… I need hardly add that the punishment is death. Let no one have any illusions about that. Whether we commit seppuku by our hands or are crucified by executioner, our ultimate end is to die. This is the band of death, but death with honor!

I chose that teaser because I completely imagine Hiroyuki Sanada (he is going to play as Oishi,the man who said that line)  saying those encouraging words. He has the right charisma to influence people.

Looking forward  to read  your teaser 🙂

17 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – The 47 Ronin Story

  1. I’m going to be picking that 47 Ronin for sure, Novroz. My teaser is from page 326, Not Bad For A Human by Lance Henriksen and Joseph Maddrey:

    At the beginning of his seventh decade, the actor is still eager to immerse himself in his roles, and he continues to draw heavily on his own life experience. While filming scenes for Ambushed in a dingy hotel room, Henriksen remembered how he had grown up in “room like this” — the cheapest, dirtiest hotels in New York City.


    1. Be sure to check my review to convince you whether to read it or not. I am a bit worry about the movie, there seems to be many changes in it.

      Nice teaser, it always interesting to read about famous people with not so glamorous past life. Reminds me of Stephen King

    1. Ronin isn’t Chinese, Dezz…it’s Japanese.
      I bet you have heard of Samurai, Ronin is a masterless samurai. All samurai were trained to serve some Lords who will become their master.

  2. It’s a very Samurai thing to say, ronin or not. Remind me to swing by tomorrow. I want to see what you think about it, since it’s the kind of book I could go either way on.

  3. Hey Nov, this is the story that’s being adapted into a movie w/ Keanu right? I’m really curious to see the film, sounds like an intriguing story.

    1. Yup…this is the one 🙂
      It’s based on true story, you read the legend here: The 47 Ronin Story – a look into Japanese history from westerner’s eyes: http://t.co/g43xsXy

      I am anxious to see it too…I have 2 favorite actors playing in that movie

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