Dr. Slump (Volume 1) by Akira Toriyama

Since last month, I have pledged to read at least 1 children book or manga written in Japanese to develop my Japanese skill…which is still rusty. I have read Isshun Boshi last month, and now I chose to read manga from one of my favorite anime. It’s called Dr. Slump (ドクター スランプ) by Akira Toriyama (鳥山明)

Toriyama-sensei is the one who wrote the famous Dragon Ball, the first manga that made me in love with shounen manga (manga for boys). His art can easily be distinguished to other mangaka (manga artist). My most favorite mangaka, Eichiro Oda (the author of Onepiece) used to work with Toriyama-sensei as an assistant.

Dr. Slump is different to Dragon Ball. Dragon ball has continuous story, you need to follow the whole series to get idea of the story. Dr. Slump is more like a sketch, you can start reading it from any volume and stop at any volume you like.

I have watched the anime somewhere in the 90s, but haven’t read the manga yet till today. Dr.Slump is very funny and very interesting manga.  The Japanese is also not too difficult, I can easily follow the story even with some missing Kanji (Japanese characters). I think I will read the 2nd volume next month 😉

The stories revolve around a genius and a bit pervert professor with his creations.

Dr. Norimaki Senbei

Dr. Norimaki Senbei decided to create something that never been done by anyone, he created an android. The android is called Arale. Arale was disguised as 13 years old girl. Senbei told everyone that she was his sister.

There are 12 chapters in this manga, I will try to share some summaries out of those 12 chapters.

The first chapter was about the creation of Arale. Arale was a bit disappointed that she couldn’t jump nor fire a missile from her stomach. Senbei thought those weren’t necessary. To his surprise, Arale couldn’t see well, she needed thick glasses to see. The real problem came when Senbei had to buy clothes for Arale. He was so embarrassed when he had to buy girl’s underwear.

In the second chapter, Arale was sent to school just like any normal 13 years old girl. She surprised everyone as she was so good in any subject and incredible in any sport. She met 3 kinds that soon became her best friends,  Akane, Piisuke and Tarou.

Norimaki Arale

The third chapter was the craziest of all! Arale suddenly asked Senbei why she didn’t have ‘that thing’ that all girl have. His answer was because he had never seen it in his entire life, all his porn books were censored (because it was manga for kids). So he creates a binocular that can see through things, his reason was to see ‘that thing’…his hidden motive was too peek on women 😉 This chapter was hilarious.

Because Senbei was a genius, he kept inventing something…tho those things tend to be unusual things. He created a Camera that can see the future (未来カメラ). Arale’s friend were confused when they saw Arale’s picture, in the future Arale still looked like 13 years old…she was after all a robot, she won’t aged. Senbei also made ray gun that shrink or enlarge things which then misused by Arale. His last invention in this manga was time machine that he called タイムスリッパー (Time Slip). A polite robot that looked like an alarm clock.


By using the time machine, Arale, Senbei and Piisuke went to prehistoric time to see the dinosaurs. Before going back home, they were given an egg. The egg didn’t hatch into a dinosaur, they found a baby inside. Arale named her Gacchan. Gacchan had wings and ate EVERYTHING, from table to house appliances. The funniest part is when Arale asked whether Gacchan was a boy or a girl.

Arale: 男の子? 女の子? (Boy? Or girl?)
Senbei: ない!なにもない!(nothing, there’s nothing there)
Arale: あたしといっしょだ!女の子だね (Same with me!! A girl then)

Senbei was quiet about that respond,he didn’t want to explain the truth to Arale. Arale thought because she didn’t have it and she was a girl that made Gacchan who also didn’t have it was also a girl.

As I already said it before, this manga is hilarious. Senbe is character is interesting, a genius who has no girl friend and still29 years, suddenly becomes a father (or something like a father) of 2 girls. Arale was so innocent and often didn’t realize her power.

There is so many funny scenes that I couldn’t explain here. Manga often has the kind of joke that fits Indonesian people’s taste, this one included. Looking forward to read the next volume next month :).

Manga Detail:

Title: Dr. Slump (ドクター スランプ)
Author: Akira Toriyama (鳥山明)
Language: Japanese (日本語)
Pages: 185 pages
Publisher: JumpComic
Challenge: Manga Challenge 2011

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