Letter to Mr. Cillian Murphy on His Birthday

Dear Mr. Murphy

First of all, I would like to say Happy 35th Birthday.

I know that this letter of mine most likely never going to be read by you, but I think writing a letter to you on your birthday is the best way to celebrate your birthday. It has been such great journey to have known you for several years.

In my eyes, you are the most gorgeous man on earth and one of the most (few) dedicated actors I have ever known.

I should thank Christopher Nolan for introducing you to me, he was the one who had eagerly cast you as Dr. Jonathan Crane despite the fact that he had already prepared that role for someone else. You are the most beautiful villain I ever laid my eyes on. However, a big hug should be given to Daniel Boyle as he was the one who gave you that role as Jim, a super cute zombie fighter.

I know that upon reading that, you will think that I love you for your physical appearance only. But…I can guarantee you that it’s not just your physical beauty that attracts me. I admit that you have the most gorgeous blue eyes I have ever seen, along with everything else on your face that supported the gorgeousness of your eyes. But…you physical beauty is not the one that made me adore you as an actor.

I’ve said thanks to Nolan and given a big hug to Boyle, now…I give lots of kisses to Ken Loach and Neil Jordan for they are the one who had shared your real talent to me. Your portrayal as Damian O’Donovan was amazing and you made Patricia ‘Kitten’ Braden so believable. You make a more beautiful woman than I could ever be 😉 .

Your Kitten had opened my eyes to your chameleonic talent (or polyhedral actor as Rodrigo Cortez said).

You make me adore you more when I read about your down to earth personality, you prefer to keep your family out of publicity. That was a very good call. The fact that you love finding interesting new character rather than finding the biggest payment of all also plays a big role for admiring you.

Thank you for making my movie viewing days brighter than before.

Although I admire you so much, but I can assure you that I do not live in fantasy world…you will remain as my gorgeous celebrity, one I will always drool on whenever I see you in TV or Cinema, but not the one I will love above everything else in my real life.

Once again, I wish you a happy day of birth, may you continue making great movies with outstanding performances and stay away from crappy movies in many years to come. And I hope your love for the art of acting will never be corrupted by big money.



This letter is influenced by Caroline’s letter to Mr. Cussack

You can read what other people wrote about Cillian on his birthday here.


    1. yup, it is today in my country, probably not yet in yours.

      if it’s not too much trouble, yes I would still to read your post. I will link all this afternoon

  1. That’s a nice letter, really. Although it is maybe inspired by mine, it’s very different.
    I hope he reads it. You never know. I think he would like it.

    1. Thank you Caroline, without your letter I would never thought of writing this kind of post.

      I hope he will read it one day, but as far as I know, he is not the kind of actor who loves googling about himself…but who knows, maybe he will stumble upon this one day 🙂

  2. Very nice letter. I like that he is down to earth.Sometimes I have liked actors and actresses a lot but then I read an interview from them and find out that they are crazy partygoers with loose morals, then I don’t like them anymore.

    Happy Birthday Cllian Murphy! It would be nice if you read this post. 🙂

    1. Cillian is one of the most down to earth actors I have known (so does Keanu Reeves and I also like him a lot). Just like you, I also don’t like over the top actor that thinks he is a mega superstar. Cillian avoid his family from being in the stardom spotlight.

      That would indeed be terribly nice 🙂

  3. Hi Novia,

    Love this post and thanks for accommodating my little post within it. So sorry that my website broke at this critical time!!!!

    I hope to be back soon.

    Happy birthday Cillian, Now write back to your Number One Fan!!

    1. thank you C, I tried to write this as if I really am going to send it to him.

      that’s okay, I am glad to know your blog is already operating again 🙂

      If he does read this, it’ll be one of the biggest nice surprises in my life…but the chance is very slim.

  4. Lovely letter, Nov… it truly comes from the heart. If only he could read this. I love that picture of him w/ the vintage typewriter, too. Oh and that picture of him w/ the red background looks just like my coworker Chris. I actually just had a meeting w/ him and I kept thinking ‘oh, if only Novia could be in this meeting today!’ I showed Cillian’s photo to another coworker who’s in that meeting with me and she agrees how much Chris resembles Cillian… he’s growing his hair now too, kinda like Jonathan Crane’s hairstyle.

    1. Thank you, Ruth 🙂 as I said to C, I tried writing as if I will send the letter to him…if only he reads it, that would be wonderful…nevertheless I enjoy writing it.

      Dear Ruth, can you please put that Chris of yours into a big box, put a ribbon on it and mail it to me 😉
      that Crane hair is one of his great hair day :love:

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